Can You Work At McDonald’s At The Age Of 14?

McDonald’s is one of those American fast-food chains that have gotten popular throughout the world over the past years. McDonald’s is famous for its wide variety of burgers and wraps available in their outlets. The headquarters of McDonald’s is located in Chicago, Illinois, United States. It was founded by Ray Kroc in 1955. Let us know Can You Work At McDonald’s At The Age Of 14?

Can You Work At McDonalds At The Age Of 14?

Can You Work At McDonald’s At The Age Of 14?

In the 21st century, McDonald’s is one of the biggest recruiters in the fast-food chain and it lays off employment opportunities to many people. It is even interesting to note that McDonald’s provides employment opportunities to teenagers who have attained the ability and fulfill the criteria for getting employed.

The average hourly salary of a worker working at McDonald’s is estimated at $7.25 per hour. And that of an account specialist is estimated at $24.49 per hour. 

Yes. At the age of 14 one is eligible to apply for the post of crew boy and get recruited for the same post. The required age criteria are not the same in all countries but it is 14 and above in America. One who is 14 can easily work in shifts and earn pocket money through it. We will discuss in detail the work of a crew member and the qualifications required.

Before applying for the job it is required to check for the availability of vacancies and the requisite criteria to work at the age of 14. One must thoroughly go through the labor laws and check whether they are hiring people at the age of 14 or not.

Now, performing all these at the age of 14 is quite stressful and requires immense hard work and skills. It may be hard to manage all the customers and their requirements at this tender age. Many people at this age still function more efficiently than any other crew member at a higher age. 

McDonald’s has up to 69 million customers daily spread over 40,000 outlets.

States of America offering employment to 14-year-old

Many states all over the USA do not allow 14 year olds to work in McDonald’s such as California. But other states like Ohio, South Dakota, Kentucky, Indiana etc provide employment opportunities to children looking for a job at the age of 14. California is a state with 1188 outlets which is the highest number of outlets in America. Still, they refrain from laying employment to people at the age of 14.

Work of a crew member working in Mcdonald’s at the age of 14

A crew member working in McDonald’s at the age of 14 has the same responsibility as a crew member working at a higher age. 

  • They have to be able to prepare all the food items that are being offered to the customers in the form of a menu. The food must be prepared as per customers’ preferences and choices. So the crew member is responsible to make the food for customers as per their requirements. 
  • They should be able to communicate with the customers politely and take orders from them. They also must take feedback from the customers and let them know about newer introductions on the menu. 
  • They are utterly responsible for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the outlet. They are expected to work with cleanliness and maintain proper hygiene in the outlet. 
  • A crew member is responsible to handle customer complaints in a very tactful and polite way. They should not be responsible for losing any existing and potential customers. 

Skills required to be a McDonald’s crew member at 14

  • Communication skills: They must communicate well with the customers and let them know about new introductions, policies, prices, price changes, changes in the menu, offers and every other relatable information. 
  • Understandability: The understandability of a 14-year recruit at McDonald’s should be clear. He/she should be able to understand instructions and work accordingly. 
  • Basic mathematics: Every 14-year-old applying for the post of crew member should have a keen command of basic mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).  He/she should be able to calculate changes and totals of the bill. 
  • Malleability: To be a crew member at such an age is remarkable. One must be able to change flexibly with the changing environment. For example, one must be fit to work efficiently and effectively both when there are plenty of customers and when there is a very meager number of customers. 
  • Esprit De Corps: This is called the common zeal to thrive through all the hurdles. One must be able to coordinate well with his crew members to accomplish all tasks with efficacy. People at the age of 14 years are good and communicating and hence can build good connections with other crew members. 

How to apply for the job?

Since many states allow 14 years old children to work in the outlets it is vital to discuss the application process. In this section we will be talking about the application process for the post of crew member by a 14-year-old:

1) Online application

  • You can apply either through online mode or by visiting nearby outlets. While applying through online means, you are required to open your account at McDonald’s using your credentials.
  • Secondly, you will be given a sort of test to appear for. If you clear that test then you are eligible to proceed further. 
  • In the next stage, you will be asked for your cv (resume) you will have to upload it. 
  • If your cv gets approved you will be called up by McDonald’s officials for the recruitment process.

2) Offline application

  • In the offline/physical mode of the application, you need to pay a visit to your nearest outlet and fill out a form. 
  • Later you will be asked to solve some assignment, and if you pass you get qualified for the interview round. 
  • Finally, on the clearance of the interview round, you are ready to work as a crew member in the outlet.

Working at Mcdonald’s at such an age might help you to fetch some sort of extra pocket expenses and not let you depend on your parents for everything. It might also contribute to the development of your inter/intrapersonal skills. Working at the age of 14 will bring in a sense of independence and freedom in an individual. 

Can You Work At McDonald’s At The Age Of 14?

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