Is Quicken Loans a Good Company to Work For?

Quicken Loans provides you with the first ever online mortgage facility breaking all the old barriers and lengthy processes. Yes, you heard it right! Quicken Loans or now known as Rocket Mortgage is the largest mortgage loan provider in the U.S. Its headquarters is in the district of downtown Detroit, Michigan and was founded in 1985 by Dan Gilbert,  Lindsay Gross, Ron Berman and Gary Gilbert. It, now, has over 17000 hardworking and loyal employees who take the utmost pride in what they do. Let’s know is Quicken Loans a good company to work for.

Is Quicken Loans a Good Company to Work For?

The company aims to make the loan process easier and quicker while also providing the best facilities to all the clients. It has helped in developing the surrounding areas into bustling shops, malls, etc over the years and can be considered the heart of the place with the finest and the humblest employees.

This article will discuss the company’s work ethics, pros and cons of working in it and will also provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions!

What are the benefits of working in Quicken Loans?

Quicken Loans provides the best and the most benefits to its employees. This is because it wants them to be satisfied and give their best to their work. The minimum average pay per hour is $19.81 and the average salary of an employee ranges from $44000 to as high as $110000 and even more. With good pay, it also provides benefits like- paid vacations, daycare subsidies, confidential mental health sessions and even has a physical therapy option for all. Doesn’t this make you want to work there even more? We have some more points ahead that will make you wish to join the company ‘quicker’!

The company’s goal is to provide maximum job satisfaction to employees and hence, it further provides health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, vision insurance and massive discounts keeping in mind their physical and financial well-being. According to the employees’ reviews, they find the company’s benefits and pay the best with the types of employees in it. These benefits attract a lot of employees and the cherry on top is the friendly and happy environment which makes employees never leave the firm.

Not only do you get great friends and a working place but also a sense of belongingness with the clients who replicate such feelings. It is a good place to work in if you want to grow and make a name out there.

What are the company’s ethics and working style?

 Quicken Loans works with employees and the community’s well-being in mind. It promotes teamwork and supports the employees in their growth both inside and outside the company.

The employees are said to be enthusiastic and friendly in nature making your working period fun in the company. The company promotes a safe work culture and has an active presence in volunteering for the betterment of the surrounding. The employees can volunteer as many times as they want with the permission of their leaders. It takes great pride in working alongside the community and helping it in improving the habitats and neighborhoods of different communities. The employees wait for this time very keenly and participate with their full hearts.

The principles of the company are great and the employees are committed to their work. The turnover is low due to it and the management further tries to reduce the bureaucracy by motivating and helping the employees to work harder towards their goals and higher positions.


1. Benefits like- discounts, life insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, paid leaves, paid vacations, etc.

2. Very friendly, helpful and growth-oriented environment

3. Helpful and supportive leaders.

4. Active in social work

5. Volunteering for the development of communities.

6. Promotes teamwork.

7. Good compensation.

When we read the pros of one job, we tend to start liking it but never forget to read about its shortcomings if you want to have a long-term and safe job.


Below are some of the limitations of the company, we gathered after reading several employees reviews.

The company is good for anybody who is at the start of their career and wants to know about the market and how it works in the real world.

But many employees find the work overburdening with lack of personal or as we say ‘me’ time. The compensation is regarded less when compared to the hours the employees put in. This disrupts the work-life balance and thus the turnover increases.

While the goals keep increasing, the pay doesn’t change much and the management can be quite strict if the goals are not met. Although the company tries to reduce the bureaucracy and red tape, still there is no reduction in it. 

How does the company work in COVID-19?

After COVID-19 hit the world, the employees at Quicken Loans too started working from home but now as the times are getting better with people getting vaccinated, the company has started calling the employees back.

Many employees are still against it as the cases of the deadly virus have started rising again. 

Keeping in mind the health of all the workers, Quicken Loans has started a health screening in which different questions are asked about the employees’ health through their phones and then finally decided if they are good to come back to the workplace or not.

The efforts of the company are impeccable and praiseworthy.


The company has its own pros and cons. If you are ready to take stress and burden and can still manage the work-life balance then this is your best option considering the benefits and pay.

But, if you need a relaxed environment with less burden then you need to find another place to work in. Working at Quicken Loans can be a handful and thus should be thoroughly thought about before joining.

Some FAQs

1. Is Quicken Loans a safe place for employees?

Ans- Yes, it is a safe place and has a good friendly vibe to it.

2. Is the work at Quicken Loans too much?

Ans- The work depends on the demand of the time. It can be hectic and easy at times.

3. Does Quicken Loans allow its employees to work from home?

Ans- Yes, it allows them to work from home but now they have been calling more employees in.

Is Quicken Loans a Good Company to Work For?

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