Darden Termination Policy – Know More

Darden Restaurants, Inc, is an American-based premium dining company with restaurants in more than 1800 locations. Restaurants under Darden Restaurants are Eddie V’s and The Capital Grille, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, Yard House and Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. This restaurant chain, with headquarters in Orlando, Florida, US, has employed more than 175000 people in their company. Let us know about the ‘Darden Termination Policy’.

Darden Termination Policy

Darden Termination Policy

Darden Restaurants maintains a Code of Conduct, also titled The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics which clearly states all the rules and regulations that employees working under the company have to follow. This Code was first drafted in 2003 and was revised in 2011. Failure to comply with the rules, policies and requirements of the company, all of which are clearly noted down in their Code, will deal in disciplinary measures like termination. If the employee has done something that breaks a Code that drastically affects the company, they might have to face legal action too. 

The Code Of Business Conduct And Ethics

The Darden Restaurant Company’s mission is to nourish and delight everyone that they are given the opportunity to serve. This is done by maintaining the company’s core values, that is, integrity and fairness, respect and caring, diversity, being “of service”, teamwork and excellence, and always being ready to learn and to teach. The Code of Darden Restaurants clearly states that employees always have to work keeping the company’s mission and core values at heart. The company expects its employees to maintain integrity, ethics, and objectivity in the work that they do for the company. Employees should maintain these values when they are representing the company anywhere or when they are negotiating on behalf of the company. The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics also states that employees should never take a decision that they are confused about if that decision is appropriate and when that decision might cause embarrassment to the company and its reputation. 

The termination policy further highlights each rule and regulation that they have specified for their employees in specific points and subdivisions. 

  • Conflict of Interests: Under the first subdivision of conflicts of interests, they discuss how the employees have to maintain relationships with suppliers, financial interests and employment relationships. 
  • Corporate Opportunities: The next main point that the policy discusses is corporate opportunities, which states that employees can’t use corporate information to gain any opportunities or any other personal gain. It also states that employees can’t compete with Darden. 
  • Confidentiality: This point states that employees can’t disclose any of the confidential secrets of the company. 
  • The Code of Conduct then discusses aspects like fair dealing, protection and proper use of Darden assets, Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations (Including Insider Trading Laws), and reporting of illegal or unethical behaviour. 

Reporting of illegal or unethical behaviour states that employees who know of other employees violating this Code must report them to their supervisors or business unit controller so that necessary action might be taken. Failing to do so, the employee who kept quiet about a fellow employee who violated the Code will also face severe disciplinary action. The Code also assures that there will be no retaliation by the employee facing action towards the employee who reported them as Darden is strictly against retaliation for reporting violators. 

Waivers of The Code 

Waivers are given to employees only if their action has been approved by the Board of Directors or a Board Committee. The shareholders of the company must be reported about this decision, as it is a requirement of the Securities and Exchange Commission rules or New York Stock Exchange listing standards. 

Termination Policy 

Serious violators of The Code of Business Conduct And Ethics can be subjected to termination by Darden Restaurants company. Rehiring to the same company only occurs based on the reason for termination. If the reason for termination is a serious violation of the code and the employee has been found fully guilty, they won’t be given the opportunity to reapply to the company. But if the termination was done due to a small offence the employee would be able to reapply to the company, at least to a different restaurant under Darden Restaurants than the one they were working with. They can reapply after more than two months. The Code of Business Conduct And Ethics is one of the most important documents that the employees of Darden Restaurants should know thoroughly about so that they can prevent themselves from being terminated. 

When an employee violates a Code the Board of Directors has to determine the appropriate action to be taken. They determine if the violator will be demoted or re-assigned or suspended with or without pay and benefits or terminated. It is the duty of the Board of Directors to inform the individual through written notices that the employee has violated a Code and to inform them about the action that is taken because of their violation. Thus it can be concluded that the Board will inform the employee about their termination. 

  1. What is the name of the policy which states all the regulations of Darden Restaurants?

Answer: The Code of Business Conduct And Ethics

  1. Is leaking the trade secrets of the company a violation of the Code?

Answer: Yes, it is a serious violation of The Code. 

Darden Restaurants have a clear and crisp list of rules and regulations all laid out in their Code of Business Conduct And Ethics. Employees who violate the rules and regulations in the Code are subjected to disciplinary actions like suspension, demotion, reassignment or even termination. The method of disciplinary action will be decided by the Board of Directors. Serious violators are not given the opportunity to reapply to the company. 


  1. If my fellow employee violates a rule, should I go and complain?

Answer: Yes, you should complain as you might be subjected to severe disciplinary action. 

  1. Which restaurants come under Darden Restaurants?

Answer: The restaurants are Eddie V’s and The Capital Grille, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, Yard House and Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. 

Darden Termination Policy – Know More

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