Burlington Termination Policy- All About Burlington

Burlington Termination Policy
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Burlington or Burlington Coat Factory is an American-based company. Its headquarters are present in Burlington, New Jersey, US. It is a national department store retailer. It deals with the products such as clothes for adults, clothes for babies, decorative items for the home, gifts, pet supplies, etc. It operates from over 40 countries in the United States. This article is about Burlington Termination Policy.

Burlington believes in conducting business ethically and with integrity. It believes that every employee is responsible for enforcing ethical laws in their work practices. Every associate of the organization is responsible for understanding and complying with the ethics, regulations, and laws. Violations of the ethical code and non-compliance with the laws shall be addressed with disciplinary action, even termination of employment.

Burlington’s Values

The core values to which Burlington adheres to are-

  1. Developing trust and respect among all the associates of the community.
  2. Building teams and relationships through collaboration.
  3. Driving results with leadership and ownership.

Burlington’s foundation is based on its core values. It encourages its employees to carry out business with the implication of integrity and trust. It believes that reading, understanding, and following the policies by every associate is very important to maintain the company’s reputation in the market. It encourages all the associates to live up to the applicable policies and laws. Non-compliance with the core values may be addressed with the termination of employment.

Termination due to unethical behavior

Burlington treats everyone equally and provides equal opportunities to grow in the career. All the associates have a shared responsibility to ensure the honesty and dignity of others. It has a strict policy against retaliation. The organization prohibits unlawful discrimination and harassment. The organization believes in the employment of people based on their qualifications and experience. Discrimination based on nationality, age, religion, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc. is strictly prohibited. 

Any kind of unwelcome behavior is forbidden. Any sort of physical, mental, or sexual harassment is strictly prohibited. Abusive comments, jokes, pranks, slurs, etc., are also prohibited. Sexual harassment such as requests for sexual advances, offering or accepting sexual favors, inappropriate physical contact, flirtations, etc., is strictly prohibited. 

Violence in the workplace, such as fighting, threatening others, creating a hostile environment, possessing weapons, explosives, firearms, etc., is forbidden. Use of illegal and unprescribed drugs, alcoholic beverages at the workplace is strictly prohibited. 

Employees must strive to make the work environment safe for everyone. They must avoid all potential hazards at the workplace. They must maintain the wages and hours rules. They must not force any co-worker to work beyond the working hours without pay. 

Any such unethical behavior may be addressed with the termination of employment.

Termination due to unprofessional behavior

Burlington believes in a commitment to protecting and preserving the company’s property. It believes in the proper use and allocation of its resources, supplies, and equipment. The company’s property must only be used for a legitimate purpose. Every employee is expected to utilize the company’s property with good intention and good judgment. Inappropriate use of the company’s property may put the company’s reputation and financial situation at stake. 

Employees must maintain complete and accurate records of business documents, financial statements, equipment services, books, etc. Falsifying the business records is treated as an offense. Confidentiality should be maintained by every employee with regards to the company’s valuable assets like marketing strategies, business plans, suppliers’ and customers’ lists, etc. Proprietary Information about the company should never be discussed in public places. Intellectual property should be safeguarded. Disclosure of any confidential information shall require proper authorization, else will not be tolerated.

Employees must avoid all types of conflicts that may influence their work. Using business information for personal interests is strictly prohibited. Conflicts arising due to the involvement of personal relationships must be avoided. Employees must be extremely careful while making judgments while working with relatives or friends and should not involve any unfair practice for any co-worker. Any such conflict may harm the reputation of the company. 

Any such unprofessional behavior may be addressed with the termination of employment.

Termination due to unlawful behavior

Burlington strives to maintain good relationships with its clients. It makes efforts to earn and maintain the trust of the clients. Employees must never indulge in any kind of unfair practices for business dealings. They must never accept or offer gifts and entertainment to carry out business deals. 

Employees must never indulge themselves in corrupt activities. They must not bribe any authority to carry out any business-related work. They must strictly follow the anti-corruption laws. They must maintain work integrity with suppliers, vendors, and customers. They must never indulge in insider trading. 

Any such unlawful behavior may be addressed with the termination of employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is included in the company’s intellectual property?

Answer. The company’s intellectual property may include copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, etc. 

  1. What sort of gifts are prohibited from accepting or offering in business?

Answer. The gifts that are prohibited from accepting or offering in business may include cash, drafts, commissions, loans, work samples, meals, personal favors, etc.

Burlington Termination Policy- All About Burlington

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