How To Get W2 From ADP?

W-2 is a Wages and Tax Statement which is sent to every employee working in an organization as “Form W-2’ by their employer. It is a report which states the annual income of the employee and the tax deducted from it. Form W-2 is an Internal Revenue Service Tax form used by the U.S. to report an employee’s income and tax status. Every employee that receives a salary from an employer has a right to acquire this Form physically or digitally. Let us see how to get W2 from ADP.

How To Get W2 From ADP?

How To Get W2 From ADP?

There are certain companies where employers give their employees online access to receive their Form W2, For this, you must log in to your online portal on the website, ‘’ using the credentials given by your company.

Steps To Get W2 From ADP

If you do not have credentials, then it might be possible that your company does not provide online W-2 access. In this case, visit your authority and confirm your Form W-2 receiving process.

  • Visit the link, ‘’ to access your ADP Portal.
  • Enter the credentials provided by the company.
  • If you see an employee/manager tab on your portal, then you can access your W-2 online.
  • From the tab, view the W-2 Statement.
  • Click on the ‘Pay & Taxes’ Tab.
  • From the tab, click on the ‘Pay & Taxes’ statement.
  • When the statement appears, print your Form W-2.

Can One Get Their W-2 Online For Free?

Yes, you can receive your Form W-2 online without paying any charges by visiting the Internal Revenue Service Tax site. There are three ways to do so:

  • Online: Visit the IRS website at ‘’
  • Through Telephone: Call 18009089946.
  • Through Mail: on the official IRS website, mail a ‘4506-T’ form, which is a request for the transcription of a Tax Return.

What Is ADP Payroll?

Payroll is the list of a company’s employees and the amount of salary they are to be paid. ADP payroll is a cloud-based system that manages the payroll with greater flexibility. It means that it can be accessed through the web without any installation process or maintenance process.

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

For a small business, ADP Payroll offers two plans: ADP runs and ADP workforce. ADP run is a four-wheeled business plan for up to 49 employees and the ADP workforce now is designed from 50 to 1000 employees. The first two months’ services are free for new customers.

How Does An ADP Payroll Work?

Since an ADP payroll doesn’t require installation, it can be easily accessed through the web. Firstly, you must sign up and select your plan. Login to your new account through the credentials on your confirmation e-mail. Now, you will be sent to the ‘Company Setup Wizard’ where you will be provided basic business information, such as earnings, enter tax, payroll, calendar, deductions, benefits, workmen compensation, etc.

Enter the ‘employee and contractor information. Each section must include the employee’s legal details. Enter the information asked in each section, and finally, you will get to process your payroll. During every pay period, you can log in to your account and click on ‘run payroll’ where you can view employee time cards and make the manual alteration.

What To Do After Receiving Form W-2?

Check errors

First of all, you must always check for the mistakes in your W-2 Form because even if it is official and proofread, even a small, single error can completely reject your entire form. The most important part to check is your withheld amount. After that, you must check your name’s spelling, birth details, and Social Security number.

Organize Taxes

It is important to keep every W-2 report safe, and for that, you must start organizing their forms in a systematic manner where it is easily accessible. Electronic storage does this work perfectly.

Prepare taxes

You must use tax preparation software where you can file your taxes. Or else, you can hire a professional tax preparer. For this, you will need your W-2 information or upload it to a website or program.

How To Get A W-2 From An Employer Under Whom You Don’t Work Anymore?

According to IRS, you must mail a copy of your W-2 to your former employer before the end of January. If you delay this, you might have to fill the tax penalty. These are the important things you need to do to receive your W-2 from a previous employer:

  • Check your tax date before calling the employer. The form will be received in two months.
  • In case you have moved, change address details
  • Search your mail for confirmation
  • Contact your former employer
  • Contact Payroll Administrator
  • Contact IRS


Form W-2 is wages and tax statement sent by the employer to every employee stating their annual salary and the tax deducted from it. Once can receive their W-2 directly through the employer or through online, by telephone, and through the mail. One can use ADP payroll to print their FormW-2 if their company provides online access to the portal. After receiving their Form W-2, one must check for errors in the forms, organize their taxes and prepare taxes themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do all employees use ADP?

No, only the companies in the U.S. and Hospital & Health Care Industry use ADP payroll.

  • Who are ADP’s biggest clients?

The highest percentage is Hospital & Health Care with 22% followed by Computer Software with 18%, followed Staffing and Recruiting with 10% and at last, Financial Services at 7%.

  • What is the difference between salary and payroll?

The term ‘Salary’ is used for the amount of payment or remunerations earned by an employee. Whereas, Payroll means a system used by the employers to process salary payments.

  • Who is eligible for W-2?

Those companies that offer more than $600 of an annual salary according to a calendar year including wages and other payments are required to provide their employees with Form W-2.

How To Get W2 From ADP?

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