Leaving A Comfortable Job

Is your Job comfortable but you are not happy with it? Well, you are not the only one, it happens every time, a lot of people have left their Jobs for several reasons and some are similar to yours. Let us know about ‘Leaving A Comfortable Job’.

Leaving A Comfortable Job

Quitting your Job is not a bad idea, but you should have a very good reason or you would end up regretting your decision. 

Before quitting a Job, there are several factors you should first think about, they include a new Job, better work-life balance, relocation, change of working environment, illness, or alternative career path. However, if your reason is that you quarreled with a colleague at work, you messed up, you didn’t get a raise one time, your boss controls you, or you want a better job but you have not found the one you like, leaving your Job would be a wrong choice because these factors are common and bearable.

Go through the factors highlighted here and rethink so you do not make a bad decision.

Factors To Consider Before Leaving a Comfortable Job

Go through these factors and decide if you want to leave your Job.

1. A New Job

The best time to leave your Job is when you have a new job that pays more than the one from your present job and the working conditions are much better than the one you want to resign from. Ensure the new Job pays your bills and you still have more that is bigger than that of the job you are leaving.

2. Better Work-Life Balance

If your job affects your daily life, making it difficult for you to perform your household duties efficiently, you no longer have time for family or self-care. If this is the case, you might want to search for another job that gives you better options.

3. Relocation

If you want to change your environment to a different one that is far from your workplace, maybe you are going to school, going to stay with your family, or traveling to another country. Then leaving your Job would be a good decision

4. Uncomfortable Working Environment

If your place of work is uncomfortable, you do not get promoted as you want, other workers get promoted and you are left at the same level for years or your co-workers and bosses are not treating you properly, then leaving is the best option.

5. Illness

If you are seriously ill, you won’t be able to work efficiently as you have to go for a medical checkup regularly and wouldn’t have the strength to work. Or maybe it’s a member of your family who is I’ll and you have to stay back and take care of them, you won’t be able to go to work. This is also a good reason to leave the Job. However, your organization might give you sick leave if you request it instead.

6. Alternative Career Paths

You Job might be very comfortable but you are not enjoying it because it doesn’t match your plans, it isn’t in the career path you always dreamt of. Switching to the dream job you love and enjoy wouldn’t be a bad decision. That way you would feel more fulfilled and function to full capacity.

7. No Room To Share Your Ideas

If your boss and team members do not take your thoughts seriously or give you equal opportunities with other team members to share new ideas, then you need a new Job where your intakes are taken seriously, leaving you with an advantage.

8. You don’t Consider It Fit For Others To Work in

Your Job might be comfortable for you because you are earning big. If recommending the organization for others to work in is difficult because of its toxicity and poor mode of operation, then it’s time to start searching for a better one.

9. The Organization Might Shutdown

If you notice that the company might shut down or lay you off, if it begins to lose big clients, delay when paying salary, owe debts and might get closed soon, or start laying off workers. You can get ahead of them, search for a new job and quit the old one.

10. You Are Asked To Do Something Illegal

If you are asked to do some undercover jobs in the office that you are not comfortable with and you think it might get you into trouble, now might be the best time to quit your job.

11. Poor Pay

If your organization does not pay you enough money to foot your bills, you might end up spending more than you earn and maybe borrow to survive. This is not a nice way to live, consider searching for another which pays you enough to satisfy your needs. 

12. Distance 

If your workplace is very far from your house, you would end up spending a lot on transport and increase your stress. If you cannot relocate to a place closer to your workplace, consider searching for another which is closer to you.

How To Leave a Comfortable Job

If after putting the above factors into consideration, you decide to leave your comfortable Job, you should do it the right way as explained here;

1. Confirm With Your New Employer

Before quitting your Job, ensure you and your new employer have fixed a date for your resumption so you would be confident that you would get the Job and not become unemployed after resigning from your present Job.

2. Notify the Organization

Ensure you notify the manager that you are leaving the Job. The standard time for giving notice is two weeks. However, you can notify your organization more than two weeks before you quit so they have time to round up projects you are involved in and find a replacement.

3. Write a Resignation Letter

This gives your employer the information about your retirement, it should contain your last day at work and your appreciation for the time spent in the organization. If you want to, include an offer to find and train a replacement.

4. Quit In Person

The best way to leave a job is to meet your boss and talk to them in person. Do not send it through mail or SMS. You may feel uncomfortable doing this but you have to do things correctly.

5. Inform Your Colleagues

After informing your boss, go on and tell your co-workers that you are leaving. Collect their contacts and addresses so you can reach out and Connect with them some other time.

6. Remove Your Personal Belongings From Your Office

After informing your boss and your colleagues that you are quitting, pack your personal properties out of the office, and check your storage space and desk drawers so you do not forget anything.

7. Prepare For The Exit interview

Ensure you prepare your answers to the questions that would be asked by your manager or human resources team and dress properly. Professional questions about your stay in the office and how to improve it would be asked.

8. Request For a Letter Of Recommendation

Ask your manager for a letter of recommendation as you may need it to apply for another Job in the future or so you would be able to apply for a leadership position in a volunteer organization.


After considering these factors, you now know if leaving your Job is a good or bad decision. If you decide to leave your Job, it is good you leave on a good note by following the instructions given in this article.


Can I Quit My Job Via Email?

Yes, you can quit your job by email but it is only advisable when it is urgent and you do not have time to meet your boss in person. For example, a family emergency or you are relocating immediately. If not, to maintain a good relationship with your boss, follow the normal process.

Is It Normal For Me To Feel Guilty About Leaving My Job?

Feeling guilty about leaving your job is a normal experience. It typically shows how much you love and care about your colleagues and boss. To help reduce this, assist the company in finding a replacement and ensure you finish all the work on your desk before leaving.

When Is The Best Time?

Finding a new Job is not easy, it might take you up to 6 months or more to get a nice one. So before you quit your present job, ensure you have another one which is comfortable and better than the old one.

Can I Say Anything I Want About The Organization When Quitting?

Saying the wrong words when quitting a Job can cause the company to blacklist you and it might affect your chances of getting another job elsewhere as they may give a negative report of you. Avoid saying words that might give the organization a bad name. Words like the products are inferior, the company underpays its workers, your boss has a bad attitude or you found a better Job.

Leaving A Comfortable Job

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