How long does it take for a Walmart application to process?

In any big firm, the hiring process takes more time. Walmart is a large organization based out of the USA. It is a multinational retail corporation. Walmart has a chain of supercenters, discount department centers, and grocery stores. Here we will see about How long does it take for a Walmart application to process?

The application process of Walmart takes, on average two weeks, or maybe more sometimes. And fill out the application form usually take 40-50 minutes. This duration may vary depending upon the number of applicants. To know further about the hiring process, the exact duration, orientation after the interview, and for much more related information continue reading this article.

How long does it take for a Walmart application to process?

Time taken by Walmart to hire a candidate

After filling up the form, you should be going to the personnel office from time to time, as that will make an impression that you are serious about the job. Walmart’s hiring process includes many steps such as an assessment test, sometimes two-three rounds of personal interview, document verification, and background check. For anyone who is a non-resident, the background check takes a little longer time to complete. Some job requires the drug tests of the applicant and this further stretch the application process. The after-hiring process is Orientation, which is conducted when all the candidates who are selected are done with the hiring process, so it is more delaying for the one who is done with the hiring process. And it might take for the entire process to end is one-two weeks. Sometimes even more! 

Walmart application process

The application process for Walmart is different for different roles.

The first step of hiring is the application, it is done online and at one of their customer service office. The entire application process can take around 45-60 minutes.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

The second step is the assessment test. Through this test, Walmart tests your ability to deal with a particular situation. There are two tiers the candidates are shortlisted and the one who falls under tier 1 considered for further process. The test format is multiple choice questions there will be a total of 65 questions.

The third step is the interview. The first interview round in Walmart; is taken by three interviewers and a total of three candidates are interviewed together and selection is done out of those three.

In the second interview, they will call the one who is selected out of the three and the questions that are asked are mostly the same. If they are further interested in you then they will do some background check, and it takes around 3 days or maybe more in the case of the non-resident candidate.

Final Step: Orientation

The orientation is done after the candidates have successfully cleared the background check. It also takes three days. The first two days go on learning; more about Walmart policies, filling out paperwork, etc. On the last day of the orientation program, they will give candidates some online modules to complete.

How to answer in Walmart interview?

The interview’s questions should be answered smartly and confidently. Some common interview questions are:

Introduce Yourself                                                                     

The first thing that comes is the greeting to the interviewer, then tell about your educational qualification and all the past job experiences you have, try to make it more relevant and to the point answer. The best way to describe yourself in an interview is to use only positive words like hardworking, creative, and honest. 

Why you should be hired? It is another tricky question the interviewer asks. It should be answer with utmost care. For example, You are a good fit for this job role, You will bring value to the organization, etc.

Strength and weaknesses

This question should be answer relatable to the job role because it will make an impression on the interviewer, and you might get selected. It is important to note here that when you tell about your weakness’ you should also tell about the steps you are taking to improve it.

Some additional questions that asked are- 

  • Why do you want to work for Walmart?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • How many hours can you work?

Walmart is a multinational organization, so its hiring process is designed; such that only the best candidates are selected. One should prepare well before going for an interview.

What happens if you fail to pass an assessment test of Walmart?

If one fails the assessment tests; they should not feel disappointed because they can retake the test after 6 months. And after attaining the specific marks, they can sit for further rounds. The assessment test is online and the main questions come from science and maths subjects. The questions are easy ones, if you have prepared enough for it.

How long does orientation take?

Orientation starts after your background check and drug tests are finalized. Walmart orientation lasts 3 three days. The entire process usually takes one week to complete. Sometimes it happens that although you will go through the orientation program, still your job does not get confirmed. So you should consistently be in touch with HR till you receive the notice. 


In conclusion, it could be said that Walmarts hiring process is hard and time-consuming, but it is a wonderful organization to work at so it is worth the wait. From application to Orientation; each step is designed to hire the best person for their job role. So if you’re someone going for an interview, prepare well in advance. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)        

Q What one should wear when going for an interview?

Ans It is always advisable to wear formal.

Q In how many countries does Walmart have its branches?

Ans Walmart has 46 banners in approximately 24 countries. 


How long does it take for a Walmart application to process?

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