Walmart Late Policy – And Its Consequences


Being punctual is a hallmark of a reliable and conscientious employee. However, life sometimes throws us unexpected curveballs that can cause us to run late. In such moments, having a clear understanding of your company’s late policy can be a lifesaver. When it comes to Walmart, one of the world’s largest and most recognized companies, you can rest assured that they have a well-thought-out and comprehensive late policy. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of Walmart’s late policy, including the steps to follow if you find yourself running behind schedule and the potential repercussions of violating the policy. So, buckle up and let’s get started!.

Walmart Late Policy

Walmart Late Policy: An Overview

Walmart’s late policy is straightforward and requires employees to be punctual at work. The policy states that employees should arrive on time for their scheduled shifts, and if they are going to be late, they should notify their supervisor as soon as possible. This allows managers to adjust staffing levels and ensure that all tasks are completed efficiently.

Late Policy Procedures

If an employee is going to be late for work, they must inform their supervisor as soon as possible. This can be done by phone or email, depending on the manager’s preference. In case of an emergency or unforeseeable circumstances, employees should contact their manager as soon as possible and provide a reason for the late arrival. However, the manager is under no obligation to accept any excuse for tardiness.

The Consequences of Violating Walmart’s Late Policy

Similar to other employers, Walmart has implemented a late policy that is aimed at ensuring that employees show up to work on time and fulfil their job responsibilities. The company’s policy specifies the expectations for employees’ punctuality as well as the penalties for breaching those expectations.

If a Walmart employee violates the company’s late policy, they may have to face disciplinary action. The consequences for being late at Walmart may differ depending on the situation, but usually, the company follows a progressive discipline method. This means that for the first offence, an employee may receive a verbal warning or a written notice, while repeat offences may lead to harsher consequences.

The consequences of violating Walmart’s late policy may include the following:

  • Verbal Warning: For a first offense, an employee may receive a verbal warning from their supervisor. This is an opportunity for the supervisor to discuss the importance of punctuality and emphasize the consequences of future late arrivals.
  • Written Warning: If an employee continues to arrive late, they may receive a written warning that goes into their personnel file. The written warning outlines the consequences of future tardiness and serves as documentation of the employee’s behavior.
  • Suspension: If an employee’s tardiness persists, they may face suspension without pay. This means that the employee is temporarily suspended from work, and they will not receive any compensation during this time.
  • Termination: In severe cases, an employee may face termination for violating Walmart’s late policy. This is usually a last resort after other disciplinary measures have failed to correct the employee’s behavior.

The Impact of Late Arrivals on Operations

Late arrivals can cause significant disruptions in operations. When an employee is late, their work responsibilities fall on their colleagues, leading to increased workload and stress. Furthermore, a late employee can cause delays in opening or closing the store, which can impact customer satisfaction and sales.

Maintaining Good Attendance

Being on time for work is an essential aspect of maintaining good attendance. Employees who regularly arrive late may face disciplinary action, which can affect their job security and advancement opportunities. It is, therefore, vital for employees to adhere to Walmart’s late policy and arrive on time for their scheduled shifts.

To avoid tardiness, employees should plan ahead and ensure they have enough time to get to work on time. This can include leaving home earlier or planning for traffic delays.Additionally, employees should keep their supervisors informed of any unforeseen circumstances that may cause them to be late for work.

Exceptions to the Late Policy

To avoid misunderstandings and maintain impartiality, it is crucial to clarify any deviations from the late policy. Situations such as unfavorable weather conditions, vehicle collisions, or a family crisis may unexpectedly cause tardiness for an employee. In these cases, the employer must create a transparent protocol for the employees to pursue and guarantee consistent handling of such incidents.

Disciplinary Actions for Repeated Late Arrivals

Employers should specify the disciplinary actions that may result from repeated late arrivals. Depending on the severity and frequency of lateness, disciplinary actions may range from verbal warnings to written reprimands, suspensions, or even termination. It’s important to communicate these consequences to employees clearly and consistently.

Communicating the Late Policy to Employees

Employers should ensure that all employees are aware of the late policy and understand its implications. This can be achieved through training, employee handbooks, or policy memos. Employers should also provide opportunities for employees to ask questions or seek clarification about the policy.


In conclusion, Walmart’s late policy is an essential aspect of being a responsible employee. Employees should arrive on time for their scheduled shifts, and if they are going to be late, they should notify their supervisor as soon as possible. Violating Walmart’s late policy can lead to disciplinary action, affecting job security and advancement opportunities. Therefore, it is essential for employees to adhere to Walmart’s late policy and arrive on time for their scheduled shifts.

Walmart Late Policy – And Its Consequences

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