Teaching Assistant Experience Certificate Sample

Teaching Assistant Experience Certificate Sample

Experience letters or certificates are crucial when you are changing the organization you are working in. Experience certificates are proof that you worked with a particular organization. Every organization issues experience certificates to its employees on their resignation. Today’s topic- Teaching Assistant Experience Certificate Sample.

A Teaching Assistant experience certificate is nothing different from other work experience certificates. However, there are some extra elements like the subject taught, department dealt with, etc. It is these elements that differentiate a Teaching Assistant experience letter from other experience letters. The academic institution issues it to the Teaching Assistant upon his/her resignation from the job. 

How to Write an Experience Certificate for a Teaching Assistant?

The experience certificate must start with the date it is being issued, the details of the authority issuing the document, the address of the Institute, details of the employee, subject, stamp by a competent authority, and signature along with the date. Here is a sample of the Teaching Assistant Experience Certificate that you can use after getting authorization from the Institute you last worked in.

Teaching Assistant Experience Certificate sample


Name of The Institute: _____________

Address of The Institute: _____________

Name of the Employee: _____________

Address of The Employee:_____________

Employee ID:_____________


To whomsoever this may concern:

This is to certify that (Title of the employee) (Name of the employee) worked with our Institute (Name of the Institute) as teaching assistant from (Date joined) to (Date relieved), in the department of (Name of the department). 

He/She assisted the Professor (Name of the Professor) and took the following responsibilities:

(Mention the work responsibilities here)

  • Carried out administrative tasks
  • Assisted the students in every possible way and ensured that they were constantly under adult supervision
  • Supported the students who needed extra help
  • Helped in setting up the classroom according to daily schedule as directed by the Professor
  • Actively participated in arranging outings and other school events
  • Took active participation in the Institute’s professional training programs
  • Assisted the Professor in collecting homework, signed report cards, etc.
  • Assisted children who were upset or wounded

During his/her tenure (Mention duration of work) at our Institute, he/she demonstrated excellent mentoring and teaching skills. He/she appreciably handled the children. 

We wish him/her the best in his/her career and thank him/her for his/her services to the Institute. 

Name of the Principal :_____________

Designation :_____________

Stamp/Seal of the Institute :_____________

Signature along with the date :_____________

Importance of an Experience Certificate

As mentioned earlier, experience certificates are extremely crucial if you apply for a position in an organization. It is the essential document sought during the interview. It acts as proof of your experience and speaks about your capabilities and the execution of your work. 

Organizations specifically ask for several documents like your ID proof, academic certification, previous positions held, and experience letters. This is done to ensure the authenticity of the candidate. Failure to submit the required documents will limit your job opportunities and prohibit you from joining a particular organization even after clearing the interview process. 

Who Issues The Teaching Assistant Experience Certificate?

If you are thinking of leaving your current position in the Institute you are working with; then you need to write a resignation letter addressed to the Principal of the Institute. It is always advisable for you to give prior notice about your resignation as per your employment contract. 

Your resignation letter should state why you are leaving your current job, the experience you gained while working with the Institute, and request your experience certificate.  

Like every organization, schools and educational institutions have HR departments to recruit the staff, train them, process their payroll, provide them with an experience certificate upon their exit from the institution and execute other HR duties. Every Institute’s HR department is bound to its laws and policies depending on the state it is located at. The HR department will release your experience certificate and other documents as instructed by the Principal. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing a Teaching Assistant Experience Certificate

The Teaching Assistant Experience certificate will only be granted to the faculty who has completed the probation period and served the resignation before the notice period. Several aspects should be followed while writing an experience certificate for a Teaching Assistant. 

  • Teaching Experience Certificate can only be issued by the Institute with an authorized signature. 
  • It is valid only if it is duly signed and stamped by the competent authority of the Institute.  
  • The experience certificate must include the following details of the employee- date employed, the date he/she got relieved, the department they worked in, faculty they assisted, duration of their employment. 
  • The certificate must be issued under the Institute’s letterhead.
  • Additionally, the experience certificate should have remarked about the Teaching Assistant’s work in the organization, whether negative or positive. In short, the certificate must give out information about the employee briefly and politely. 

The Teaching Assistant Experience Certificate should contain brief details of the educator, written formally. It should cover the overall behavior and capabilities of the employee and how he/she helped the Institute grow. 

Teaching Assistant Experience Certificate Sample

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