Coworkers Always Ask for Help

If you are in a workplace, you must have some assigned tasks that you can perform efficiently. In a workspace you have to deal with several individual tasks but sometimes you have to work on different projects in the form of a group. But either you work on individual tasks or work as a team in group projects, you have to deal with different coworkers and their problems as well. Let us know about ‘Coworkers Always Ask for Help’.

Coworkers Always Ask for Help:

Coworkers Always Ask for Help:

Some coworkers are too lazy and they don’t own their responsibilities at work , they always try to disturb other fellows  from their questioning and issues.

Helping your coworkers can create a friendly work environment and build good peer-to-peer relationships. Also helping coworkers enhances your reputation and enables you to become a trendy person in the workplace.

The constant questioning from coworkers can distract your focus from your work. If you always continue to solve their problems, they will bother you more. Make your coworkers sense that you are not here to help them but you are also a worker and you have to meet your job responsibilities. It’s better to set some limits for helping others and don’t compromise on your work and job responsibilities because you are answerable about your duties and tasks to higher authorities. Although helping others can polish your leadership skills and make you a valuable fellow. But you must meet your obligations first to secure your position in the workplace.

Ways of dealing with Coworkers Who Rely too Much on you:

 You feel very proud that your coworkers trust you to help and guide them with their problems. But this supportive habit can be very stressful for you whenever you are busy with work. 

You have a tight schedule and so many responsibilities of work, which you must maintain effectively. In this article, we are providing some instructions on how you can maintain your work and deal with workers.

Helping coworkers can benefit you when you are stuck in a problem because nobody has solutions to all complications. It is possible that in the future you will need a person to solve your problem, probably your coworkers will also help you in return. 

  • Your first preference is your job responsibilities so, always try to complete your work on time because you are answerable to higher authorities about your duty. Along with this, you have to deal with your coworkers who rely too much on you. 
  • But whenever you are too busy with your work, try to say ‘no’ to your coworkers. Because it’s not the job requirement to help others, although it’s good to help coworkers, but make sure your work and responsibilities are your priority that you must maintain.
  • Don’t feel guilty if you don’t help others because all the time you are not in the position of helping others, sometimes you feel bothered and distracted from your work.
  • You can teach them problem-solving skills in your free time.
  • If they bother you too much you can also refer them to any other person who can solve their issues.

Great thinking Ability can Attract Coworkers:

Sometimes you are too bothered by the questions of your coworkers. You think why always me? There are so many other people here but why do they always come to me?

So, if you are one of those people who can think outside the box, you are the point of attraction for your coworkers. If you have extraordinary thinking skills, you can solve the problem quickly and your coworkers depend on you. 

They thought that rather than researching and finding a solution, it’s easy to come to you and ask for your help. They don’t bother themselves with finding the solution to their problems.

But it’s ok if you work in a team and your fellows ask you for help. You can help them a little bit , but always try to persuade your coworker that they don’t depend on you for their problems.

Dealing with Coworkers in Group Projects:

Group projects encourage teamwork, but it does not mean that only you are responsible for completing all the work. In group projects, you think that every member has equal responsibilities, but that is not happening every time.

We don’t always suggest that you refuse every time to your coworkers because it puts a very negative impact on your job reputation. If you always refuse to help your coworkers, your coworkers will think that you are rude, ignorant, selfish, and egoistic. Also, this behavior is considered unethical in a business environment. 

Some coworkers depend too much on you and they dump their work on you in the name of group projects. If you always try to solve your coworkers’ problems, they will assume that you are free for them and you are always accessible to them. 

Whenever they face even a small misunderstanding, they come to you and ask you different questions. They don’t try to find solutions to their problems and they always come to you and ask for your help, and in the name of helping, they dump their work on you.

Will you allow yourself to be used in the name of group projects? They don’t realize that you have your job responsibilities as well, which you must meet on time.

If you are suffering from this condition, this article is very helpful for you, you should make some points clear in your mind. 

  • Always remember that in teamwork you are working as a group and you have to help them, but without compromising on your responsibilities.
  • Whenever you have free time, you can assist them with their problems but let them realize that you will not always be available because you have to meet your job responsibilities as well.
  • If you want to make your position strong in the workplace or company, you have to maintain a balance between your responsibilities and your behavior with coworkers.
  • Always remember that you are not the only member of the project, and this is only not your task to complete the whole project but your responsibility is only to pay attention to your work portion, not to others’ problems.
  • It is good for you to avoid interfering with your coworkers’ problems.
  • Don’t waste your energy on other coworkers’ problems and on others’ responsibilities. Keep this energy saved for your task because you are only responsible for your work.
  • You must avoid accepting the responsibility of another person.
  • Complete your work on time and meet your responsibilities efficiently because if, at the end of the project, it is not completed because of lazy team members, no one will blame you for that.
  • During the project, you can also complain to your project leader or supervisor about those lazy coworkers that didn’t meet their responsibilities properly. They bother you with their questioning and dump their work on you.
  • Make it clear that if you are doing your work you are not available for others at that time.

Ways of Saying No to Your Coworkers:

You want to maintain a friendly relationship with your coworkers but sometimes your coworkers are too lazy and exploit your mind too much. You must have to build friendly relations with coworkers because it is better for your reputation.

Although you have the complete right to say “no” to your coworker, you feel ashamed or guilty for that but also saying “yes” to them every time is stressful for you. So don’t worry, we are providing you with some instructions on how to deal with your coworker when you want to refuse his work or you don’t have enough time to solve his problem.

  • You can make a simple apology by letting them know how much responsibility for work is on your shoulders and you must do that work in a limited time.
  • You can say that “I am willing to help you, but right now I have limited time to complete my work so, let me complete my work then we will collaborate on your problem.
  • You can make them sure that you will understand their problems, but you are not in a condition to help them because you have too much work to do.
  • You can suggest to the coworkers to research the problem rather than saying no, you don’t help.
  • You can make a little conversation with a coworker by asking them what is the best solution for him? and you can polish that solution according to your knowledge.
  • You can ask them to wait until your work is over, then you must guide them according to their problem.
  • Don’t say no to rude behavior, this will affect your reputation. You can say no in a very graceful and respectful manner.
  • Give them a valid and perfect reason about why you are not able to solve their problem.
  • You can say that unfortunately, I have a lot of workloads today. We can discuss your problem tomorrow or whenever I am free.
  • You can also say that I am too busy now if you don’t mind, you can share your problem with some other person.


It is normal to have coworkers asking for help but you must know how to deal with them. Your supportive behavior towards others can increase your leadership and interpersonal skills. But too much involvement in other people’s problems will harm your working performance. You don’t have to be rude to your colleague because this is considered unethical working behavior and will lower your reputation. As a good worker, you must secure your position and create a good reputation in the working environment by creating admirable relations with peers. You can provide them with a little bit of guidance on problems in your free time and don’t compromise on your working responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  •  How to deal with that coworker who tries to pass their work on to you?

Many coworkers are lazy and think that you can do their work in just seconds and they put their responsibility on your shoulder but you learn to say ‘no’ in a very graceful manner that won’t hurt them because hurting others may affect your reputation. You have to manage your work responsibility because you are just answerable for your work, not others. 

  • Can helping coworkers help you to increase your experience?

Yeah, it helps you to increase your experience and it also polishes your leadership skills. But too much-helping others affect your work performance and spending too much time on others’ problems is stressful for your mental health also.

Coworkers Always Ask for Help

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