Is Zoetis A Good Company To Work For?

Zoetis is an American animal health company that is currently the world’s largest producer of medicines and vaccinations for pets and livestock. Its headquarter is situated in Parsippany – Troy Hills, New Jersey. Let us know about ‘Is Zoetis A Good Company To Work For?’.

Is Zoetis A Good Company To Work For?

Zoetis was founded in 1952 and is currently running with 9,500+ employees. The company focuses on the importance of nourishing and taking care of the most neglected residents of the Earth, our pets and animals. 

More about Zoetis

Zoetis is also advancing in the making of its medicine and products for better nourishment of our animals and pets. The company’s current portfolio and its series of producing and making medicines has now made a huge difference in over 100 countries around the World. The company is still evolving with new ways of making the living conditions of our pets and animals better and this World a better and disease free place for them to live in. Their dedication has been very consistent for all the people around who care and raise animals. 

Is Zoetis a good company to work for?

The major mission of Zoetis which is built on a six-decade history and on a singular focus on how to bring customer quality products, better services and a secured commitment to their businesses.

Reviews on how good or bad it is to work in Zoetis?

One of the featured reviews say that Zoetis adaptes a nice work culture, it embraces productive and fun workspace. The team is cooperative and with a lot of enthusiasm, leadership and entrepreneurship. 

With everything coming with pros and cons, this company too has some too as well

“Very good benefits offered to all the employees.” – in 83 reviews. “Life balance and management is poor.” – in 31 reviews.
“Great team, cooperative and understanding people to work with.” – in 54 reviews. “The management system could sometimes become more of a dominant hierarchical structure.” – in 15 reviews.  
“It provides a good amount of salary and sometimes that’s all about it.” – in 35 reviews.“A bit of inconsistent and weak leadership.” – in 13 reviews.
“A good work/life balance is important and that’s another thing that Zoetis provides at its best.” – in 25 reviews. “The management system can get worse on different levels.” – in 10 reviews.
“Great colleagues to work with.” – in 23 reviews. “Management keeps on getting worse and only the good books are read.” – in 10 reviews.

More about working with Zoetis

  • Zoetis has been overall been rated 4.2/5 stars by all over 4000+ of its employees. The more interested the employees are to work, the more enthusiastic the work becomes, this makes Zoetis filled with passionate people and being favorable with world-class facilities. Zoetis helps you have a better work-life experience where you own your own opportunity and growth in all aspects. 
  • The company, through programs like Zoetis for Shelters and Operation “DOGRUN” promotes and advocated pets for adoption and for them to have a have normal happy normal life as well as they deserve more too. 
  • Zoetis also organizes The World Veterinary Day 5K Charity Run in China. They give all their proceeds and profits to four different non-profits supporting animals and Veterinarians. 
  • Sometimes the agriculture business, especially the animal aspects of it can be a nasty game, meanwhile Zoetis is fighting against the old-fashioned, and pre-claimed norms of the society regarding the agricultural business by supporting new, innovative and productive ideas and projects. 

Inside Zoetis 

But they are a really diversified and intelligent group of people in addition to being animal lovers. This is one business that has made diversity and equality a top focus, with a female CEO. The staff is made up of 38% people of color and roughly 40% women. These are figures that frequently surpass those of competing businesses.

Dawn, a Global API Lead for Zoetis, stated: “I get excited about the high-level strategic piece.” People that experience that “buzz” from their work are the appropriate fit for this organization. It demonstrates your dedication to your work.

The culture of Zoetis

This company is made up of individuals who are compelled to help those who lack power. They are the best kind of people because they are empathic. Because they consistently prioritize the needs of others over their own, empathic people create the best work environments and cultures.

You’ll meet individuals who genuinely care about others. And if you aren’t that, you can be quickly exposed. This overriding philosophy fosters a welcoming atmosphere where people aren’t shy about asking inquiries.

This collection of employees is extremely diversified. There are workers here from all different backgrounds. The prospect of starting a career with Zoetis would be very enticing.

With diversity comes a different viewpoint. Highlighting working mothers and designating a Working Mother of the Year each year is something interesting and fulfilling that Zoetis does.

And without a Take Your Dog To Work Day, no business that values animals could ever be considered complete. Every Friday, everyone is welcome to bring along that special friend to the corporate office in Parsippany, New Jersey.


Working can be fun, other fantastic advantages of working for Zoetis company work include obtaining employment in a creative and dynamic atmosphere, wage packages that are competitive, healthcare and 401k benefits that are competitive, Maternity and Paternity Leave, Maternity Leave greater than average paid time off, holidays and vacation days, Education support and all the comes under it. 

Almost forgot to mention that you get to help animals. That often presents well on a CV. 


1. Why work with Zoetis?

The company provides a positive and happy environment to work in and are passionate about the customers and animals in care. 

2. What is the 401K policy at Zoetis? 

401k matches up to 5%, generous paid time off each year. 

3. How can I get a job at Zoetis?

To get a job at Zoetis, search for currently open positions and apply for a job near you. Once you get a positive response, make sure to do proper research about it.  

Is Zoetis A Good Company To Work For?

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