My Boss Has Changed Towards Me 

Having a good rapport with people in your workplace, particularly your boss is very important. If you have been working in the office for a while, you likely know the dynamics of the relationship between you and your boss. So, it might be easy to spot a difference in the relationship. If you start to feel like your boss has changed towards you, you might be unable to ignore the change. If it upsets you so much, you may feel like you have to do something about it. But what can you do?

If you notice that your boss has changed towards you, then you first need to confirm your suspicion. You can do this by asking your coworkers. Once you are certain of your observation, you can work towards rectifying the situation by speaking to your boss. And if the situation continues after that, then you can report the matter to HR. Below, these options and others will be discussed to help you know the right steps to take if your boss changes towards you. 

My Boss Has Changed Towards Me 

Reasons Why Your Boss Has Changed Towards You 

Your boss’ behavior towards you won’t just change for nothing. There has to be a reason why this happened. Knowing the reason why your boss has changed towards you will help you know the best way to handle the situation. Therefore, 5 common reasons why your boss may have changed towards you will be discussed below:

1. They Do Not Like the Way You Have Been Working 

Your boss’ behavior towards you may have changed because of how you have been working lately. If you aren’t as productive as you should be or you stop taking your job seriously, your boss may be angry with this. And this will show in the way he relates with you. 

People behave differently. Some bosses in this position would not hesitate to fire an employee who isn’t doing well. Whereas, some may decide to give the employee a grace period. And in some cases (especially if you have a closer relationship with your boss), your boss may simply ignore your attitude towards work but they would also stop relating with you the way they normally would. 

2. Your Boss is Under Pressure 

If your boss feels choked up or under pressure, especially if this pressure is from work, it may affect the way they deal with you and everyone else in the workplace. If you have a jovial boss who suddenly becomes strict and tends to snap at everyone, then it may be because they are under pressure. 

3. Your Boss is Going Through Some Personal Issues 

Just like when they are under pressure, your boss’s behavior may change if they are going through some personal issues. For instance, your boss will likely not be the friendly and always-welcoming person he used to be if they are going through a divorce. This would also be the case if a family member or close friend of theirs is sick or even died. 

4. The Team Isn’t Reaching Its Goal 

If your boss in this case is your team leader, then they may be under a lot of pressure from their superior because their team isn’t performing optimally. In this case, you may not be the only one getting the weird treatment. Everyone on the team may be getting the same treatment and behavior from the boss. 

5. Your Boss is Jealous of You 

In some cases, your boss’s attitude towards you may change simply because they are jealous of you. This is common in the case where you are fast rising in the company and you may soon be in the same position as your current boss. They may start to feel threatened by you and this will show in the way they relate to you. 

What To Do If Your Boss Changed Towards You 

If your boss changes towards you, it may make you feel uneasy and worried. This is why, in a case like this, you should try to get to the root of the matter and fix it for your peace of mind and job stability. The following are the best things to do if you ever find yourself in this situation: 

1. Talk to Your Coworkers 

Before you do anything else, you need to talk to your coworkers about the situation. One thing you would accomplish by talking to your coworkers is confirming your suspicion. If your boss has changed towards you, other people would have also noticed it. When you speak to your coworkers, you can confirm whether your boss has changed towards you or if you are just being paranoid and overanalyzing things. 

Also, you can understand the situation better by talking to your coworkers. You can learn if you are the only one at the receiving end of your boss’s new behavior. Someone may also know the reason why your boss is behaving the way they are. They may know if your boss is going through some professional or personal issue and this will help you understand the reasons for their new behavior. 

2. Speak to Your Boss 

The best way to resolve this issue would be to discuss it with your boss. You should know that having this conversation won’t be easy, but it is something you need to do. Talking to your boss about the situation will likely help you know why they are acting that way and what you can do to rectify it. 

Start by scheduling a meeting with your boss. Before the day/time for the meeting, list out the things you will discuss. First, you have to explain what you have noticed and how your boss has been acting lately. Then move on to explain how their actions or inactions are affecting you and how they make you feel. 

Once you are done talking about these things, let them give you a response. Their response should let you know why and how you can resolve the situation. if your boss is being the way they are because of a personal issue, then you can offer to help them in any way you can. If your boss isn’t being forthcoming with a response that will help you rectify the situation, then you should thank them for their time and try to solve the issue with any of the remaining solutions. 

3. Try to Fix the Relationship with Your Boss  

If your boss tells you the reason for their new behavior, you then have to work on fixing the issue. For instance, if the change is because they are dissatisfied with your work, you should put in more effort and do better. However, if the reason is because of a personal issue, there isn’t much you can do to rectify the situation. But you should try to be there for them as much as you can. Do not take their change personally in this case and simply try to understand them while providing any form of support you can. 

4. Report to HR 

If your boss does not give you any reason for the change but keeps treating you the way they are, then you may have to report the situation to HR. However, you cannot just report your boss simply because their behavior towards you has changed. This behavior has to be affecting your work for you to report it to HR. 

Before you take the matter to HR, ensure you write out some of the things your boss has done to you that indicate their behavior change. This will serve as evidence and help you make a more convincing case. 

5. Ignore their New Behavior or Get a New Job 

If the issue continues even after you have gone through all the solutions listed so far, then you need to talk with yourself. You need to figure out if you can keep working in the company despite your boss’s new behavior or if you would rather leave. 

If you think you can cope with the situation, then you need to learn to distance yourself from your boss. Distancing yourself from them does not mean you have to be rude to them or ignore them. It just means you should stop getting bothered by their actions. Don’t keep trying to fix things or letting them make you feel bad for how things are between you two now. If you decide that you can no longer stay at the job, then you need to start looking for a new job. 


If you notice your boss has changed towards you, then you should first confirm your feelings by talking to your coworkers. When you confirm your suspicion, you then have to do something about it. Start by talking to your boss to understand the reason for the change and how you can work towards repairing the relationship. If your boss won’t tell you why they are being that way with you, then you should consider reporting the matter to HR. And if nothing is still done after this, then you should consider looking for a new job. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How Do I Know If I am Not Valued at Work?

The following are some major signs that you are not valued at work:

  • You are told you are not valued 
  • You do not get appreciated for your work or contributions to the company 
  • You do not get the support you need to help you do your best at work 
  • Bad or unwanted tasks keep getting assigned to you 
  • You hardly get feedback and when you do, it is usually negative comments 
  • Your workload is too much 
  • You are usually excluded from functions 
  • You never get a salary raise or get promoted 

2. Why is My Boss Ignoring Me all of a Sudden? 

Your boss may suddenly start ignoring you if they have something that is bothering them on their end. For instance, if they have more workload or are under work pressure. It could also be because they are experiencing some personal issues in their life. For instance, if their loved one is sick or died.

My Boss Has Changed Towards Me 

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