Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Questions 

Engineering managers at Facebook create high-performing teams where engineers feel that their work has the most effectiveness in their lives. Each manager establishes the style, inspires employees to advance in their careers, and guarantees that their teams have exciting goals for the future. Facebook engineering teams work on a variety of projects, including data infrastructure, which helps run Facebook.

Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Questions 

Facebook’s technical interviews are notoriously difficult to penetrate. The majority of engineers aspire to work at Facebook, but just a few are accepted. The questions in the interview are difficult, especially for senior executives and managers. So you should prepare yourself strategically and thoroughly for the interview. This article will help you in preparing some Facebook engineering interview questions.

Facebook engineering interview questions:

The Facebook engineering manager interview questions might be multifaceted, requiring you to demonstrate not only your technical powers but also managerial and behavioral skills.

Interviewer: What is the role of the Facebook Engineering Manager?

First of all, you need to know the role of an engineering manager at Facebook. The interviewer wants to examine that you are well known for the expected role in the desired field. You can answer in that way:

Interviewee’s Answer: “A Facebook engineering manager creates high-performing teams in which engineers conduct high-impact work that benefits the firm while also advancing careers. He sets the team’s direction and goals. His other responsibilities include encouraging engineers to advance their careers”.

Interviewer: What’s it like to be a part of the Facebook community?

Facebook’s culture is open and casual, and it’s a setting where extroverts thrive in. The interviewer asks this question to find out you have knowledge about the environment at Facebook. You can answer:

Interviewee’s Answer: “Facebook’s culture is similar to that of a hacker. It urges its people to push themselves to new heights and strive for betterment. According to its CEO, Facebook is built on five key values: daring, impact, speed openness, and building social value”.

Interviewer: What are your coding skills?

You must be able to code in a variety of languages. You should be familiar with the following coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Immutable, Relay, and so on. You have to tell the hiring manager your expertise in different coding languages.

Interviewee’s Answer: “I am an expert in HTML, C++, CSS, JavaScript, and Relay. HTML and JavaScript are the two languages with which I am most conversant. I largely used Java to create cross-back apps. I also created a new operating system in C++ that was compatible with the programs I designed. I can alter a page with HTML through the Static FBML app. I can utilize HTML to enhance your page with the FBML app”.

Interviewer: What will be you doing as an engineering manager at Facebook?

The interviewer also wants to evaluate that you are well-known for your tasks and duties. You can say:

Interviewee’s Answer: “I know that it is a high-level position that necessities teamwork, planning, and people management. My primary tasks include ensuring timely delivery of work and maintaining positive behavior between teams and developers”.

Interviewer: Why did you choose Facebook?

This is also a crucial question since it allows the applicant to tell you more about themselves. And how will you assist their organization to achieve its objectives. You can reply:

Interviewee’s Answer: “Working at Facebook excites me the most because of the company’s unique culture. I also understand that Facebook places high importance on hard effort and excellence. I have developed the necessary skills and knowledge that will benefit your firm. I am interested in this employment and excited about the responsibilities you have described”.

Interviewer: Share us some recent project obstacles you had and how you handled with them.

This question is asked by the interviewer to analyze your project managerial skills. You can answer like this:

Interviewee’s Answer: “My software team forwarded me a bug report about one of our databases being overworked as a result of a costly query being called frequently via the user interface. I started by checking through the logs to see when the issue initially appeared. I went to UI to use the browser Dev tools to debug. The minified JavaScript code has to be manually mapped to the correct position”.

Interviewer: How do you communicate the optimization techniques of a project to people who aren’t technically inclined?

Engineering managers interact with a range of employees from various teams and departments, as well as clients. You have to describe how you break down complex topics and convey them to non-technical people to display your communication abilities.

Interviewee’s Answer:  “I will provide specific examples to make the designing parts of a software project more understandable. I will try to define the developing procedure of a purchase process or a process to assist them which grasps the numerous factors that go into a functionality of the software”.

Additional Facebook engineering manager interview questions:

The interviewer may ask you some coding questions which may include arrays, strings, graphs, trees, dynamic programming, sorting, searching, and many more. You should prepare yourself according to it. For example:

  • How would you go about implementing the next permutation, which rearranges numbers into the lexicographically next bigger permutation?
  • How are you going to figure out how big a binary tree’s diameter is?
  • What method will you use to clone a directed graph?


Using these interview questions for engineering manager candidates at Facebook, interviewers should be able to determine whether or not you will be able to a good fit for their company. All of these vital questions, as well as many others, will be asked of you during the interview. You should focus on the most crucial components of your job description and the company’s goals as an applicant.


What are the educational qualifications for a position as a Facebook engineering manager?

An engineering manager must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering and five years of engineering experience. The ability to properly allocate work is one of the most vital skills an engineering manager will possess.

What is the interview process for a Facebook engineering manager?

You should expect a coding interview on one or two of the onsite interviews. You can be asked some coding questions in the first round. Facebook will want to make sure you have real concern skills and the ability to think logically before hiring.

Facebook Engineering Manager Interview Questions 

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