Salary Transfer Letter: Format and Sample Letters

salary transfer letter

The position of an employee and their status keeps changing in the workplace. It is an inevitable part of the process of career growth and changes. Sometimes, an employee may be transferred to a new location or he may have changed his salary account back for his reasons as sometimes changes in salary accounts can bring more benefits with changes in allowances, etc. For any reason there may be, an employee can anytime approach the Human Resources Department to transfer his or her salary account.  

A salary transfer letter is a letter that an employee writes to the human resources department requesting them to change his or her salary accounts to a new bank. An employee can write this letter for public or for personal reasons as well. Writing a salary transfer account must follow a proper order and format. It must be polite and to the point. 

To know everything about writing a salary transfer letter, keep reading! 

How To Write A Salary Transfer Letter?

While penning a salary transfer down, you need to follow some procedures. Many people while writing a salary transfer request letter make the mistake of wiring whatever they feel would be necessary without following a proper order. What they don’t know is that the human resource manager they are waiting to receives many letters like these, which further strengthens the need to write precisely and according to order. As it is a formal letter, it requires you to follow a proper order and format. 

Go through these tips to pen your perfect salary transfer letter down: 

  • Always start your letter with a subject. No one reads your letter if it does not have a subject line. The subject should be short and precise, describing what you are requesting in not more than 5-6 words. You need to give a short and accurate summary of your letter in the subject line so that the HR manager gets an idea of what you’re talking about. 
  • The next step to follow is the introduction. Your introduction is a must when requesting something like this. Tell your HR manager for how long you have been working with the company and why it is that you deserve to get your salary accounts transferred. 
  • Do mention your account details in the letter. This will help the hr manager to recognize you and this will also provide credibility to your letter. The manager would come to know the account you are being transferred salary into, as of now and will serve as the basis for future modifications. 
  • Then, you should provide the complete details of the bank you want your salary to be transferred. Give every possible detail that you can so that you have a higher chance of approval. Bring out all the documents or statements that you think might be helpful in the process. 
  • The last point is not obligatory but advised. Though you may not need to tell the hr manager why you want your salary to be transferred to a different bank account as you are not accountable to him, you should still provide him the information as this would give him a clear picture of the entire scenario. It would provide more legitimacy and credibility on your part and also justify your request. 

What not to include in a salary transfer request letter 

There are some mistakes that can prove to blunder if you do not correct them at the right time while penning a salary transfer request letter down. Us the following tips to make sure you don’t commit any mistake and write the salary transfer request letter precisely and up to the point. 

  • Remember that this is a formal letter. Do not make your tone casual and friendly no matter even if you’re best friends with the human resource manager. You need to keep your tone professional and cut to the point while requesting a transfer of salary account. 
  • Avoid any grammatical errors or formatting mistakes. Use our format while writing any salary account transfer letter that you are thinking to send to the human resource manager. Follow the format and stick to all its suggestions.
  • Avoid using any kind of abbreviations in the letter. This is a formal letter and you must respect this fact. Abstain from using any short forms or social media language. Also, if you are sending the letter online via mail, always make sure to abstain from using any kind of emoticons or trying to express your emotions. This is a formal letter and it does not need to tell the reader how you feel about it. You should just be polite and conventional. 
  • It is best to keep the letter to the point. Keep it concise, precise, and accurate. Do not delve into too many details or fill the letter with unnecessary details. Just introduce yourself state your reason and give your bank details. That is all the information that this little will ever need from you. 


It is always preferable and rather mandatory to write an official letter in the proper format. It upholds your professionalism, increases your chances to have the request granted, and also helps you to put your request out there most concisely as well as precisely. 

Follow the given format to write a salary transfer request letter: 

Ref: Write the subject line not longer than a sentence. 


The Human Resources Manager

Name of Company


Greetings(Dear sir/ma’am) 

Body if the letter 

  • Give an introduction
  • State your reason behind writing the letter
  • Avoid unnecessary details
  • Provide your current account details
  • Provide the new account details of the bank you want your salary to be transferred 
  • Provide the account name
  • Provide the bank name
  • Provide the branch name of the bank 

Thanking you, 

Salutation(Yours faithfully/yours sincerely/ regards/best regards/warmest regards/)



Sample 1: Salary Account Transfer Request Letter

Salary account transfer request letter, as the name suggests, is addressed to the manager of the bank requesting the fitting account transfer and the relevant account number. 

Salary Account Transfer Request Letter

July 21, 2021

The Manager 

The GoMoney Bank 

5th Avenue, Jane and Louis Street

New York

Dear sir, 

Please oblige us by debiting TT 9876,543,210 from our account number 1234,5678,9012 and crediting the following money to the respective account as mentioned below: 

Name Account Number Amount 
Abcde 72838372839409$10,000

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Max Dan 

Authorized signatory                                                                                  Authorised signatory

Sample 2: Salary Transfer Request Letter to Company

Salary transfer request letter to a company as the name suggests is addressed to the concerned person in company accentuating the information that the applicant pleas a salary in a new private account furnishing pertinent facts.

Salary Transfer Request Letter to Company

July 21, 2021

The Human Resources Manager 

SpringWorks Pvt Ltd

5th Avenue, Jane and Louis Street

New York

Dear sir/ma’am 

This is Lia Davenport, working as the marketing manager in the company. I am writing to request you for transferring my salary account to my new personal account as I have been transferred to a new location and need to have the changes made as early as possible. Please transfer my salary account to the details mentioned below: 

Account Number: XXXXXXXXX

Account Name:XXXXXXX


Branch Name: XXXXXXXX

Thanking you, 

Yours sincerely, 

Lia Davenport



So, we hope that now you are fully aware of how to format and pen your salary transfer request letter down the next time you change a city or change the bank for natter benefits. Always remember that these are official letters and don’t need you to fill in details as to how you are feeling writing the letter or how you feel about the whole situation. Stating your position, your request, your reason for the request, and giving necessary details such as your account name, account number,  bank name, and branch name will do all the work for you. 

Salary Transfer Letter: Format and Sample Letters

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