Netflix Software Engineer Salary- Find More About It

Netflix is one of the major entertainment and video-streaming companies, with over 200 million registered fellows in 190 countries across the globe. Let us know more detail about ‘Netflix Software Engineer Salary’.

Netflix Software Engineer Salary

Netflix Software Engineer Salary

The consumption rate of Netflix content in various countries is high. Therefore, Netflix deploys diverse means to keep up with providing a world-class experience for its users.

However, Netflix’s outstanding reputation and amazing user experience across countries. This makes it a place where a lot of people are interested to know what it is like working and earning as a Netflix employee. 

This has brought about a frequently asked question on “Netflix Software Engineer Salary” 

If you have an interest in working as a software engineer at Netflix, it is important to note that Netflix only hires Senior Software engineers. 

Software Engineers at Netflix earn a total average salary of $345k – $823k every year, this is based on 299 profiles. this average total salary includes an estimated base salary, bonus, and compensation 

However, for software engineers, the total average salary is a sum-up of base salary, bonuses, and additional compensation.

Here is break down explanation of the total average salary;

  1. Base salary: this is the salary received by the employer without any bonuses or additional compensation. 
  2. Bonuses: receives as an average bonus
  3. Additional compensation also known as stock or a form of equity given to Senior Software Engineers.

However, This article elaborates on the Netflix software engineers’ salary. If you are a software engineer and desire to work with Netflix. Then, this article is for you.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a video streaming and subscription-based American company. The users of Netflix have access to stream/watch anime, films, Tv series, documentaries, and a lot of opportunities to see as many movies as you want at your preferred time or day. 

The Netflix Software Engineer Job Description 

Software engineers at Netflix focus on developing and testing lines of code for everyday activities to meet end-user needs, they also deliver content and new products. 

They are as well specialized in specific databases, cloud, or operating systems for Android and IOS.

Moreover, there are various roles in software engineering which include:

  •  Applying engineering principles to software development. 
  • Designing, analyzing, and modifying existing software and new software
  • Their job roles also focus on working on the difficult and vast software systems of the organization.
  • Delivering APIs, CI pipeline, and Dashboard for the integration of Netflix workflow

List of the various Netflix Software engineers and their salaries:

The highest-paid software engineers are found in Los Gato; this list contains various software engineers in Los Gato and their salaries.

1. Data Senior Software Engineer

  •  Salary: $630,000 annually
  • Working Experience: 20
  • Years at the Company: 7

The role of the data software engineer  is to analyze data, Fix or troubleshoot problems that occur in the systems and application

2. Back-End Senior Software Engineer

  • Salary: $550,000 annually
  • Working Experience: 8
  • Years at the Company: NA

A back-end software engineer at Netflix Solves the problem related to end-users. They develop these APIs, databases, microservice, and caches used by end-users.

3. Front-End Web Development Senior Software Engineer 

  • Salary: $550,000 annually
  • Working Experience: 12
  • Years at the Company: 1

A front-end software developer in Netflix is a programmer. They write lines of code and create user visual interfaces for software, and apps. 

4. Full Stack Senior Software Engineer 

  • Salary: $460,000 annually
  • Working Experience: 10
  • Years at the Company: 4

It’s a job that involves handling all the work of databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients – and requires you to be at home with front-end and back-end technologies

5. Software Engineer for TV UI

  • Salary: $330,000
  • Working Experience: 3 years
  • Years at the Company: NA

Software Engineer for TV UI at Netflix works with a team of designers to create a unique Netflix Tv user interface 

6. Senior Software Engineer for APIs 

  • Salary: $ 504,000
  • working Experience: 5 years
  • Years at the company: 4

Senior Software Engineer for APIs in Netflix creates multiple APIs that are resilient and functional to create user experience throughout movie streaming.

7. Senior Software Engineer for Web Platform

  • salary: $895,000 annually 
  • Working Experience: 19
  • Years at the Company: 8

Senior Software Engineer for web platform works with UI team, mentors them, and as well make research for new features that can be added for User Interface in the web platform.

8. Senior Software Engineer for Video Platform

  • Annual Salary: $863,000
  • Working Experience: 15
  • Years at the Company: 7

Senior Software Engineers for the Video Platform in Netflix are in charge of writing tests and creating certain strategies for image servers. They work closely with other teams to see that these tests are implemented.

In general, Software Engineer’s salaries can range from $67,000 to $215,000 depending on the level. 

The benefit of being a Netflix Software Engineer 

 There are numerous benefits of working at Netflix, this ranges from;

  • Provision of free breakfast to her employees 
  • Netflix gives vacation leave privilege 
  • Health insurance includes health insurance, maternity, paternity, and sick leave as well as life and disability insurance
  • Netflix provides its workers with a company shuttle to convey them, especially those employees who stay faraway
  • Netflix offers its workers the privilege to purchase stock at a cheaper rate.
  • They provide financial support to its Employee’s home benefit 
  • Netflix also provides a pension plan for its employees


  1. Do I need a graduate degree to work at Netflix?

Yes, you need a graduate degree and experience to work at Netflix without having a graduate degree. Netflix will not hire you. need to have a graduation degree or diploma in a relevant field with at least two to three years of experience to land a job at Netflix.

  1. What are the requirements for a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix?
  1. A senior software engineer at Netflix is required to have a B.Sc in computer science or/any related field.
  2. Must have a minimum of 5 years of experience 
  3. Must have a wide understanding and experience in designing, programming, testing, and implementing 
  4. Must have to analyze complex tech issues.
Netflix Software Engineer Salary- Find More About It

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