Kubernetes Termination Policy- Full History

Kubernetes Termination Policy

Every company has certain guidelines and policies that every employee must follow to maintain the order and privacy of the company data. Violation of this ‘ code of ethics’ might lead an employee to grave dangers like damage liquidation or even termination. Here, let’s know about Kubernetes Termination Policy.

Here, we are going to discuss the Kubernetes policies which might result in your termination so that you are cautious of it beforehand.

About the Company:

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system designed by Ville Aikas, Joe Beda, Brendan Burns, and Craig McLuckie around 2014. The designs of the system were heavily influenced by Google’s Borg system. Many cloud platforms now provide Kubernetes-based services where it can be deployed as a platform-providing service.

Code of Ethics:

The Kubernetes code of ethics demands commitment and honesty from the employees and all of them are expected to abide by the guidelines of the code. In case of failure of compliance, employees can be subjected to disciplinary action which might lead to termination.

  • Good Judgement Above All: As an employee of the company, you are expected to make good judgment be in customer service or maintain an employee-friendly environment, or dealing business with other companies. Your judgment affects the whole company and in case, the company suffers any loss, you could be subjected to the termination.
  • Protecting Privacy and Property: It is your utmost duty as an employee of Kubernetes to protect the property and interest of the company by:
  1. Abiding by the principles and policies of the company.
  2. Refrain from using the company’s funds, employees, facilities, or equipment for personal purposes.
  3. Returning all the equipment and property at the end of employment that the company has provided you with.

Also, during your employment, you would come across several confidential matters such as products, procedures, sales, or services, strategies, customer or employee’s personal information, and everything else related to the company. You are expected to keep these things to yourself by:

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  1. Not discussing company matters with anyone other than your co-workers.
  2. Keeping the matter confidential even though your employment duties have ended at the company.

In case of a breach of any of the following terms as mentioned above, the company has full right to not only terminate you but file any case or complaint regarding privacy protection acts.

  • Accountancy Accuracy: You are expected to be honest and loyal to the company which is also applicable to financial reporting. You must rightfully and honestly report the revenue collection of each month and hand it over to the company. This includes:
  1. Properly, and accurately show the records of all the transactions in the company.
  2. Cooperate with auditors.
  3. Preserve or get rid of the documents that are relevant or irrelevant respectively for the company.
  4. Getting familiar with the company’s internal financial laws and abiding by them.

Violating any of the following policies might result in stringent punishment, even leading to termination.

  • Corruption and Bribery: Kubernetes doesn’t promote bribery or anti-corruption and expects so from you. A bribe can be in the form of money, gift card, merchandise, discounts, or anything that is against the Kubernetes policies. You must prohibit from:
  1. Give anything valuable to the foreign officials or government directly or indirectly, favoring an improper disadvantage for the company.
  2. Getting involved in grease payment
  3. Giving anything valuable to other companies and putting the company at a disadvantage
  4. Get into actions that are against the US anti-corruption laws.
  • Fair Competition: The company supports fair competition in fair and justified ways, following all the anti-trust market laws. As an employee of the company, you are supposed to not indulge in:
  1. Any discussion or sign any agreement with the competitors formally or informally.
  2. Price fixing, manipulation, markups, or markdowns, allocation of customers, or wages
  3. Use confidential information of any previous company that you have worked for.


As an employee of this company, you must abide by all the laws, rules, and regulations. Violation or breaching of any of the laws will result in serious punishment, even leading to termination along with the lawsuit. All companies have their code of ethics, and so does Kubernetes to protect the company’s business.


  1. Does Kubernetes support fair competition?

Yes, the company does support fair competition in a rightful and justified way.

  1. What actions come under bribery?

There can be many but giving anything valuable to the third party directly or indirectly favoring an improper disadvantage for the company is the prime action that is considered bribery according to the company.

  1. Is discussing anything about the company illegal after quitting the job?

Yes, it is clearly stated in the policy that keeping the matter confidential even though your employment duties have ended at the company is of the essence.

Kubernetes Termination Policy- Full History

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