Are Teachers Federal Workers?

The Federal jobs fall under three branches of government: legislative, executive, and judicial. These types of jobs provide good salaries, stable employment, and work-life balance. The teachers are federal workers or state workers; this has always been a state of confusion. But with the help of this article’s information, it will be easier to decide what the truth is! Let us know about ‘Are Teachers Federal Workers?’

 Are Teachers Federal Workers?

 Teachers Federal Workers:

The simple answer to this confusion is that all the teachers who work in the state-funded school are state workers and the ones who work in the federal government-funded school are federal workers. So, teachers are federal workers if they’re working in government-funded schools.

To support this answer with a more detailed explanation based on the funding, grants, and federal government responsibility, the information is given in this article and should be read carefully. To end this confusion keep reading.

Responsibility of State towards developing education

The duties of the state for education are to-

  • Maintain and update the curriculum
  • establish schools and colleges
  • Decide requirements for graduation and enrollment

The responsibilities of the state in maintaining education are almost ninety percent, while the federal’s role is only eight percent. Considering all the things it could be said that, the state’s role is more important, so teachers’ jobs should fall under the state sector but not on the federal. Though technically, it still comes under federal. Out of these three government-level teachers work underdetermines the job’s category. The three-level of govt are:

  1. Local, 
  2. state and,
  3. federal

The important point to note here is that, although the state provides grants and funding to schools but teachers are paid by the local government. So teachers are state employees.

Many sectors are funded by the state government

The state funds many sectors for their services. However, the federal government also gives loans and grants.

Healthcare- State Government may keep around 10% of their budget for this sector. Many states fund health insurance and other related program.

Education- Apart from the healthcare sector, the state government also funds the education sector. The majority of the funds go to this sector. On average, one-fourth goes to this sector for public schools and colleges.

Transportation- road repairs, public transport system, etc. are taken care of by the state govt budget.

Family Assistance- Families having low income are assisted by the state government.

Corrections- this sector includes rehabilitation centers, prisons, and police departments.

The government of state mostly spends on the healthcare and education sector. However, it keeps on varying depending on the needs and years. 

Although the federal state funding is lesser for these two sectors, it is important. 

Are teachers government employees?

The teachers are government employees but state-wise not the federal government. This is because when any issue arises: the federal government cannot be present all the time so the state government has to look after all such matters. Therefore, they are state government employees. Also, states must follow the rules and regulations formulated by the federal government and implement them. 

In the US, schools are funded by local or state governments and hence the teachers are not federal employees. Like local city councils or municipalities governed by the federal; schools are also governed by the federal. So technically: it could be said; that teachers are government employees but employed by local districts. 

When teachers get hired they are obliged to take the oath to defend the constitution, this process goes much like any other federal job.

1.Perks of working as a teacher are an Attractive salary, safe work environment, many holidays and vacations, a J visa given, a teaching Licence allowed, health insurance from the state, etc.

2.Salary of a teacher-The average salary of a teacher is $55,000 annually. It differs from state to state. The highest paying state for the teacher is New York at $81,000. The state where one is working as a teacher determines their salary. 

When summer vacation arrives in some schools, teachers might not get paid but some schools pays them even on vacations.

How much teachers get the increment?

They get the increment yearly up till they reach the age of 55. Also if they study further, they will get a raise in their pay. So, it is considered one of the high-paying jobs. 

There are few grants from the federal government. The federal cannot always control the state so, it tries to give some grants or loans to influence them. And that decision also affects whether teachers are state government employees or federal government. 

  1. Block Grants- These grants are provided to state or local governments for some purpose like social services.
  2. Categorical grants- are given to local or state governments for specific programs like food stamp programs or Medicaid.
  3. General Revenue sharing- the revenue is usually shared among all three levels of government(federal, state, and local). 
  • Federal keeps 52.68% of revenue shares;
  • State Keeps 26.72% of revenue shares and
  • Local Keeps 20.6% of revenue share

Of the grants that are given by federal to state government, only 9% goes to the education sector, and it is less amount so from the standpoint of funding teachers are nonfederal government because the majority of funding is given by local or state government. 


After considering all the information by taking all the parameters like government funding, teachers’ salary and perks, federal grants, and many others, it is concluded that a teacher is a government worker and not a Federal government worker.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • Are schools that come under government jurisdiction?

Ans Yes, although schools are not government organizations they come under govt jurisdiction.

  • Are teacher salaries the same in all states of the USA?

Ans No, the salaries of teachers differ from state to state.

 Are Teachers Federal Workers?

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