Software Engineer Salary | Average Salary Scale

Software Engineers are knowns as highly skilled professionals in the US. Let us know about the ‘Software Engineer Salary’.

Software Engineer Salary

Software Engineer Salary

The salary of a software engineer depends on various factors like Experience, Company, and Employee Performance. The average salary of a Software Engineer in the US is between $66000 to $144000, As per the latest report from PayScale.

Software Engineers are known for their high salaries everywhere in the world.

Two reasons for getting well paid

  • Skill set they possess 
  • Booming service sector

The usage of technology and digitization has increased in every sector. Hence, IT and ITES companies have grown fast in the last decade. It has resulted in high demand for Software Engineers. This high demand will ensure salaries of software engineers will increase in the coming days. If you want to choose this profession, you are on the right path. Software Engineers with programming knowledge of Python are well paid. Software engineers with programming knowledge of Java, JavaScript, and SQL are well-paid. A lot of students are learning these Programming languages to kick-start their careers. A good start is crucial and will ensure your salary growth is higher.

List of High Demand Programming languages

  • Python
  • Java
  • Java Script
  • SQL
  • C# Programming Language

Software Engineer Basic Qualification

One should have a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering to get a full-time job as a Software Engineer. Some of you may choose an associate degree in software development.

It will give you an entry-level position, but one should always prefer a bachelor’s degree. Students to ensure they choose the right skill or specialty according to their interests. Many students choose to do an internship at a reputed organization. It will enhance their ability to apply knowledge to practice. Practical knowledge will always help you to grab offers during recruitment. Salaries offered to students with good knowledge and practical approach will be higher.

Top Companies Paying Higher Salaries to Software Engineers

We have listed top employers paying high salaries to software Engineers.

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Sales Force
  • IBM
  • Tesla
  • Uber
  • Snap
  • Cisco
  • Door Dash
  • Intel
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft

Companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft are amongst the preferred employers for students in the US.

Companies approach top universities for recruitment of Software Engineers. Some companies give training as per their requirement after the recruitment. Knowledge upgradation is part of a software engineer’s life. Salary enhancement correlates with skill enhancement and knowledge upgradation.

Sometimes Software engineers need to acquire new skills as per project requirements. Big companies have a focused approach to the training requirement of Software Engineers.

High Salary Paying Software Engineer Profiles

The profiles like Software Engineering Manager, Full Stack Developer, and Mobile Application Developer are well-paid. A new trend AI (Artificial Intelligence) is gaining popularity. AI Engineers have a good chance of getting a High Salary because of their current demand and prospects.

Software Engineers start their careers as Junior Software engineers and move ahead as Senior Software engineers. They can become Team Leaders and Software Engineering Managers as they progress in their career. They can go up in the hierarchy depending on other skills like Managerial skills, Team handling skills. Many Software Engineers opt for doing an Executive MBA and other skill improvement programs to move up the ladder. These skill additions help them to increase their salary.

Other Perks for Software Engineers

Salary remains the main factor for choosing Software Engineering as a preferred career option. Other perks are also attractive for Software Engineers. Software Engineers get additional perks and benefits other than salary.

  • Medical Cover for family members
  • Free training for multiple skills
  • In-office drinks and snacks for most of the employees
  • Remote and flexible working hours

The above benefits can vary as per the company’s internal policy. But these are good benefits for Software Engineers. 

Software engineer Work schedule and lifestyle

Almost all Software companies follow a five-day working policy. So, software engineers enjoy spending time with family and friends on weekends. Friday and Saturday are party days for a Software engineers. A weekday in a software engineer’s life is full of work till the day’s end. Some of them work in shifts to match the time of other countries’ time slots.

Every working day of a software engineer includes individual tasks like coding, meetings, and interactions with customers and remote employees. The coffee break and discussion with collogues during break are refreshing moments for a software engineer. Sometimes you learn more during informal meetings. A training day is a packed schedule of presentations and practicals. If one is passionate and wants to learn a lot then one should opt for this career.

Salary comparison for software engineers in leading companies

Let us compare the salaries of Software engineers in leading organizations. We will take an example of a Software engineering Manager. A Software engineering manager in PayPal working in San Francisco has a salary of around $290000. Salesforce gives a salary of $280000 working in Seattle to the same profile. Facebook offers a salary of $436000 to a Software engineering manager working in Los Angeles, CA. So, it is different for different organizations and different locations. It also depends on skill set and job responsibilities. 


Software engineers are well-paid professionals in the US. Salary growth and other perks make it even more attractive. If one has a skill set like a problem-solving attitude, Analytical skills, then one can be very successful in this field. Choosing a growth-oriented and leading organization will help software engineers to get a good salary in the Software engineering field.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it difficult to learn software Engineering?

Software engineering is a skill-based profession. If one possesses skills like problem-solving skills, dedication, and Analytical skills then one will find it easy.

2. How to enter the field of software engineering?

The best way is by doing a graduate degree in software engineering.

3. Are software engineers paid lesser than other professionals?

No, Software engineering is currently one of the highest-paying professions.

4. Is the salary growth good for Software engineers?

The salary growth depends on your performance in the organization. Switching the job will give you higher salary growth in the short term. There are pros and cons of job switching. Decide by checking the same. 

Software Engineer Salary | Average Salary Scale

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