Infosys Termination Policy – Know More

Infosys is an Indian multinational company and a leader in creating advanced digital services. It gets headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. A termination policy is a document that highlights the steps related to the termination of the employees within an organization. Let us see about Infosys Termination Policy.

Infosys Termination Policy - Know More


Infosys is known to keep its employees, even after the recession. But, there are a few instances when the company terminates the employees or the employees resign voluntarily. This article elaborates on the steps Infosys conducts during the termination of their employment.

Infosys Termination Policy

Infosys termination policy includes different causes for the termination as mentioned below:

Termination With And Without Cause

Infosys might terminate the employees by providing enough cause or not even that. Generally, the company offers either a notice period of three months or a salary in lieu. Salary-in-lieu means the employees will get paid during the notice period even if they do not work. The company must provide a legitimate reason to terminate an employee without a cause.

Most employees do not get terminated. Instead, they might get put on the bench.

The causes include the following:

  • Committing a serious crime.
  • Not performing the duties.
  • Breaching of agreement.
  • Harming the company by any means.
  • Violation of other related policies of the company.


The employees can leave Infosys after providing a three-month notice period, but the company must accept it. The company might pay some employees in lieu according to certain conditions. The resigning employees might get asked by their managers if they have some issues related to the company. However, the employees must always try to be polite.

Termination Due To Health Issues

It is natural to have a health issue. Many small-scale companies only terminate employees with no benefits. But, Infosys employees facing health issues such as illness or disability for continual three months or any three months of a year might get terminated. They will receive insurance they opted for, either a three-month notice period or salary in lieu for three months.

Termination Due To Death

If Infosys employees die, their insurance and other benefits will get received by the legal receivers or closed ones.

Termination Due To Retirement

Retirement means the employee is ready to leave the workforce permanently. In Infosys, 60-year-old employees will get terminated due to retirement. Their retirement might get postponed according to certain conditions.

Garden Leave

The company will pay the employee with the regular payroll but ask him to stay away from the business within the notice period. It gets carried out to maintain privacy while processing the termination of an employee. The company might take away some powers from the employee, prevent him from meeting some stakeholders, keep away from the company, change his designation during the garden leave, or inform about the resignation or termination to other related employees.

At the time of termination, the employees will receive their unpaid payments, bonuses, benefits, rewards, and reimbursements.

Termination Procedure

The employer will create a written notice regarding the reasons for termination. Infosys does not fire the employees with ease. However, the employees must follow some policies. The company might negotiate with the resigning candidates by offering other projects. So, the employees must get clear with what they want to do.

The employee must agree not to disclose the termination news, so will the company. If the employee does not follow this agreement, it might face action from the company. For instance, if the company wins a court case against the employee, the employee must pay with severance pay. Similarly, the company must either pay the employee through a settlement amount, rehire it, or both if it wins.

After getting terminated, some candidates go for higher studies, some change the company, while some change their careers.


Employees with poor performance get asked to improve, whereas ones with better performance get rewarded accordingly. Infosys rarely terminates the employees. Most of them get terminated only if the company finds them harmful. Infosys termination policy shows that the company respects the company and employee standards. So, it offers the best possible termination policies.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can A Terminated Employee Join Infosys Again?


Yes. Employees that resigned may join Infosys again after some time. They must go through the whole hiring process again like a new candidate. Also, they must have worked in Infosys for at least four years.

  1. What Are The Competitors Of Infosys?


Some of the competitors of Infosys are Deloitte, Wipro, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Accenture, HCL, and Capgemini.

  1. Can An Infosys Employee Join Its Competitor After Getting Terminated?


Infosys cannot stop the terminated employees from joining its competitors. But, they cannot serve its clients from six months of termination from Infosys. This rule comes under the non-compete agreement. According to the agreement, the employees cannot receive their increments if they do not agree with the rule. Other companies might get it signed while hiring the candidates.

Infosys Termination Policy – Know More

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