Salaries For Pediatric Critical Care Physician


Pediatric critical care physicians are doctors whose major focus is on treating children. These doctors treat children from birth to when they become teenagers. Some even go as far as treating them till they can go to a real doctor. They, however, focus on children that are extremely sick and they make good use of their advanced training to care for them. Let us now about the salaries for Pediatric Critical Care Physician and factors affecting a Pediatric critical care physician salaries in this article.

Salaries For Pediatric Critical Care Physician

Salaries for Pediatric critical care physician

In the US, pediatric critical care physicians are awarded a salary of $190,000 to $375,000, and a median salary of $220,000. One may wonder why pediatrics are being paid so much. But the importance that is attached to children is of great magnitude because children, sometimes more than adults, need so much medical care to prevent their fragile body system from being attacked. And someone has the do this job of preventing them from getting sick, as such, the person that takes up this responsibility has to be greatly appreciated.

Pediatric critical care physician average salary

In the year, 2020 the salaries given to pediatric critical care physician was estimated to be $184,570. These statistics were calculated by The Bureau of Labor Statistics. This number, however, seems to vary a lot from other sources. For example, Doximity’s 2020 Physician Compensation Report estimates the national average salary to be $243,253. The Economic Research Institute estimated $231,081 per year for an average pediatrician. Medscape’s 2021 Compensation Survey estimates $221,000 per year. In all, it is obvious that the estimate calculated by The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the lowest amount being paid to pediatric critical care physicians. 

However, all of these documented salaries can be boosted by incentives. This incentive will lead to a pediatric critical care physician’s base salary being $26,000 on average. This, to most people, is a pretty good base salary but some pediatrician beg to differ. In a salary survey conducted in 2022, 46% of pediatricians felt that the money being paid to them was, unfortunately, not good enough. 

One may be forced to believe that these set of pediatricians are just selfish, but when the facts were being considered, different views sprung up. Some of these factors are discussed below.

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Factors affecting a Pediatric critical care physician salaries

If an aspiring pediatric critical care physician is looking for where to work, then these factors should be considered.


It is advisable that one observes and gathers enough facts about the location he or she is in before going to apply for a job. The higher the demand for your specialty in that area, the higher your salary is. Also, the cost of living in that area is something that you should put into consideration as well. 

Best paying states and cities

We have gathered that the highest paying states and districts for pediatric critical care physicians are Montana ($268,760), Alaska ($263,390), Utah ($255,900), New Hampshire ($255,170), and Wisconsin ($246,020). These values are calculated as the mean salaries that are being paid. 

Also, metropolitan cites that pay pediatric critical care physicians the most include Riverside, California ($280,860), State College, Pennsylvania ($275,730), Salt Lake City, Utah ($275,610), Danbury, Connecticut ($ 266,300), Scranton, Pennsylvania ($263,740).

These states, districts, and cities have been proven to be the best when it comes to paying pediatric critical care physicians.

Nevertheless, these locations seem to differ for different sites. For example, ZipRecruiter argues that the highest paying states are New York, New Hampshire, California, and Vermont. They base their argument on the fact that pediatric critical care physicians earn $335,000 per year in all these states.

Also, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, insists that pediatricians residing in Montana, Alaska, Utah, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin earn the most.

Years of experience

When a pediatric critical care physician starts, he or she will start as a resident. The average resident salary is $64,000 as calculated by Medspace. According to Medspace, this salary has a high potential of increasing as the years go by. However, the value added may just make a slight difference.

Another important factor to note is that after a pediatrician must have completed his or her years of residency, a plausible amount will be added to his or her salary. This amount, however, continues to increase as the pediatrician gains more years of experience. The most noticeable improvement can be seen when the pediatrician has gained 5-10 years of experience. At this point, an income of about 38% is added to his or her normal pay. 

Types of practice

Another factor that greatly affects how much a pediatrician makes is the type of practice he or she majors in. Self-employed pediatricians have been estimated to make $36,000 more than employed pediatricians. But if the aspiring pediatrician does not have enough experience, he or she can always start from a hospital or a healthcare organization. According to, $51,544 and $189,696 a year is the average salary paid to pediatricians who work at a hospital. 

From this source, it has been gathered that working in a healthcare company, whether for-profit or non-profit, working in the academic field(contrary to popular opinions) is the best place to work as a pediatrician. 

According to ZipRecruiter, the highest paying job titles are as follows. Pediatrics Physician ($222,771), Pediatric Critical Care Physician ($198,101), Pediatric Physician ($186,991), Pediatrics Travel Nurse ($180,680), Pediatric Pulmonologist ($178,166).

Other Factors Include

  • Disability insurance
  • Student Loan Debt Management
  • Retirement Plan

Pediatric Critical Care Physicians handle critical conditions that occur in children. These conditions, most times, cannot be handled by just any doctor and as such, these specialists are greatly appreciated for their services. If a child has any of these symptoms, Heart attack, stroke, poisoning, pneumonia, surgical complications, trauma from road accidents, burns, allergic reactions, and others, the services of a pediatric critical care physician will be needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What procedures do critical care doctors do?

They engage in but are not limited to Airway management, bone marrow transplant, cardiovascular monitoring, central venous catheterization, chest drainage tube insertion, colonoscopy, continuous renal replacement therapy, and CPR.

2.How do I know when someone is undergoing critical care treatment?

When the person has been admitted into an intensive care unit in the hospital.

3.What pediatric critical care physicians make the most money?

Pediatric cardiology makes the most. They are paid $385,479 per year.

Salaries For Pediatric Critical Care Physician

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