Kaiser Termination Policy – Know More

Kaiser Permanente or Kaiser is a healthcare unit in the USA, founded in 1945. The founders are Henry J. Kaiser and physician Sidney Garfield. It is one of the largest health and clinical franchises in the USA with more than 12 million partners. Let us know about the ‘Kaiser Termination Policy’.

Kaiser Termination Policy

Kaiser has more than 30 hospitals in the USA and more than 700 medical clinics which include more than 85000 physicians and nurses there. They provide quality of service which is highly rated and they also provide emphasis on preventive measures.

 Being a highly reputed company in the USA also comes with a lot of responsibilities towards employees. They have very strict policies towards unemployment and also try to implement their code of conduct in hospitals.

In this article, we are going to talk about the termination policy of Kaiser and how they terminate their employees.

Kaiser Termination Policy

There are many reasons for the kaiser termination policy of any employee from a company. Kaiser is one of the old and most established Healthcare businesses. They mentioned that any person can be fired from a job for anything in the first 90 days of their service.

For any type of inconvenience during service they will write up after a month

and it will put you out of work. After three write-ups a small period will lead you

towards firing.

Kaiser’s manager also said that a person who does not have a job can be

fired after 8-10 write-ups. They implement strict guidelines when it comes to patients’ health. They can also terminate any of their employees if any employee does not come for more than 10 days and also does not inform their managers

without any prior notice.

Reasons for termination

1. Use of alcohol in the workplace

Kaiser has several medical clinic branches throughout the USA and they ensure their patipatient’slth very seriously. If any of their physicians or nurses consume drugs or alcohol during any work, they can get fired immediately.

The presence of any type of drug or alcohol substance is strictly prohibited in professional work at Kaiser.

2. Misconduct with seniors

There are many chances of misconduct in their workplace if you have too many patients every day. Every year several employees get fired due to misconduct during their working hours.

If any of their employees are involved in criminal behavior or any type of unethical practices, then they are going to get strict notice from higher authority.

3. Absence without notice

If any of the employees in Kaiser does not give or does not have any reason for absence, then their manager can give a warning notice for this.

If you are always late for your work and frequently take sick leaves, then you can be noticed by your employer. Absences like this can interfere with the work of your own and also the work of other teams in the hospital.

4. Violating the policies

As we already mentioned, Kaiser is strict towards their code of conduct and the conduction of their policies. Every company has different policies and as an employee, you need to follow the policies of the company carefully.

Violations of the policies of the company can be seen as an offensive act and you can get strict notice from your employer. You should abide by the guidelines of Kaiser.

5. Violence with peers

According to the former employees of Kaiser, involving yourself in a type of physical violence and assault at the workplace are one of the easy ways to lose your job.

This type of activity also downgrades the brand value because it is one of the most well-established companies in the USA. However, If involved in physical violence with other patients, then your manager will fire you without notice or warning.

6. Poor results

Hospitals want physicians for nurses that can perform their work efficiently and provide good treatment to their patients. If you are not fulfilling the demand for not being able to provide good treatment to your patients, then you can receive warnings related to your results.

The Health Care Unit is really important as every patient’s health becomes the sole responsibility of the hospital and they need to provide adequate treatment to them on time.

What are the other strong reasons for termination?

Besides having the above-mentioned reasons for the termination from employment, there are also certain reasons which can lead you towards unemployment. The employees of the company mentioned that there are the following reasons for the termination of an employee:

  • Attitude issues
  • Not performing the assigned responsibility
  • Having harsh behavior with the manager
  • Stealing equipment from the hospital
  • Politics at work 

Every year several employees are fired from their posts due to their suspicious behavior and inadequate conduction of work.

Kaiser ensures that every employee gets strict warnings before their termination because they want to get their employees into the company. So it is always advisable to read the code of conduct and termination policies before accepting the offer letter.


Being one of the most established and reputed healthcare units in the USA, Kaiser’s termination policy works towards its reputation in the market. They are strict toward the code of conduct and policies of service.

Being an employee of this company you need to follow all the guidelines and policies during work. They state that some of the employees can be fired within the first 90 days of their employment. 

If you want to take leave or want to take Sick leave then you need to inform your manager earlier with notice. Leave without notice can be treated as your misconduct of policies and you will get write-ups from employers.


1. Can I get fired without any strong reason?

Kaiser is not an at-will employer So that is a need to give the reasons for the termination of the employees. There is a certain employment agreement between the company and employees.

2. Does Kroger perform drug tests for their employees?

If some of the persons suspected under any of the drug tests and found positive during the test, then they get terminated immediately. 

3. When will I re-apply for the same post?

It depends on the company’s policies after which you can reapply to the hospital. If your reason for termination is strong enough then you can’t reply to the job.

Kaiser Termination Policy – Know More

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