AT &T employee termination policy – Know More Interesting Facts

The American telephone and telegraph company or AT & T is a multinational telecommunication company which is registered under Delaware and is the world’s largest telecommunication company and provider of mobile telephone service in the USA. And like other companies, it comes with various policies for its employees which include the employee termination policy. Let us discuss AT &T employee termination policy.

AT &T employee termination policy

Termination of an employee can occur voluntarily (where the employee wants to resign or when their term comes to the end) or involuntary (where the employee is asked to resign due to its poor performance or going against the code of conduct).

Here are a few cases in which employees are being terminated involuntarily.

1. Against the Code of conduct

The company believes in its ethical code of conduct. Under any circumstance shall the employee go against it, according to the Code of conduct, shall be liable for termination if the situation is serious. AT & T prohibits discrimination based on sex, color, religion, etc. If any employee is to be found in such situations, shall be dismissed, even in the case of abusive conduct or harassment in any form.

2. Information disclosure

It is against the guidelines for an employee to disclose information to the public or any other company that could harm the establishment, to gain profit.

3. Inside trading

The Company prohibits from inside trading. If found guilty in such actions can be liable for a prison sentence or a maximum fine .

4. Other business opportunities

Employees are prohibited from taking business opportunities from the third party that is discovered through the use of the corporate property.

When the employee is resigning from their position, prior notice will be sent to the company but if the employee is being terminated due to the above situations, the company will send a warning and finally a prior notice of their termination.


Other than the clauses, the termination policy also has various benefits. In cases where they are terminated, they will receive various benefits such as health care benefits. If the employee was terminated involuntarily due to no one fault then they will receive temporary funds during their time of unemployment. In cases where the employee resigns voluntarily, they will receive benefits such as gratuity benefits, where a part of the stipend is given to the employee for their service to the company. This is only applicable if he or she has worked for 5 years and above. Another benefit called the Employee provident fund applies to all employees. AT & T like other companies allow their employees to cash out the unused money after resignation.

 AT & T employee termination policy comes with these above clauses. Hence the employee needs to make sure that they go through every clause when signing their contract to ensure their rights and that their work goes smoothly. AT & T believes in a friendly workspace for their employees. Therefore such clauses have been made to ensure the company runs smoothly and that every employee can work well.

Frequently asked questions

Q1.What is the employee termination policy? 

A.An employee termination policy is a written document on how termination works in an organization. It provides each step for the termination and lays out guidelines for the management and human resource staff.

Q2.Does AT &T have an employee termination policy?

A.Yes, like any other company, AT &T has an employment termination policy.

Q3.Can an employee be dismissed or terminated before they complete tenure?

A. An employee can be terminated if he/she goes against the code of conduct. Prior notice will be sent to the employee before the termination.

Q.4.Does HR fire the employee?

A.The HR is not in charge of firing the employees. It’s usually done by the manager or by the supervisor. In rare cases, it is done by HR.

Q.5.Can an employee get fired without a written warning?

A.It’s not possible to terminate an employee without issuing a warning. Employees are given a written notice before terminating them.

Q.6.What is the rule of termination of employment?

A.As a general rule once your contract gets over the employee is terminated unless they have renewed their contract or signed a new contract. Early termination can take place in case of misconduct.

Q.7.Can an employer terminates an employee without warning and any reason.?

A.No, the employee can’t be terminated without a warning.

Q.8.Will the employee receive any benefits upon termination?

A.Yes, employees will receive certain benefits such as health care benefits.

Q.Do you get benefits if you are fired?

A.No if you are fired due to misconduct, he or she is ineligible for benefits unless they are fired and aren’t at fault. In that case, the employee will receive unemployment benefits.

AT &T employee termination policy – Know More Interesting Facts

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