How To Motivate Peers At Work?

Motivation is the underlying factor behind why we engage in an action. Life gets in the way most often and we end up losing both the extrinsic and intrinsic motivation that guides our actions. Productivity has been reduced in most organizations because the workers lack the drive to work. A strong team is one that which members provide the necessary support to each other in all aspects without holding back. Let us know “How To Motivate Peers At Work?”

How To Motivate Peers At Work?

In 2021, statistics showed that forty-seven million workers left their employ as a result of frustration. This set of workers lacked the motivation to keep pushing, they were left with no choice but to quit. How can we motivate each other to avoid such an alarming increase in staff resignations? Motivation is not something to be left for the managerial team we all have a collective responsibility to motivate each other for optimal performance.

Effects Of Lack Of Motivation

Stress, frustration, and distractions are some of the factors that contribute to staff loading their motivation at work. The outcome of this is that they’ll always be found complaining and exuding negative energy within the organization.

If you stay around such people you will be tempted to think and act as they do. Their negative vibes will pollute the entire system.

When staff is not motivated to work the organization will suffer from a lack of productivity. Tasks will be left undone or get done less efficiently.

Other staff members might be caught towing this path if care is not taken.

Why People Lose Motivation At Work?

Several factors contribute to why staff member loses their motivation at work, some of which are:

 1.  Not being appreciated for input at work.

 2. Being criticized for every mistake.

 3. Not being carried along in the decision-making process.

 4. When their opinion is not considered.

How To Motivate Peers At Work?

Creating motivation for peers at work is a sacrifice that looks beyond self but the satisfaction of the other party. These are some of the ways you can create motivation for peers at work.

1. Maintain a positive attitude.

We all have different issues to deal with, but then it’s best to leave this behind while heading to the office. This will not only help us to maintain maximum productivity at work but will motivate others to work. Having a carefree attitude inspires others to desire to be like us.

 2.  Celebrate their input and accomplishments.

No input is too big or small for the growth of your organization. Every positive contribution from your peer is aimed at triggering growth. It’s not the responsibility of the managerial team alone to celebrate the workers. As a peer celebrating them openly will boost their confidence and courage.

 3.  Seek their contributions.

Issues about office tasks should not be one man’s affairs. Seeking the input of other team members doesn’t mean that you don’t know what you are doing, but that you value them as an integral part of the organization and that you know they are able of contributing. This too will motivate and trigger them to expand their scope of knowledge.

 4.  Say I’m sorry when you are wrong.

It’s no surprise that admitting offense is just what might keep others at work. Admitting our mistakes and apologizing for them creates a positive work environment. It makes everyone feel safe knowing that mistakes are acknowledged and sorted as they should.

 5.  Associate with others.

Relating with others doesn’t stop us from being efficient with our work or reducing productivity. It only gets worst when we forget about why we are at work. Genuinely stop by to know how your fellow peers are doing and offer support where necessary.

 6. Celebrate their special days.

Keep in mind when their birth, marriage anniversaries, and other special events in their lives will hold and celebrate publicly. Buy a gift where it’s readily available.

 7.  Surprise them with a thank you note.

Leaving a thank you note on their work table will let them know how valuable they are. Appreciation boost confidence more than any monetary gift, imagine the excitement on your peer’s face as she is being welcomed with a thank you note on their work table.

 8.  Criticize their mistakes constructively

Building positive energy at the workplace doesn’t mean that things will not go wrong. Once in a while, things will not go as planned, but realizing that we are human and prone to mistakes will help us handle this more discretely. Handling mistakes at work is not the opportunity to make the other party feel less human, call by the side and let them know where they are wrong while reminding them that you still believe in them. 

 9.  Be a team player

Never allow your peers to do all the work by themselves. Being interested in a given task will build rapport and confidence. Apart from working on tasks together, offer to render a helping hand whenever you observe that they are filled with tasks and you have fewer tasks to handle or probably they are experiencing a difficult time.

 10. Care beyond the office space

Though some people will not allow others into their private lives. It is very okay, but this should not stop you from reaching out to your colleague if you notice that they are experiencing a difficult time at home, either with their partner or children. Be the shoulder they can lean on.

11. Be an example

It doesn’t matter what your position is at the workplace, we are all leaders in different capacities. Don’t be that colleague that is always criticizing or complaining without doing anything to salvage the situation. Get on a task if need be and show what needs to be done rather than complaining.

12. Go on lunch together.

Lunchtime is an opportunity to get to know your colleagues as it creates an atmosphere for socialization. Once in a while plan lunchtime as a team and ensure that everyone is there.

What Gifts To Get For Your Peers As A Motivation?

Verbal expression alone ha not enough to keep your peers motivated at work. A physical gift will communicate volumes as well. You can consider getting them a card, flower, ball pen, journals, planners, books (if they love reading), face towels, etc. While at this ensure it goes round to avoid breeding a negative energy in the workplace.


We can all stay motivated at work if we look beyond ourselves and help each other stay active everywhere possible. Motivating peers at work should not be left to the management, they have their role to play. In whatever way you can, be the reason why your peer will want to be at the office the next day

Frequently Asked Questions 

I feel my colleagues will feel humiliated if I reach out to assist them with a task.

Everyone desires to be helped at one point or the other. They will only feel humiliated when you try to spite them while on it. 

I am not the boss, do I have to motivate my colleagues openly?

You don’t have to be the boss to do this. Motivating each other is a collective duty.

Is it right to motivate my peers with a gift?

If your peers appreciate gifts, go ahead and get one for them.

How To Motivate Peers At Work?

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