Latest Real Estate Lawyer Job Description – Duties, and Salary

Real Estate Lawyer Job Description, Duties, and Salary

Ever wondered why there are so many legalities in real estate transactions, and the legal terms involved in the real estate world, and who deals with all these things involved in the real estate, then real estate lawyer is the person you are looking for. This post will give you a brief on the Real Estate Lawyer job description and this article highlights the important roles, responsibilities, and duties of a real estate lawyer. 

A real estate lawyer is a certified professional person who looks after all the legal aspects in a real estate transaction, also known as a real estate attorney. A real estate lawyer’s main responsibility is to make the legal papers for a real estate transaction and review the document, and also to negotiate the terms and conditions for both the buyer and seller side, and then transfer the documents on behalf of the new owner. His job also involves helping his client with all the legal problems involved in land disputes, leasing of real estate for commercial and residential purposes, renting property, and private owning properties. Real estate lawyers stand for their clients in court to fight cases for his client in legal pleadings, trials, and hearings. To become a real estate lawyer one needs to complete a 3-year bachelor’s degree in Law school and should respectively pass from the Law school and have to practice in the state itself. A real estate lawyer may have to continue education every one or 3 years. He needs to hold an Attorney’s license by passing the bar exam. 

Real Estate Lawyer Job Description

A real estate lawyer should be a certified professional with good communicating and negotiating skills. He should be well organized and informed about the legal proceedings in real estate transactions and should be thorough with the latest legalities involved in the real estate closings. A real estate lawyer should have the required approvals before producing the land document for real estate transactions. He should represent the client’s in purchases and sales in properties. A real estate lawyer needs to get a Jurisdiction Doctorate Degree from an accredited school by the American Bar Association. One can be a good real estate lawyer if he is a good networker, with good researching skills, speaking skills, and writing skills. He should crack good deals and be in the best interest of the clients he represents.

Real Estate Lawyer Duties

  • Negotiate deals for his clients.
  • Prepare and review legal documents for real estate transactions.
  • Calculate the risk involved in the transactions.
  • Get the best deal in the best interest of his client.
  • Represent the client’s company and his real estate transactions.
  • Interpret the rules and regulations involved in real estate transactions.
  • Execute the real estate transactions and the transfer of titles correctly.
  • Manage all the legal and regulatory services for his clients.
  • Making sure he is not exploiting the municipal code litigation.
  • Dealing with the lease and mortgage concerns of a property.

Types of Job Roles of Real Estate Lawyer

The demand for real estate lawyers is ever-growing, as the real estate sector is increasing massively every day, so the need for real estate lawyers will never decrease. The following are the job roles a real estate lawyer can explore.

  1. Property Advocate –  The role of a Property advocate is to look after all the civil rights reserved to the property, lease, rents, property performance matters, etc. 
  2. Legal Advisor – The role of a legal advisor is to advise his client about the bankruptcy, sales, and foreclosure of the property.
  3. Property Disputes Lawyer – The role of a property dispute lawyer is to give safe advice for the rents, lease, licensing of commercial and residential properties involved in any kind of dispute. 
  4. Assistant Manager – Legal Division – An Assistant Manager in the legal division is responsible for managing all the litigations at civil high courts and other forums as well, documentation including agreements, renewals.


  • Good knowledge of the legal terms and conditions involved in a real estate transaction.  
  • High qualification degree and good knowledge in the subject.
  • He should be an analytical thinker to solve legal problems for his clients.
  • Good networking and leadership qualities.
  • Good negotiation skills to help his client get good deals.
  • He should have good experience in creating documents and reviewing them, insurance underwriting, and claims.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • He should be able to work for long hours.
  • He should have good expertise in real estate dealings to resolve conflicts in real estate transactions.
  • He should have a good knowledge of MS Office and real estate law.

How Much Does A Real Estate Lawyer Make?

According to, the average Real Estate Attorney make $152,362 in the United States as of June 28, 2021, but On the lower end of the pay scale, real estate attorneys make $132,866 and at the high end of the pay scale, real estate attorneys make up to $168,822 depending on the job experience and the hourly base charged. The pay is further increased when the real estate lawyer works for a large firm.  Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years one has spent in his profession. 


Real Estate lawyer job roles are ever-growing roles and are going to be in demand always because of the daily increase of real estate. So, if one is interested in looking after all the legalities involved in real estate and likes to be involved in real estate, one should go for the real estate lawyer job. In general if one wants to get involved in the real estate world and wants to make a good amount of money should opt for this career.


  1. Should a real estate lawyer be admitted as a notary public? Yes, a real estate lawyer needs to be admitted as a notary public.
  2. To become a real estate lawyer one needs to have a former education? Yes, to become a lawyer, one needs to complete his bachelor’s law degree.
  3. Is the real estate lawyer profession interesting? Yes, being a real estate lawyer is a good profession and a high-paying one as well.
Latest Real Estate Lawyer Job Description – Duties, and Salary

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