What Is Boscov’s Careers?-Job Application Process

 Boscov’s Inc. is a renowned full-service departmental store. It has headquarters in Pennsylvania, United States of America. It has altogether 49 locations in the U.S. covering more than 5000 employees.Let us know What Is Boscov’s Careers?-Job Application Process

What Is Boscov’s Careers?-Job Application Process

Commercial products sold at Boscov’s include the following:


– Bedding

– Clothing apparel

– Men, women, and children’s apparel

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– Electrical appliances

– Furniture

– Household products

– Games, toys, and gifts

– Jewelry

– Beauty products

– Skincare items, etc.

     The other special customer service departments of Boscov’s company include restaurants, hearing and optical centers, film processing centers, hair salons, travel agencies, etc.

           Priorities of the Boscov’s Company:

           The significant priorities of Boscov’s departmental store include Innovation, Inclusion, Sustainability, Diversity in the working environment, employee happiness and satisfaction, Customer happiness, shareholder value, and teamwork.

             The main goal of this company is to satisfy the consumer’s demands by supplying the required products to various departmental stores and distributing them as per the customer’s need on time.

Some of the popular locations of the Boscov’s Company in the USA are as follows: 

1] Rhode Island (1 store)

2] Delaware (3 stores)

3] New Jersey (8 stores)

4] New York (4 stores)

5] Pennsylvania (26 stores)

6] Ohio (2 stores)

7] Maryland (4 stores)

8] Connecticut (2 stores)

  • How to apply for the particular job position at Boscov’s Careers: 

            The interested candidates can apply for the job position through the online job portal via the company’s website. The candidate must fill the application form with all the relevant information such as personal and academic information, previous job experiences, any specialization/pieces of training, etc. The candidate needs to upload the resume and wait for the interview call from HR and Boscov’s team. 

Note: There is no printable job application form.

     Sample: Steps followed in Boscov’s job application.

Popular Job Positions available at the Boscov’s Departmental Store:

           Some of the popular job positions include Store Operator (Care Center), PT Loss Prevention Detective, z/OS Systems Programmer, Product Owner, Customer Care Specialist, Kids Sales Associate, Sales Manager, Beauty Advisor, General Manager, Assistant General Manager, Merchandise Coordinator, etc.  

Some of the Job Positions at the Boscov’s Departmental Store include:

A] Loss Prevention Detective

          The main job responsibility involves serving as deterrents for theft, providing surveillance, etc. He/she should perform daily audits, lead inspections, carry out opening and closing procedures. The employee-in-charge must possess excellent communication skills and a calm attitude. Previous working experience in this field is more preferable. The job opening may be part-time initially and can shift to full-time employment. The hourly pay of a Loss Prevention Detective can be up to $12.00 and may increase with experience.

B] Big Ticket Customer Care Specialist

         The main job duties involve providing detailed product descriptions for the merchandise. He/she must be active in answering questions related to existing orders. The job requirements for this job position include good written and verbal communication skills, multi-tasking ability, learning ability, computer skills, online shopping experience, etc. The employee can be benefitted from the flexible working schedule, weekends, and holidays with employee perks.

C] Human Resources Assistant

          The job responsibilities involve keeping records as per the company policy, assisting and training the team members, carrying out the data-entry operations into the scheduling system, etc. The job requirements mainly involve computer literacy, prior experience, attentive behavior, and a confident personality.

D] Accounts Payable Analyst

          The job duties include entering Freight Requisitions, any returns, etc. to customer orders, replying to the vendor’s e-mails, etc. The skills and qualities required for this job position include computer knowledge, strong communication skills, etc.

E] Marketing Manager

         This is a full-time job employment service. The job responsibilities include executing a marketing plan, increasing customer awareness, and increasing sales for the company. The other job duties involve developing multi-channel campaigns for the partner companies, managing the financial budget, working with SEO and SEM initiatives, etc. The qualities required for this job position involve the ability to work in teams, management skills, pro in grammar, copywriting, etc. The other skills involve knowledge of several online platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Familiar with Google Analytics, WordPress, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, Microsoft Office Skills, etc.

F] HVAC Technician

        This is full-time job employment with job duties involving maintaining machinery tools and equipment, repairing minor roofing, clearing debris, lubricating, oiling, etc. The job requirements involve 1-3 years of experience in the HVAC and repairing/ maintenance departments. The educational qualifications involve a high school diploma, etc. 

G] Database Administrator

         The job roles involve customizing and configuring Db2 tools such as Query Monitor, QMF, and Admin Tool, participating in on-call support systems, Business recovery, maintaining production data updates, etc. The educational qualifications required for this job position involve a Bachelor’s degree in MIS (Management Information Systems), Information Systems, Computer Science, or IT. The applying candidate must possess a thorough knowledge of data security and database technologies. He/ she must also possess excellent knowledge of SQL server, REXX scripting, etc.

Qualifications required to get hired easily at the Boscov’s Departmental Store include:

  • High School Diploma or GED in the relevant field.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, etc.
  • Business Management, Diploma in Marketing, etc.
  • BS/ BA degree in Business or the Marketing field.
  • Specialization in Oracle HCM, Kronos, Social media management, Content marketing, etc.
  • Specialization in the Adobe Creative Suite, HRIS applications, etc. is also preferred.
  • Certification courses in the relevant field are more preferred.
  • Basic knowledge of MS tools- MS Office, MS Excel, and MS Outlook.

Job Roles and Responsibilities to perform in the Boscov’s Departmental Store include:

  • Selling merchandise, processing efficiency, and proper market sales and transactions.
  • Must assist the team members in their work.
  • Help in approving returns, solving the consumers’ complaints, maintaining store records and transactions, etc.
  • Providing product descriptions for merchandising.
  • Traveling to remote locations for marketing.
  • Collaborating with other companies and business sectors, preparing strategic plans, and executing them to earn profit to the departmental store.
  • Must carry out advertisements, promotional campaigns, etc. of the store products thus attracting the customers.
  • Actively participating in the scheduled company meetings and discussing plans for further development.
  • Must complete the monthly invoice orders promptly.
  • Adjusting the organic content and analyzing the key metrics.
  • Collecting the customer’s feedback about the products, services, etc. offered.
  • Managing several functions of various departments in a coordinated fashion.
  • Maintaining confidentiality with the work roles and training the other store personnel.
  • Managing the company audits and trailer checks.
  • Perform the assigned duties offered by the chief officers-in-charge.
  • Researching the departmental problems and designing suitable techniques to solve them appropriately.
  • Must maintain reconciliation of the cash receipts.
  • Maintaining the HVAC, DC, and LP units, including the fans, heaters, pulleys, exterior lights, other electrical devices, etc.

Job Skills required to get hired easily at the Boscov’s Departmental Store include:

  • Creative thinker.
  • Excellent oral, verbal, and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong organizational and management skills.
  • Good team player.
  • Must possess good problem-solving ability.
  • Confident and calm attitude.
  • Ability to work in various shifts including night shifts, weekends, etc., if required. 
  • Must be familiar with the social media platform and updated with the latest knowledge and technology.
  • Multi-tasking ability.
  • Must enjoy working with all types of customers.
  • Excellent Computer knowledge.
  • Exhibit time management skills.
  • Exhibit basic knowledge in Mathematics, Statistics, etc.
  • Must be pro with the electrical works, carpentry, plumbing, device maintenance, etc.
  • Must possess good selling, marketing, etc. experience.
  • Versatile in Computer applications, marketing, and sales, etc.

The salary range offered to the employees at the Boscov’s Departmental Store is as follows:

Administrative Clerk$12-$18$15
Retail Manager$13-$26$19
Sales Trainer$9-$18$12
Retail Associate$8-$16$13
Sales Associate$9-$16$12
Department Manager$20-$24$22
Customer Service Supervisor$13-$26$20
Human Resources (HR) Assistant$10-$18$14
HVAC Maintenance Technician$17-$22$19
Loss Prevention Officer$10-$18$14
Asset Protection Specialist$13-$21$17
Employee, Trainer/ Human Resources$12-$22$18
Stock Clerk$9-$15$12
Beauty Counter Manager$12-$19$14
Counter Manager$15-$22$17
Product Owner$22-$27$25
  • What is the minimum age criterion to work at the Boscov’s Departmental Store?

           The minimum hiring age required to work with Boscov’s company is 16 years. Moreover, certain positions (entry and career-oriented) levels require the minimum age criterion at 18.

  • Working hours of operations at the Boscov’s Departmental Store:

           The working hours at Boscov’s Departmental Store are: – Monday- Saturday: 10:00 am-9:00pm; Sunday: 11:00am-6:00pm.

 Benefits are given to the employees working at the Boscov’s Departmental Store:

          The company’s benefits include 

  • Flexible working schedule
  • Paid time off
  • Dental medical and health insurances
  • Life insurance
  • Liberal employee discounts and bonus
  • Vacation benefits
  •  Parental care
  •  Financial perks
  •  Retirement benefits
  •  Promotion offers
  •  Good working environment
  • Personal days
  • Disability insurance
  •  Training to the employees
  • Career advancements, etc.

List of the top competitors of the Boscov’s Department Store:

          The competing organizations with the Boscov’s involve Belk, Carson’s, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Kohl’s, Myer, Gordmans, JCPenney & Kohl’s, Blonde Gone Rogue, Stat boost, etc.

General questions asked during the interview process at the Boscov’s Careers: –

1] Explain yourself in short?

– The interviewing candidate can speak about personal information, previous job experiences, qualities, hobbies, etc.

2] Have you worked before in any departmental store?

– The applicant can speak about the prior job departmental store, job position, duties assigned, etc.

3] In which department are you interested to work in the Boscov’s departmental store?

– The applying candidate can mention the desired department as per the job preference, educational qualification, and interests.

4] How would you effectively train your team members?

– The interviewing candidate can speak about the leadership and management qualities, previous training, campaigning experiences, etc.

5] Why do you want to work at Boscov’s departmental store?

– The candidate can state what he/ she likes about Boscov’s departmental store, the products offered to the customers, the skills, experiences, career advancements, etc. which he/ she achieves by working in this departmental store.

6] Are you interested in working at remote locations for marketing, advertisement campaigning, etc.?

– By asking this type of question the interviewer wants to check your willingness and potential qualities.

7] Are you interested in working extra hours during the night shifts or weekends?

– The applying candidate must be prompt in answering this question as the interviewer wants to check your interest, ability to handle work- pressure, stress, etc. by asking this type of question.

8] How would you attract the customers to Boscov’s store?

– He/ she can explain the marketing tactics, advertisement campaigns, digital marketing, etc. to the interviewer.

9] Do you have any queries for us?

– The candidate can ask more about the job position duties, any job-related query, etc.   

 Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about the Boscov’s Careers:

1] What is Boscov’s Departmental Store revenue?

– Boscov’s Departmental Store revenue is approximately $815.05 million.

2] When did Boscov’s Departmental Store start?

– The Boscov’s Department Store started in the year 1914.

3] Who is the key principle of Boscov’s Departmental Store?

– James Boscov is the key principle of Boscov’s Departmental Store.

4] Mention the official website of the Boscov’s Organization?

– The official website of Boscov’s Organization is boscovs.com.

5] Mention the Boscov’s Departmental Store’s NAICS and SIC codes?

– The Boscov’s Departmental Store’s NAICS and SIC codes include 446130 and 5311 respectively.

6] How many operating store locations are there of the Boscov’s in the USA?

– There are about 50 Boscov’s operating store locations in the USA.

Conclusion: –

          Boscov’s is a family-owned business providing job opportunities to numerous eligible candidates in the United States. It has various business sectors including clothing apparel, electronic goods, jewelry, household products with more than 40 locations all around the U.S. This departmental store provides a good salary package along with other benefits to the desired employees with promotional and advancement offers. It provides a good working environment with the enthusiasm to learn more and provide good services to the customers and thus earn good profit and sales. The employees experience good job security, helping them to maintain personal goals. Consumers also show good reviews related to the products, services, etc. offered with minimal complaints.

What Is Boscov’s Careers?-Job Application Process

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