Kelly Service Termination Policy- Know More

Kelly Services is an American consultation firm that specializes in outsourcing staff to other companies. The company is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, United States. The company has an overall strength of 7100 employees. While 1000 are placed at their headquarters and the remaining 7000 are working across the world. Till the year 2021, the revenue generated by the company was 4.9 billion dollars. Kelly Services is famous for its talented staff and their staff works in every sector like- Education, medicine,  engineering, and technology. Let us know more about that the Kelly Service Termination Policy- Know More.

Kelly Service Termination Policy- Know More

In addition to the welfare of society, they also work for the welfare of the environment. 

Kelly Service Termination Policy

Termination of an employee happens when he/she fails to meet the organization’s expectations even after the warning. Or if the employee is at his/her retirement age or is relocating elsewhere.

Termination can be of two types



Voluntary Termination Policy

Voluntary termination happens when the candidate has chosen a new job or the candidate is relocating. In that case, Kelly services believe that a candidate should take a professional exit, by taking the following steps:-

A  proper resignation letter.

The candidate should take a voluntary exit by meeting his/her manager and resigning in person.

Emailing the resignation letter

The candidate should give notice before taking a voluntary exit.

The company can ask the employee to train the new employee who is substituting for the former.

The candidate should update his latest work so that the organization should not suffer because of the voluntary exit of the employee.

The candidate should give back any product that is given by the organization.

Involuntary Termination Policy

Involuntary termination happens when the employee is involved in misconduct or is unable to meet the target expected by the organization. Below are the lists of some of the policies that if not followed then can lead to the termination of employees.

If the candidate is unable to  complete the assignment

If the candidate has been assigned some work he/she should be in touch with the Kelly services official and after completing the assignment candidate should be informed within 48 hours if the candidate is failed to do so then he/she is entitled to be terminated.

And if he/she is unable to complete the assignment within the designated time period then Kelly will automatically terminate the employee.

If the time period is too long between the assignments

If after completing the previous project there is a gap of 14 days then Kelly services will automatically terminate the employee except in special instances such as medical leaves and certain tasks.

If there is any kind of harassment

Any kind of unfair behavior towards an employee is termed Harassment. Harassment can be classified into:-

Sexual Harassment:- Any kind of sexual advances or inappropriate touch, uncomfortable communication, or stare for employment is termed as sexual harassment. some of the examples are:-

Using dirty words to address male or female employees, inappropriate stares, etc.

Racial discrimination regarding employee

Comments regarding the race of the employee, facial features of the employee, and dressing sense of the employee all are termed as racial discrimination. For example,  addressing the employee with racial names,  drawing figures which are disparaging in nature, or teasing the employee.

Mental harassment of the employee

Conducting behavior that attacks the integrity of the employee so much that he/she is unable to concentrate on the work is termed as mental harassment.  For example, verbal fighting or passing comments regarding the performance of the employee, embarrassing the employee or remarking on the candidate’s character.

If any employee reports that he/she is the victim of the above-listed harassment

Then Kelly services will investigate the whole situation and after investigation, if found guilty then Kelly services will terminate the employee.

If the candidate is involved in Human Trafficking

Kelly services have a strict policy regarding human trafficking. If the employees are found involved in such acts then he/she will be terminated from the organization. The reasons are listed below:-

Threatening employees to complete the work

Usage of such practices that are considered unfair at the time of recruitment.

Charging money for recruitment.

If the candidate is found conducting violence in the organization

If the employee is found misbehaving or threatening another employee during work hours strictly condemned by the organization and will immediately terminate the employee.

If the employee is on medical leave

Kelly services entitle the employee to give unpaid leave nut his/her job is secured. They are entitled to 12 weeks’ leave.  However, if the employee has taken leaves in breaks then he/she is will get again 12 weeks next year.

The employees that are entitled to medical leave are as follows:-

If the employee is about to give birth or has to take care of an infant

If the employee is under serious conditions.

If the employee has to take care of his/her parents.

The employee should have completed 12 months in Kelly services, the employee need not be present every day only one day per week is enough and the employee should complete 1250 hours in the organization. And the part-time employee should work 40 hours of the work.

If the worker wants to opt to work from home at the time of their medical leave then he/she should give their medical certificate stating why they are taking leave and their request is granted.


Kelly Services is an excellent organization to work with. The organization has carefully crafted its termination policy with clearly elaborated steps that account for any termination of the employee. Kelly services were quite strict regarding their rules and regulations. 


Do Kelly services align their rules according to employment laws?

Kelly services comply with employment laws according to the state in which the organization is located.

Do Kelly services have any specific policies?

Kelly Services has clearly crafted every policy. The policies are listed below:-

Policy regarding human trafficking.

Policy regarding code of conduct in the organization

Policy regarding workplace ethics.

Policy regarding providing equal opportunity to every staff member.

Kelly Service Termination Policy- Know More

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