Does Walmart Accept Google Pay? 

Walmart Incorporation is a US-based multinational retail corporation operating in a chain of superstores, departmental discount stores, and grocery supermarkets, with headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas. The revenue of Walmart is nearly $57.280 crores. It was founded on 2 July 1962 by Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas, United States, and now the Walton family owns it. Its Chief Executive Officer is Doug McMillon. Let us know ‘Does Walmart Accept Google Pay? ‘.

Does Walmart Accept Google Pay?

Walmart Doesn’t Accept Google Pay?

Walmart does not accept Google Pay, or any payment done through mobile, either in its stores or online. Although Walmart is a well-known retail company having more than 10,000 stores globally, there are very few current digital payments it accepts. 

Google Pay is a new and easy method to pay for your purchase and services using your phone with just a tap.

Reason why Walmart Choose Not to Use Google Pay?

Google Pay offers a new method to pay for your purchase with your phone at several places. Such as it allows your payment to CVS, Whole Foods, and Taco Bell. Google Pay is simple and easy to use with the correct device. 

  • Chances of Data Vulnerability

It is feared that Walmart might suffer a loss of their valuable data while paying through mobile wallets. Walmart doesn’t accept Google Pay and various other types of payment methods due to data vulnerability.

  • Walmart Doesn’t Accept Google Pay Because of its Limited Use?

Walmart doesn’t accept Google Pay because of its limitations on many phones. Google pay doesn’t work on many versions of mobiles based on Android versions; therefore, it might not work in Walmart stores, if you are paying through phones. Some mobiles which are rooted, have a common ROM. For keeping its data safe Google Pay is barred on some phones.

Walmart does Take the Walmart Pay?

Walmart accepts Walmart Pay if you are purchasing items at the store. Walmart launched Walmart Pay as its mobile wallet option, instead of allowing Google Pay. You can easily use Walmart Pay while making an online purchase at Walmart stores. Walmart Pay gives you the facility to link your debit card, credit card, or Walmart MoneyCard balances. Since Walmart has its digital payment app, it deters from accepting any other payment apps. 

The other payment options at Walmart

Since Walmart doesn’t accept Google Pay, and if you don’t want to pay through Walmart Pay, you have several other paying options like Walmart Gift Cards, PayPal, Cash, Chase Pay, and Affirm Instalment financing. At Walmart stores, payments can be made through PayPal. 

Process to Pay at Walmart:

Walmart Pay readily accepts other payment options that operate upon different sales and payment technologies. Walmart does accept a few other payment options. You can pay through Credit cards or debit cards, ATMs, PayPal, Cash, Chase Pay, and several other payments option. Customers can pay in no time by connecting credit and debit cards to their accounts. 

Walmart has no plan to accept Google Pay soon

Walmart Pay is the only form of mobile payment that Walmart accepts at its stores. Presently it’s very unlikely that Walmart start accepting Google Pay, and it has no plans either, to accept any mobile payments option even in the current year, although you can’t say if Walmart changes its plan and start accepting Google Pay if it feels it has become inevitable now. However, Walmart is planning to hire crypto experts, which can be construed as Walmart’s plan to accept cryptocurrency for payment. Walmart doesn’t even accept Apple Pay, and Cash on Delivery (COD).

Reasons for Refusing to Accept Google Pay

  • Walmart has developed its version of online payment; therefore, it denies payment by Google Pay. Walmart Pay makes your payment easier because you are allowed to link your credit or debit cards to it and pay online.
  • Walmart retailers assume that if they accept payment by Google Pay, and since it can’t directly control the Google Pay platform, it’s risky for its data. 


Walmart does not accept Google Pay as it offers its mobile payment wallet. You have the easy option to add your credit or debit cards to Walmart Pay and use it to pay your bill. Walmart Pay is useful as it offers you various reward cards you can apply to pay. You get the benefit of 5% cash back on purchases on purchases through several other cards. 


Is Google Pay acceptable at Walmart Money Center?

No, no Walmart outlet or Walmart Money Center accepts Google Pay either.

Does Walmart Pay offer any cashback facility?

No, Walmart Pay doesn’t offer any cash back to you. Although you can include a rewards credit card to the account and get a Walmart Pay cash back.

Is Walmart Pay user-friendly?

Yes, Walmart Pay is as user-friendly as any other payment option.

Does Walmart Accept Google Pay? 

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