The 5C’s Of Nursing

The development of the 5 C’s of nursing was to improve the standard of care and support given to a patient by nurses and medical health staff. These C’s help nurses deliver their values as a professional and also help them account for their care and services. let us know about that the The 5C’s Of Nursing.

The 5C’s Of Nursing

The 5 C’s are care & compassion, competence, communication, courage, and commitment. The purpose of these C’s of nursing is to care for the patients with compassion which is done by competent health workers who are excellent with communication and also have the courage to improve care and make a commitment to ensure this is done daily. Nurses who use these 5 C’s are known to offer the best healthcare services to the patients under their care. 

Care and Compassion

Compassionate care is a way of responding to the patient’s needs by understanding all difficulties a patient might face. Patients are also humans; they depend on the care and compassion that nurses show them by showing them empathy, listening attentively to them, and also responding nicely to their complaints. Nurses should not judge their patients but rather listen attentively to their complaints. As a nurse, you must always get consent from the patient before you touch them and guide the patient about the treatment procedure to be done for them. 

The development of a relationship between the nurse and the patient is accomplished through compassionate care. Patients sometimes face difficulties and fear during their treatment procedure; as nurses, you must display compassionate care to help the patient get total recovery either physically or emotionally.  You must also share information that can be useful in developing the best treatment plan for the patient and must be effectively communicated with the patient and their caregiver.  


Competence is defined as the use of the skills acquired, knowledge, thinking ability, and attitude to deliver high-quality nursing services for patients. As a nurse, you have to display your competency by being able to use all your skills and knowledge in different situations as it may require. Competency is a skill that helps you face different challenges using different techniques that is unique to the situation. As part of competency, it is important to develop the ability to understand people, improve nursing quality, and also achieve premium care for patients. 

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Communication is an aspect of nursing that serves as the basis for developing good relationships and coordination between patients and nurses. The major benefits of good communication are that it decreases errors and also develops positive patient outcomes. There are different ways by which you can communicate effectively with your patients and these include verbal communication, non-verbal communication, active listening, presentation skills, patient education, trust, written communication, and making personal connections. The ability to show these communication skills is as important as keeping clear records and checking up on the patients. 


Courage is defined as the ability to speak what the truth is and what is morally right. Nurses are expected to have enough courage to speak up when they have treatment options that they are sure to help give better health care to the people we care for.  The seven attributes that come with courage for a nurse include moral integrity, responsibility, advocacy, commitment, true presence, integrity, and personal risk. 


Commitment is defined as the sense of responsibility a nurse must have toward the hurdles and challenges in the nursing profession. It is the ability to stay committed and also show sincerity in the profession. It involves the commitment to continuously learn new skills, gain and share more knowledge, take action against wrongdoings, and also work efficiently in all areas. Commitment involves prioritizing your professional life over your social life especially when it involves emergencies. You must also show commitment to the nursing profession by taking care of your health so that you can become a role model to your patients. You must also strive hard to provide patients with equal and quality self-care. 


The 5 C’s of nursing is meant to help medical practitioners deliver equal and high-quality medical services to all patients. All medical practitioners must practice these 5 C’s to show that they follow the guidelines and policies of the nursing profession. All nurses are expected to be aware of their responsibilities and be able to provide the necessary care. In conclusion, the 5 C’s promote a healthy relationship between healthcare workers and their patients. 

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • What are 5 nursing processes? 

The nursing process, which includes assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation, is a step-by-step manual for providing client-centered care. What are the 6 C’s in the NHS?

The 6 C’s are care, compassion, communication, commitment, courage, and competence. 

  • What is the most important C of nursing?

A nurse is always expected to care for the patient and Care is regarded as the most important C of nursing. 

  • Who created the 6 C’s of nursing?

The 6 C’s of nursing was compiled by the NHS England Chief Nursing Officer named Officer Jane Cummings in the year 2012. 

The 5C’s Of Nursing

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