Salaries for Human Resources Consultant

As the scale of the organizations is increasing day by day, the need for proper control over the affairs of the organization is also increasing. It is of utmost importance that there should be a proper authority that regulates the human resources of an organization. Here comes the role of the human resources consultant. This is the position that is responsible for controlling the human resources involved in any firm. This is a new budding opportunity for the person who has that keen interest. If you’re also one of them then before applying, you must be wondering what the salary will be. So, we are here to tell you all details about the salaries of human resources consultant.

 The salaries of any human resources consultant starts from $34,120 to $187,200. The average salary counts for this post will be around $104,440. The salary of the human resources consultant will keep on changing according to the organization. Companies will also consider the experience of an HR while giving the salary. The salary also depends from city to city and country to country. Above mentioned data is the basic pay scale.

Salaries for Human Resources Consultant

How to become a human resources consultant

Before diving into the hard details of the salary level, you must know how to become the one person who can be eligible for the role of human resources consultant. To know the steps of becoming a human resources consultant check out the following underneath steps:

  1. A bachelor’s degree: For becoming a human resources consultant you should first get a bachelor’s degree in business administration or human resources management from any good college or institution. Without this, you can’t even imagine your career as human resources consultant.
  2. Earn the experience: gaining experience is the most crucial step. A degree is necessary but if you don’t want to take those freshers’ disadvantages then getting experience will help.
  3. Decide the fields: there are two fields for a human resources consultant. One is the human resources generalist and another one is a specialist. Decide between these two what you want to pursue as your career path.
  4. Certification as an additional point: getting certificate acts as a goodie point. You can get a certificate in various fields if you want to become a cut above others. There are various certification courses available.
  • Professional in human resources.
  • Additional professional in human resources.
  • Global professional in human resources.
  • Senior professional in human resources.
  1. Get a master’s degree: taking a master’s degree will help you with an enhanced salary level. A master’s degree holder is treated as a person with high experience.
  2. Apply to institutions: when all these steps are done, then choose the institution and provide your CV along with the best cover letter and grab the opportunity.

Salary level according to experience

It is not a known fact that the salary level of a human resources consultant depends upon the years of experience they possess. It is not wrong to say that the person who has high experience will be chosen over a person with less experience. And accordingly, their salary will be different.

  • The human resources consultant who has experience of fewer than 5 years can earn up to $60,000 on an average basis. 
  • When their career is on the mid-level their salary rises to $10,000 and now, they can earn up to $71,000. 
  • When the human resources consultant gets the edge of a decade of experience, they will earn an average income of $81,000.
  • After the experience of 20 years straight they will start earning up to $94,000 and this will keep on increasing.

Salaries of human resources consultant in different cities

In the United States of America, numerous cities are well known for paying that fancy amount to human resources consultants. Being an aspiring human resources consultant, you must know which city to target for getting the highest salary. For that purpose, a detailed list of cities with the average salary they provide is listed underneath. Take a glance and start applying.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice
2.New York $72,827
4.Overland Park$61,437
5.Los Angeles $64,707
8.Indiana $76,682
9.Washington $87,401
10.San Francisco $93,287

Skills that affect the salary of a human resources consultants

Some skills surely affect the salary level of the human resources consultant. The one who possesses all these skills is given more salary than the one who possesses fewer skills. If you develop all these skills, then surely you will be able to earn more and more as human resources consultant.

  • Business intelligence
  • Microsoft word
  • Business strategy
  • Business administration
  • Program management
  • Change management
  • Organizational development
  • Project management 


The need for human resources consultants is increasing day by day. As the nations are pacing their way up and recruiting more and more people, it is becoming mandatory to hire a human resources consultant. You can earn the highest amount if you gain loads of experience and choose the best city for your job. We have provided all the possible average salaries in different cities and how gaining experience can increase your chances to get the best salary. So, check this out and start applying.


  1. Who are the popular employers for human resources consultants?

The popular employers for human resources consultants are the companies Mercer LLC, Booz, Allen, Hamilton, and Deloitte. Reported salaries are highest at Willis Towers Watson where the average pay is $115,000.

  1. Which city pays the highest salary to a human resources consultant?

 San Francisco is the one city that pays the highest salary to a human resources consultant. The average salary that this city offers to a human resources consultant is about $93,287.

  1. What are the new skills required for becoming a high-tech human resources consultant?

A human resources consultant who has digital skills in data and technology is treated to be a high-tech human resources consultant.

Salaries for Human Resources Consultant

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