Check Status of Unemployment Claim Arkansas


Unemployment is when a person is unable to get a paid job or self-employment but available for a job. An unemployment claim is a request by an unemployed person laid off without fault for cash benefits to fulfill basic life needs. Arkansas is a state in the Southern U.S. bordering the Mississippi River. An unemployment claim in Arkansas is the fund provided by the federal government to the needed unemployed people who have applied for the claim.Let us know about Check Status of Unemployment Claim Arkansas on this article..!

When the applicant applies to AR, the applicant receives a four-digit pin used to assess the information regarding him that he has provided and check the status of the application.

Check Status of Unemployment Claim Arkansas

Check The Status Of Unemployment Claim Arkansas

The status of unemployment claims in Arkansas can get checked by contacting the Arkansas department of workforce services. Call on a toll-free phone number. You may also check the status of your unemployment claim on the Arkansas Department of workforce service website, ArkNet, Arkansas. We will dive into more information below.

Eligibility Criteria For Getting Unemployment Benefits From Arkansas

In Arkansas, the department of workforce services handles Unemployment benefits. Eligibility requirements for getting Unemployment benefits- 

Reasons For Unemployment

There should not be your fault in your job before Unemployment by which you are laid off.


If the applicant is led off by the job due to economic reasons or lost a job in RIF(reduction in force) 


Quitting is not considered for Unemployment benefits, but special valid reasons are considered for eligibility for getting Unemployment benefits. Quitting can be due to two reasons, either personal or work. For example- you are leaving a job due to sexual harassment that the employer does not stop, or resigning due to a harsh environment that is dangerous for your life. Personal reasons may include current disability, illness, or escaping from domestic violence.


Firing can be due to two reasons either your fault or not your fault. If you are fired due to misconduct that is your fault, you will not be eligible for unemployment benefits. The misconduct includes failing a drug test, violation of any kind of workplace policies, and even warnings. All this misconduct may lead to your disqualification.

Earning In The Past

The applicant should have earned enough money before getting unemployed. In Arkansas, the base period, four of five complete a quarter year before the applicant applies for a claim. For example- If you apply for the claim in August 2022, your base period starts from 1 April 2021. One should have earned at least 2 quarters in the base period and should earn a minimum of 35 times the applicant’s weekly benefit amount. 

Availability For Work

You should be available for work and should be seeking employment. If the applicant is provided with a suitable job, the applicant should get it. Suitable work is the kind of work that you have done in the past or have the skills and experience to do it. 

There is no force if you have problems with transportation or in taking care of your child. 

Applicants should register in the Department of Workforce Services’ Employment Service, and a certain number of job applications in a week will be provided to the applicant. 

Filing The Unemployment Claim

  • Applicants should visit the website of Department of Workforce Services and search for online registration or telephone number.
  • The application can also be filled out on the EZARC website, if there is any need for you to take action, you will be called for a face-to-face meeting.
  • Applicants will receive a four-digit PIN that will allow the applicant to check the status of their application and review their information.
  • After filing, the applicant will receive a notice of Monetary Determination which will provide the wages reported by all of the applicants during the applicants’ base period and also provide information about the applicant’s potential weekly benefit amount.

Amount And Duration Of Unemployment Benefits

  • Amount 

If the applicant is eligible, an unemployment claim of 1/26 of an applicant’s earnings during the applicant’s highest-paid quarter of the base period is provided. 

There is a limiting range of unemployment benefits provided to the applicant.

Minimum benefit- $81 per week 

Maximum benefit- $ 451 per week 

  • Duration 

A duration of 25 weeks is considered for the benefits. However, additional weeks can be added in case of serious Unemployment. 

Requirements After Filing The Claim

If your application is approved, you should always fulfil these requirements given below- 

  • Should seek new job opportunities
  • If you are getting any type of income, you should inform the authorities
  • After you have gotten the job, you should not file any more unemployment claims and information about your job. 

Honesty In Receiving Benefits

Applicants should enter accurate and honest income before being Unemployed. 

If someone disobeys following actions can be conducted – 

  • Monetary fine
  • Imprisonment 
  • Repaying the whole amount of money you have received to date.

Appealing For Denial 

If your application is disapproved, you can appeal within 20 days, in your local office DWS, or Arkansas Appeal Tribunal. You should present your evidence and witness testimony. If further rejected, you can appeal within 20 days to the Arkansas Board of Review. If you are not happy with the board’s decision you can further apply to court. 


Unemployment Benefits in Arkansas can get claimed by applying directly to the Arkansas DWS or EZARC. Therefore, there should not be your fault in your job before Unemployment by which you are laid off. After filling out the application, applicants will receive a four-digit PIN that will allow them to check the status of their application and review their information.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Que1. Can I apply for the unemployment claim, if I was fired? 

Ans. Yes, you can apply for the claim if you did not misconduct the company’s policies in which you worked. 

Que2. For how much duration of time can I receive benefits from the Unemployment claim?

Ans. 25 weeks, more in serious conditions.

Check Status of Unemployment Claim Arkansas

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