Is DPD a Good Company to Work For?

Is DPD a Good Company to Work For?


Very familiar with its name Dynamic Parcel Delivery (DPD) is a multinational parcel delivery company with branches all over the globe. With headquarters located in France, DPD delivers compatible parcels with weights of less than 30kgs; it thrives in delivering more than 7.5 million parcels every day across the world. France being its headquarters, DPD operates mainly in the state road-based market. Here, let’s know ‘Is DPD a Good Company to Work For?’

Answer Paragraph

With “achieving excellence” as the motto DPD is definitely a great company to work for. DPD is a stepping stone for many people in their life. With an excellent management system, DPD always encourages its employees in whatever field they are in. Generally, the type of responsibilities and work that are given to its employees is to collect and deliver freight to its depots and as well as loading and unloading of freight.

According to the employees, their pay scale is a pretty lump sum and satisfying. Currently, DPD drivers’ pay scales are 22,000 euro a year on an average, and which might increase up to 22,800 euro a year for fresh new self-employed workers.

Adding up the reviews of different employees working under DPD;

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

According to some, it’s a great company to work with, and great teamwork, good pay, long hours, and plenty of overtime.

Others said the company is pretty much very helpful and guides equally through the different steps.

Whereas for others working in DPD is a mixture of both pros and cons, but one has to be patient and work responsibly with all willingness and dignity.

There are many other benefits offered by DPD:

· Work-Life Balance- DPD offers a good work-life balance as it does not pressure its employees with a lot of workloads.

· Pay and benefits – In accordance with a great pay scale DPD also set many benefits for

Its employees as well. DPD benefits its employees with many gifts like Uniforms, parking, holiday trading, and a comprehensive benefits scheme. Some Private employees also benefitted from medical insurance according to their roles.

· Management – The management of DPD is great as it always encourages its employees and also helps them in whatever field they are in.

· Job security and Advancement – Job security and advancement are pretty good in DPD.

DPD often promotes its employees who are really working very hard for the betterment of the company.

· Culture- The culture in DPD is very friendly, and its management is also very helpful, which ultimately creates a decent culture for the company.

· Training and development- DPD often gives training to its employees during work or with the help of computers or different E-training modes.

 DPD always thrives at nourishing young talents and developing them so that in the near future, they can reach heights and grow their talents each and every day. DPD, in addition, provides Work Experience, Internships, complete Apprenticeships, and employment for people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities through its ‘DPD Inspire’ program.


So summing up the information, DPD is a good company to work for, might not be the best but good in its segment. For a fresher, DPD is a good scope, and as well as for experienced persons also. The company’s management is sitting to welcome warm-heartedly to all the interested persons, proper guidance and training are given to the employee before they start working and as well as the employees are gifted with a lot of benefit schemes. And last but not least, a decent pay scale is what every employee looks for, and DPD fulfills that requirement very well, and along with lots of benefit schemes also.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)      How to apply to DPD?

One should first login to the official DPD site and then register themselves because the registration of a candidate allows the company to get proper information and authentication of the student. After completion of the registration process, the person then should select the appropriate role in the company from the career option and then should carry on by filling the application form and submitting it thereafter.

2)      Is getting a role in DPD easy or hard?

Present employees working there say that the recruitment process of DPD is not that

easy; a person needs to cross a number of interview rounds and thereafter get selected. But with correct potential and knowledge, the process of getting hired becomes much easier.

3)      Does one need to have work experience to get a role in DPD?

Work experience depends on the role one is applying for; for higher posts, work experience is very important but for entry-level or lower-level posts work

experience might not be necessary, but it is always beneficial for one with job experience as their chances of getting hired increase than others.

4)      Are online applications more preferable than submitting the application physically?

Applications of all types are accepted in DPD, so there’s no such thing that online applications are more preferred. It’s just that online applications are easier to handle than physical applications, due to which the efficiency and effectiveness of online applications increase.

  5)      Will the company inform a person about their status in the selection


The company will take a day-to-day update on the status in their portal, and if selected, they would definitely inform the person via email or phone call. DPD keeps notifying the candidates with every update.

6)       Will DPD always inform the customers before delivering?

DPD informs their customers via text message before 24 hours, and the text messages include their tracking and the option to rearrange the on the morning of the delivery.

7)      Does DPD pay compensation, and how long have the claims been looked into?

Claims can only be compensated if the fault is from the company’s side, and only in case of loss or damage of a parcel. In that case, the company immediately looks into that matter and tries to solve the matter in a time period of 30 days from the loss or damage that occurred, or it might take longer but only in case of exceptional circumstances.

Is DPD a Good Company to Work For?

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