Is Opentext A Good Company To Work For?

Enterprise information management (EIM) software is created and sold by the Canadian company OpenText Corporation (also written as OpenText). As of 2022, OpenText, which has its headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, will rank as the fourth-largest software company in the country. Let us know Is Opentext A Good Company To Work For in this article.

Is Opentext A Good Company To Work For?

Is Opentext A Good Company To Work For?

In 2016, Mediacorp Canada Inc. named OpenText as one of the top 100 employers in Canada. For major businesses, governmental organizations, and expert service providers, OpenText software programs manage content or unstructured data. With its products, OpenText hopes to address issues with information management, such as managing massive amounts of content, adhering to legal standards, and managing online and mobile user experiences. Over 16,000 people work for OpenText globally. It is a publicly traded corporation that is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ (OTEX).

Is OpenText a reliable business?

Overall, the business is an excellent one and they have an ideal work balance. People rarely leave this organization without a fight. They are encouraging and always willing to assist the candidates. They provide flexible hours and strive to provide the greatest service while also making their clients feel at ease. Productivity can be greatly increased by working from home, from the office, or in a coffee shop. Try working there for a couple of days each week if you have a space in your home that is quiet enough to concentrate on work without interruptions and is nearby—possibly even walking distance. The HR department is always attempting to assist the candidates, so you’ll find that you accomplish more than if you had been forced to sit at a barren desk at work all day. They constantly give their best and are encouraging.


  • There are various positions and according to their roles and responsibility they are provided with salaries
  • Other than salaries, they are provided with many other incentives.
  • They are given both monetary and non-monetary incentives. They are provided with healthcare benefits in case of ailment and paid vocational for their employees so that they can perform better at their job. Lastly, they are also benefited from retirement plans that are provident funds, gratuity funds, and so on.
  •  Opentext believes that health is vital, so they provide sick days if any employees need them. Employees can take up to 10 paid holidays each year, and women are granted leave on their menstruation days. Furthermore, they offer brief maternity and paternity leaves.
  • They provide benefits and incentives to their staff, which keeps them motivated and enables them to stay committed to their work.
  • They receive paid holidays to engage in leisure activities in addition to receiving health insurance, life insurance, disability coverage, vacation, paid time off, employee support, consumer benefits, and adoption assistance.

 They give these all benefits and incentives to their employees which adds an advantage to the organization and many employees are attracted to it. Also, Opentext company holds high ratings and good reviews on social media sites to work for.


60% of employees have found it worthwhile to work for this company Opentext and have a very good attitude toward it, giving Open text Company an overall rating of 3.9 They thought the Open Text Corporation was the ideal place to advance one’s career.

We should read the reviews left by the people who work for a company if we want to learn about the working environment there. Below are some of the employee reviews.

 1. The organization provides an excellent opportunity to develop an all-around personality; there is no discrimination based on gender, caste, religion, sex, or any other factor.

2. This company’s managers are a true blessing to it since they think in terms of building the complete organization, not just themselves. They listen to employee grievances with patience and interest and work to find a quick solution.

3. It is a fantastic firm with fantastic people all around it. Overall, it was wonderful working for this organization and growing together as a team.

4. The nicest thing about this is that the rewards are paid promptly, there is an additional bonus, good incentives and presents are given, and there is a chance to earn prospective quarterly rewards and annual rises and their work is well paid 

Every coin has two sides, and some people hate this firm for other reasons as well. Some people expressed disappointment with their overall experience. It had no genuine vision at all. On the other hand, some have a neutral review that it is sometimes good and bad and they have to make necessary changes that are not to blame lower levels always for causing major issues instead of having to guide them. The decision-making was shallow and fast, which made them uncomfortable.

Given that 70% of reviews are favorable, it can be regarded as a decent place to work.

Final outlook towards OpenText company

Thus, whether one is a junior or senior position employee, we may conclude that every place is preferable to work if one can accomplish so. An organization’s employees themselves must improve the workplace. For instance, a leader needs to be considering ways to keep personnel. An HR department should recognize a high turnover rate if they are losing employees at a rate of almost one month every two months, and they should take several steps to reduce it.

If the vice president and director of HR are both unqualified for their positions, they should be replaced with people who are intelligent, moral, and capable of making sound decisions. The HR Director has to improve their usage of vulgar language and overall professionalism. If the labor turnover rate is high for any company it will impact the position of a company to an extent. Therefore, senior positions employee has to take several measures to not deteriorate the outlook of the company in eyes of people.

  •  What do your co-workers need to improve and how do you work together better?

1. Working in a team and not trying to put other employees let down.

2. Sharing a load of work, will create cooperation in an organization and will help to build a sense of belongingness among employees who are working in an organization. 

3. Work on your overall personality and tries to develop it.  

  • What is the procedure to apply?

Candidates who are interested and looking for an opportunity to grab a job at John Lewis Company have to submit their application on their online website whenever any vacancies are posted. Most aspiring and suitable candidates will be given invites after the screening of their application and then a final interview will take place where an interviewer will ask questions according to their interest.

The applicant has to be possessing bright and personable attitudes to be selected or The Candidates can apply according to their capacities, qualifications, and experience. You can visit their website and can see vacancies on the site and can apply accordingly. At the site, there are forms available where you have to have to attach your curricular vitae and selection will be made by HR according to their convenience or attributes they are seeking for. 

Is Opentext A Good Company To Work For?

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