How I Became Design-minded Front-end Developer

Shaydee Coder


Shaydee Coder: I’m a design-minded front-end developer focused on building exceptional, high-quality, beautiful interfaces & experiences.

I am Abba Shadrach, I’m a design-minded front-end developer focused on building exceptional, high-quality, beautiful interfaces & experiences. I love learning new and better ways to create seamless user experiences with clean, efficient, and scalable code.

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I started learning how to code before my admission into the university where I am currently studying Political Science. You are surprised, right? Well! I’ve always taken coding as my hobby, it’s something I derive joy from. 

I’ve always wanted to know how a website functions before my secondary school days. I started my tech career from desktop publishing when I was in SS2, then I moved to graphics design. After my senior secondary school exams (WAEC, NECO, & JAMB). I decided to apply for graphics and web design in a computer institute in 2016.

How Was Your University Time?

I’m currently in my final year, it was difficult for me to combine coding together with studying political science. So, I had to pause coding for a while coupled with the fact that my PC was giving me serious issues. I picked up coding again around November, 2019 after I got a new PC.

Why Did You Choose A Career In This Field?

Coding has always been a hobby for me, there’s always a pleasure I derive whenever I build or create something.

What Was Your First Job Or Nuggets From Jobs You Had That Helped You To Get To Where You Are Today?

I’ve always worked as a freelancer since I started my tech career. I will say the first job I applied for that has really helped me to where I am right now, was the internship programme (HNG) I applied for.

I’ve always had an imposter syndrome, which affects me whenever I want to take on a project or a gig. I always feel I won’t be able to deliver well or I don’t know enough to take on that particular project.

The internship helped me overcome that mindset, I was overwhelmed at the things I did during the internship. It boosted the confidence I have and it reviewed my strengths and weaknesses. So, now I’m working on those weaknesses.

How Did You Prepare For An Interview?

I’ve not been interviewed yet for a job, the only interview I’ve had was kind of like a Post UTME, It’s supposed to be an exam you write before a University admission would be offered to you but in my case, it was an interview.

I believe the only best way to prepare for an interview in having a strong knowledge of whatever field you’re applying for because questions would only come from that field and not from another field.

Books That Helped You?

I started reading books in 2019, I was able to read two books in 2019 though they are not tech related books. They were books that talked about financial literacy and the history of some big firms. I didn’t read any book this year, somehow, it slipped my mind until now because I was more focused on improving my coding skills, I can’t remember the name of the second book that talked about the history of some big firms, Here’s the one I can remember right now. 

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Lists of books I plan on reading next year

  1. The Hard Thing About Hard Things
  2. Nonviolent Communication
  3. Zero to One (CS 138A)
  4. The Facebook Effect
  5. The 15 commitments of Conscious Leadership
  6. The Tao of Leadership

Things Are Changing Very Fast In The Industry; How Do You Keep Yourself Updated. Please List Techniques Or Newsletter, Podcasts, Events, etc.

I use Twitter to keep myself updated about new technologies, and I’m subscribed to a newsletter by wellpaidgeek, and I often read articles from css-tricks to keep myself updated about any new CSS features.

What Can You Recommend On CV?

I’ve often read that adding a progress bar indicating how strong you are with a tool or technology should be avoided at all cost. Also, add only the tools and technologies you work with often and not the ones you barely use. 

Advice For Someone Looking For A Job?

The only advice I have for anyone looking for a job, is to use social media to your advantage, let people know what you’ve worked on, and what you’re working on. Share your projects, never stop sharing them and be consistent with whatever you’re doing.

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How I Became Design-minded Front-end Developer

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