Check The Status Of Unemployment Claim WV

In today’s world, the most common and obvious cause of unemployment is COVID-19. But there can be several other reasons that can lead to no financial assistance and are likely to cause many problems for the people who get unemployed. Fortunately, in some places, including West Virginia, unemployment claims and benefits are given to certain people considered eligible for it. Keep reading to How to Check The Status Of Unemployment Claim WV.

Check The Status Of Unemployment Claim WV

As the current unemployment rate in West Virginia is 4%, the state introduced unemployment benefits and claims, which are requested from the state if one is unemployed. These are temporary and can assist people for twenty-six weeks by providing them with $424 MAX.

In March 2022, $5.45 billion were paid to ELIGIBLE unemployed people.

Cases in which reports are filed.

To File a Report, One Must:

  • Quit his previous job due to an eligible reason. (Leaving a job due to some danger to their life due to the working conditions)
  • Quit a job because of domestic abuse or harassment from a coworker, employer, or anyone involved in the company.
  • Be undergoing a medical condition and finding it hard to work or incapable of completing the tasks given by the employer.

How to file a benefits claim report?

A report can be filed, through the Workforce West Virginia application or their website to claim the unemployment benefits.

Different questions are asked to confirm the eligibility and to make sure that the individual is well suited to receive the benefits claim.

Social security number (for US citizens) OR alien registration number (for non-US citizens) will be required to file the report.

Information related to the past employer(s), for example, telephone numbers and a business address will be required.

The current address of the individual filing the report will also be required.

Receiving the unemployment benefits.

If the application/report is accepted and the person is considered eligible, a determination letter is provided which will clarify for how long the benefits will be received. This letter will also state all of the benefits received by that individual.

A PIN (Personal Identity Number) will be given which is later used for receiving weekly claims. (If forgotten, contact the local office)

You have to file a report every week to receive these benefits and if stopped, then the benefits will no longer be given to the individual.

How to check your claims?

The claims are checked using the Workforce West Virginia application or by using a toll-free number 1-800-252-JOBS (5627) OR (1-800-379-1032)

Benefits can also be checked online, through your debit card, through your bank account (check if your benefits were deposited or not), OR by calling the unemployment office. You can visit the local unemployment office of West Virginia and request information about your benefits. 

Another way is checking through HiRE (Helping Individuals Reach Employment) and filing claims regarding your unemployment benefits.

They can be RECEIVED through a state-provided debit card or deposited into your account, whatever suits you well.

How to certify your weekly benefits?

This can be done by visiting the official website of workforce West Virginia or by calling the number given: 1-800-379-1032

To certify weekly benefits, you must enter the PIN provided to you.

If you forget the PIN, contact the local office where you can get assisted and directed regarding your issue.

Workforce West Virginia is determined to serve its citizens and all the people who lost their jobs and are eligible for receiving help. So, they give their people a chance to appeal in case they think that the benefits are too low and are not meeting their daily expenses. 

How to remain eligible for weekly unemployment claims?

To remain eligible and keep receiving benefits, the individual must keep looking for a job while receiving the benefits. The records of people are checked to make sure that they are looking for a job. These records are submitted weekly to receive weekly claims. If these claims are not submitted then the person can easily be expelled from receiving benefits and claims.

While submitting the weekly claims, it is asked to certify that their answers are correct. Remember, this is a crucial step as once these answers are confirmed, they become final and cannot be changed later. It is recommended to pay close attention while doing the process so that mistakes are less likely to occur. But if an unintentional mistake is made, then it is recommended to disconnect from the web or leave the process hanging.

All earnings, regardless of them being small, should be reported. 

One can earn around $60 without any amount being deducted. Any earning above $60 will result in money being deducted dollar to dollar from the weekly benefits amount. 

Submit these weekly claims between Sunday at 12:01 am EST and Friday at 5:00 pm EST.


What is the West Virginia unemployment insurance?

  • It is insurance for the unemployed citizens of West Virginia. It offers temporary financial assistance which is given by the state and can help people with their daily expenses while they keep looking for another solution.

 Who is eligible for the weekly unemployment claimants?

  • To be considered eligible, you must be a resident of West Virginia
  • It should be made sure that the individual was not removed from their old job because of themselves, let it be a mistake they made. There is a high chance that to authenticate, the workforce in West Virginia might as well contact the employer, which can make lying very risky in this case!
  • One can also report a file if they are working part-time but think that the pay is not enough and it is hard for them to manage their everyday expenses with that less pay.
  • It should be made sure that the individual filing the report made around $1,200 before filing the report during the base period. (Four or five calendar quarters)

Can a person file a report if he/she is working but the pay is not enough?

  • One cannot register for benefits claim if already working FULL TIME but thinks that the pay is low. They contact the local office in such cases.
Check The Status Of Unemployment Claim WV

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