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Walmart is a tech-savvy person, and overnight coach ensures adherence to company policies and procedures and promotes the company’s mission, values, and ethical and integrity standards by putting related action plans into practice, making use of and supporting the Open Door Policy, and giving instructions and guidance on how to use these when carrying out business processes and practices. Let us know about “How Much Does Walmart Pay In Ohio?”

How Much Does Walmart Pay In Ohio?

The average Walmart salary for Ohio employees of Walmart is earning is $42,900 per year. Or hourly Walmart employee in Ohio is earning is $22 per hour. In Walmart entry-level employees earn around $33,638 per year, and the most experienced worker is earning more than $82,000 per year. There are some other positions in Walmart they are earning like cashier or sales employee is earning around hourly in Ohio is approx. $12.93.There are some estimated figures for salaries paid to employees at Walmart in Ohio is- retail department supervisor is getting around $14-$21, and the average salary they are paying $17, and the retail sales associate is earning around $11-$18 and the average salary is $13.

Description Of Walmart Stores Salary In Ohio-

In Ohio Walmart stores are 1 per 100,000 residents, sales associates are working 528 per 100,000 workers, and adults are working around 49,948. And according to Walmart Ohio’s salary figure is $14.16 is the lowest hourly wage, and the state minimum wage is $8.7 is the lowest.

Walmart Salary Average/Hourly-

Salary is divided into two heads:

  1. Median annual salary- $52,500 and ($25.24 hourly)
  2. Highest Top 10 percent Annual salary- $122,000 and ($58.65 hourly)
  3. Walmart Entertainment Job post employee Salary- $13 per hour

Description Of Other Job Positions-

  1. Walmart cashier job – this job post is related to the where you are meeting the customer while they are entering or taking exit and cashier scanning the items, explain the offers on items, count cash amount carefully, and billing customer products. Moreover, cashiers sometimes juggle lots of tasks when there is a festive season or a shortage of staff.
  1. Walmart overnight stocker job– this job position is related to stocking of products, back room, and receiving work of associates to supervise the store weather products are placed at cards so that customers can find the product items easily during shopping. 
  1. Entertainment post employees– Entertainment post employees also maintain and verify the inventory department at Walmart by scanning the bar cipher. The entertainment post employee at Walmart also performs the duty of counting products that are coming to the stores daily. Entertainment post employees at Walmart also work in the cleaning department where entertainment post employees clean the sales floors and maintain the displays at Walmart and restock the shelves.
  1. Sales Associate employee– Helping consumers locate products, putting up displays, and cleaning up designated areas are among the responsibilities. The minimum wage is the starting hourly slab. Candidates should be people who work well in a team environment and have strong interpersonal skills.

Benefits Of Working-

  1. You will also be covered by the healthcare service (including dental)
  2. Helps in saving your plans and getting a 401(k).
  3. You will get paid vacations and paid holidays.
  4. The work environment is flexible, and 50 percent off on merchandise is also given. 
  5. You will get adoption leave.
  6. Performance-based bonus. 

Job Interview Questions-

  1. Have you worked before in this field?
  2. What knowledge do you have in this field?
  3. Where do you find out about the job post at Walmart?
  4. Why do we hire you at Walmart?
  5. How you are an asset to this company


By and large, the Walmart employee is the core team player at Walmart, and for making Walmart successful at stores their presence is vital. Without employees, customer service will be crippled, and difficult to continue customer service. Walmart employees are tech savvy. And they have a full understanding of important departments to handle questions, the odd situation raises, and escorting customers with a smile, and this job description will help them apply at Walmart. Each state has its salary slab. Before applying read all the descriptions carefully.

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Frequently Asked Questions-
  1. What is the highest payment amount?

The highest amount Walmart is paying is $107,532 per year for co-manager and inventory management specialist of $79,503 per year.

  1. What is the entry-level age at Walmart to start work?

The minimum age is 16 years old but for better positions, you need to be 18 years old.

  1. How much attendance is needed?

If it falls below 85%  disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, may be taken.

  1. How do they keep a track record?

Entertainment post employees also keep a track record of sales with the help of scanning product items at check counters.

How Much Does Walmart Pay In Ohio? -Know More

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