Rhetorical Strategies | What Insights Do They Have?

The art of rhetorical argumentation is vital in forming people’s perspectives, attitudes, and beliefs. Rhetoric is used to sway people’s opinions and behavior in anything from political speeches to advertising efforts. It is the cornerstone of persuasive writing and public speaking, and mastering rhetorical techniques can significantly improve one’s capacity for successful communication. We shall […]

Tesla Strategic Analysis-Full History Of Tesla

It’s not every day that a new company comes along and changes the way we think about transportation. Tesla Motors, founded in 2003 by CEO Elon Musk, is one such company. Tesla has revolutionized the automotive sector by introducing electric vehicles (EVs) to the general public with the goal of accelerating the global transition to […]

GE Diversification Strategy- Read More About It

A diversification strategy is one of the main approaches used by large-scale firms to expand to other areas in terms of products or locations. Therefore diversification is opted for by businesses after they have established a reputation in their domestic market. Although diversification is risky and requires concrete market research, many multinationals have survived it […]

Salaries For Creative Strategists

A creative strategist is needed in advertising agencies and other organizations. Have you been visioning yourself as a creative strategist in the United States working In an organization in a big office space with the other creative team, the account payment team, and others? It is time to take action and make your dream materialize […]

Walmart Strategic Planning- Know More Interesting Facts

Walmart Stores Inc. is a world-renowned retailer with a variety of stores around the world. Walmart operates many stores, supercenters, and other types of retail stores in the United States, claiming to be “a shining example of sustainability, corporate philanthropy, and employment opportunities.” Sam Walton founded the company in Rogers Ark in 1962, and it […]

How I Became Senior Business Transformation Strategist at Nextech AR Solutions

Janice Dru-Bennett: helps clients with data strategy and business transformation, creating unparalleled experiences, delivering seamless events through integrated platforms. Janice Dru-Bennett has held senior-level marketing positions for Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Wolters Kluwer, and now as Senior Business Transformation Strategist at NexTech AR Solutions. As a corporate executive, marketer, entrepreneur/founder, and non-profit board director, […]

“Pick Yourself. Because nobody else will do it for you” says Jean-Marie Buchilly, Innovation Program Leader, Fischer Connectors SA

Jean-Marie Buchilly, Innovation Program Leader, Fischer Connectors SA Before telling you my story, I want to share one thing with you: I am a big fan of Seth Godin. Seth is the person who inspired me day after day through his blog and his books. One of his most powerful message can be summarized in […]

Read the story of Kyle Sandburg,Vice President of Strategy at Porch

Kyle was born and raised in Central Oregon and received his BS degree in Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.  In 2003, Kyle joined Accenture’s Seattle office in the communications & high tech practice.  As a consultant Kyle leveraged his problem solving background emerging as a leader focused on driving supply chain and sustainability solutions […]

How I started my career in strategy with a Master’s in Renaissance Literature

Dr Jo Edwards – Director, Lucidity Solutions Ltd  |  Linkedin what does a strategist do?  Jo is Founding Director of consultancy firm, Lucidity Solutions Ltd, which she established in 2014. Her experience comes predominantly from the higher education sector, with roles in strategy development and implementation; project and change management; staff engagement and internal communications; process improvement; […]

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