Does FedEx Take USPS?- Find More About It

There might have been some times where you received a USPS package through FedEx delivery services. And that would have made you quite suspicious leading to wonder whether or not FedEx takes USPS. In this article, we will see about ‘Does FedEx Take USPS?’.

Does FedEx Take USPS?

Does FedEx Take USPS?

Well, in this article, you will exactly find out the answer to that question and that will get all of your doubts cleared. 

However, before we move further with the details in the article, let us first go through a quick overview of what FedEx and USPS actually are.

FedEx Overview

FedEx Corporation is an American courier service company operating worldwide. It was founded by Frederick W. Smith on 5th May 1971. The company is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. Raj Subramanian and Mike Lenz are the presidents of the company.

Since FedEx is operating worldwide, it has been successful in providing jobs to a large number of people which is around 500,000 people.

USPS Overview

The United States Postal Service is the branch of the US federal government which is responsible for the postal service in the entire United States. The company is headquartered in Washington DC, United States, and was founded on 1 July 1971. Louis Dejoy is the chief executive officer of the United States’ largest postal services.

As of 2021, the company employs over 500,000 people across the entire United States.

Does FedEx take USPS?

FedEx Smartpost is a ground shipping service that utilizes both the FedEx ground shipping network and the United States Postal Service. FedEx Smartpost delivers the packages to the post office close to their last destination. Then normally, USPS delivers them to customers the next day.

What if I drop off a FedEx box at USPS?

On a random day, you go and drop off a package at USPS by mistake. And you start freaking out and feeling dumb at the same time. But, there is literally no need to panic. 

If the FedEx box is in the same location, the mail carrier will drop it in the FedEx box if they spot it. Otherwise, when the box gets to the post office they will set it aside. And they will make sure that the package gets to the FedEx courier within a couple of days.

The partnership between USPS and FedEx

Many of you might be totally unaware of the fact that FedEx holds a contract with the United States Postal Service to move mail across the country through its air network, and the postal service now provides both final delivery and customer return service through the parcel return service for FedEx Smartpost packages. 

However, there is no proper or open partnership between these two delivery services. Many people consider these to be the biggest competitors of each other. Which is to some extent kind of true.

Can I mail FedEx packages at the post office?

You would surely have this question in case you are supposed to mail packages but feel like the USPS post office is more convenient in reach. 

Well, in case you’ve got a prepaid USPS integrated return shipping through Smartpost, you’ll be able to return your package through a local post office, your own mailbox, or a FedEx location.

Does USPS use FedEx for shipping internationally?

Yes, it does use FedEx to ship internationally. It is because of the fact that FedEx is a company operating worldwide. And also the bond that the two companies have with each other. It may seem as if both are the biggest competitors of each other in terms of domestic shipping within the US, which of course they are. However, they can work together when it comes down to shipping internationally.


You may occasionally notice that FedEx Smartpost uses United States Postal Service to deliver some of their packages. It is because of the partnership both of these delivery services have had with each other since 2001. So, do not feel suspicious if you ever find a FedEx package in front of your door from the USPS delivery service, because it is alright!

Apart from answering the main question, in this article, you will find answers to almost every single doubt that you may have regarding this topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are FedEx and USPS the same?

No, they are not the same. In Fact, FedEx is a private postal service and USPS is the US government postal service.

2. What is the cheapest delivery option from USPS and FedEx?

If you want to deliver a package of fewer than 3 lbs, USPS would be a cheaper option. And if it is more than 3 lbs, go for FedEx to get affordable and thus convenient shipping.

3. Which one offers fast delivery service from FedEx and USPS?

USPS delivers faster within the US than FedEx. And FedEx delivers faster than USPS internationally.

Does FedEx Take USPS?- Find More About It

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