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The first two decades of the 21st century have witnessed the rise of many conglomerate firms across the globe. One such firm that has makes its brand presence felt in every country on earth is Amazon Inc. The e-commerce giant has cemented itself as the top player in the industry. Amazon is home to 1.5 million workers who contribute to the success of the organization day in and day out. Employees enjoy several benefits and discounts as part of the Amazon work team. Let us know about Amazon termination policy and Amazon Point System in this article, keep reading on to know about it.

Amazon Termination Policy

This article provides information about the termination policy employed by Amazon.

Understanding Termination

Termination is an important concept of the employment life cycle. In simple terms, it is the end of the employment relationship between the employer and the employee. It depicts the end of an employee’s tenure with the organization. Termination can happen when the employee voluntarily leaves his or her job citing pertinent reasons or in other cases when the organization dismisses the employee from work.  The various reasons which can lead to employee termination are discussed below –

  • Personal will – An employee may resign from his or her job due to various factors such as getting a better job offer, family problems, or relocation due to spouse’s job offer amongst others. In such situations, employees generally resign from their position under their own personal free will.
  • Company Conditions- Business environment is turbulent in nature and rapid changes can affect the business negatively, and in such situations many organizations may have to layoff some of its employees. In such cases employees may be terminated with an assurance that they will be hired when there is vacancy in the company.
  • Employee misconduct – Misconduct in forms of theft, corruption, shoplifting, violence towards peers may result in an employee being terminated by the employer. Such misconduct usually result in warning to the concerned individual and similar repeated acts ultimately lead to employee termination. 

Amazon Termination Policy

Amazon specifies the rules and regulations related to work to the employees when they join the workforce. Amazon employs a clear and concise termination policy to ensure that the workforce is performing as per the set standards and contributing to the overall success of the organization. Amazon may cite the following reasons for termination of an employee –

  • Termination owing to unsatisfactory performance – Employees are trained and expected to meet the goals specified by organization. In case of repeated failures, Amazon has the authority to terminate the employment relationship.
  • Termination owing to Low attendance – Employees need to be punctual at work. Individuals who possess low attendance at work and such absence from work is not notified with seniors, it may culminate in termination.
  • Termination owing to misconduct – Employees who engage in violence or criminal activities or are found guilty of violating the company’s policy will come under the scanner and will be terminated by Amazon.

Amazon Point System 

Amazon employs an unique point system which comes in handy when evaluating the performance of Amazon workforce. The point system guides the employees about what they are not supposed to do while being associated with Amazon. In case, an employees accumulates six points in six months , the employee is subject to termination. The various offences that may result in accumulation of points are – low performance, inappropriate behavior, drinking restricted beverages on work, continued absenteeism. 

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An employee who has gathered six points and has been terminated by Amazon can file an appeal if he or she feels that the termination is wrongful and has resulted out of misunderstanding. Following steps can be followed for filing an appeal with Amazon-

  • The employee terminated has to make a written request seeking appeal within five days of termination.
  • A team of seniors reviews the appeal and examines the related aspects of case.
  • The decision will be made by the panel and the concerned employee has to abide by the decision made by the panel.

With the business world being characterized by rapid changes in demand for the workforce and the employees ever eager to jump shift to other work opportunities with better pay and benefits, termination policy plays an important role so that the employment relationship between the employer and the employee ends on a good note and there is no room for any animosity between the two parties. It also serves as a basis to help the employee rejoin the same organization in case the employer wishes to rehire the terminated employee. 

Frequently asked questions

 1.Is it possible for a terminated employee to join Amazon again?

Terminated employees can reapply for work positions at Amazon after a certain period specified by Amazon has passed and the employee is deemed fit to work for the organization.

2. Who reviews the points accumulated by an employee in the Amazon point system?

The team managers review the performance of subordinates and also check up on the points earned by the workers. 

Amazon Termination Policy – Know More!

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