Fun Python Projects for Beginners to Try in 2021

Python Projects for Beginners

Synopsis | Python Projects for Beginners

This article elaborately explains the significance of the fastest-growing programming language, Python, and serves as the ultimate dose of knowledge and motivation for a beginner. The following article contains an introduction to python and a list of creative project ideas command-line order to commence their journey as a python programmer. This article elaborates upon creative Python Projects for Beginners allowing the programmer to gain beneficial experience and build confidence to present themselves and take up major projects professionally.


  • Introduction to Python
  • Why consider learning python?
  • Importance of working on live projects?
  • How to choose the perfect project?
  • List of Project Ideas
  • Command line Projects
  • Web Project Projects
  • GUI Project Projects
  • Data Focused Projects
  • Tips for Working on Projects
  • Conclusion 
  • Reference

Introduction to Python

TIOBE’s index has ranked python as the third most popular programming language, following C and Java. This makes it necessary for us to know about the core of its existence to utilize the language to its maximum potential.

Python is relatively a less complicated yet complex programming language, as compared to other major programming languages. It is a high level interpreting language to be utilized for general-purpose programming. It is a language built with a greater emphasis on the readability of the code. This thus makes it one of the few languages that may not require a pre-requisite coding experience to learn and understand.

Why consider learning python?

Python has become the fourth most used language and holds a reputation for being the fastest-growing programming language, due to being able to be of assistance in UI/UX development as well as data science. 

Python is the second most demanded skill with the highest average salary being offered. As a reflection of the rise of Big Data, the demand for python developers has increased multiple folds majorly sue to its effortless integration into the web applications in order to carry out tasks that demand machine learning. 

Importance of working on live projects

Here are the reasons you NEED to start working on live projects:

  • Increased awareness: You’ll know what works and what doesn’t and what you are personally strong at or lacking. This is a significant realization for you to start improving your understanding of what you really are doing.
  • Confidence boost: The trick is simple; the more errors you rectify, the more you know your code! It brings a sense of confidence when you can present your code knowing that it contains absolutely zero glitches.
  • Experimentation: In order to come across major discoveries or just to master a skill, it’s the experimentation that amounts. The hard work you portray in coming up with innovative ideas is bound to perfect your knowledge of programming and its interpretation.
  • Experience: Working on live projects is directly proportional to the amount of experience you gain in perfecting a skill. It is highly recommended to work on personal/ freelance projects in order to display a sense of professionalism and reliability.
  • Learning development: In order to master any programming language, it is indeed necessary to cultivate projects from scratch. 

How to choose the perfect project?

While choosing a certain project, there are a number of pre-requisites to keep in mind. These pre-requisites need not essentially be the skills you’ve mastered by then but the skills you would want to master. Let’s understand that if you are one of those who are going to use python to develop web applications, then you might not want to waste your energy on understanding game development. Similarly, a data scientist shall use python to analyze Big Data and shall be least bothered about its usage in frontend and backend development. It’s clear that you need to know what you really want to do with this particular programming language. The opportunities are endless, but being dicey and underconfident in pursuing what you really desire shall yield no result. Take on projects that support your niche; only then shall taking up these projects account for relevant experience.

List of Project Ideas

Following are the project ideas to enhance your skills in python:

  • Random number generator: This is a fun project that turns out to be of great importance when the user is in need of a completely random number, as in a lottery or a board game. This is to be the first project you take up in order to understand if/then, while loops and variables.
  • Mad Lib Generator: This particular project has to be the one you try in order to enhance your understanding of strings, variable and concatenation. The project particularly focuses on manipulating data being entered by the user. This data may be any part of the English sentence, viz., noun, pronoun, adjective etc. Once entered, the output is a randomly generated story.
  • Dice Roller: This shall imitate the random outcomes as expected of rolling dice. Can be used in betting games, board games etc. This particular project shall focus on building the basic concepts and understanding and hence forms a stepping stone for complex projects, that you shall face in future.
  • Hangman: This is the infamous “word guessing game”. The project shall focus upon the conceptualisation of variables, random, integer, strings, char, input and output, and boolean. You can create a pre-organized list of words that users can grab words from. Also, you must include specific functions to check whether or not a user has entered a single letter or if the input letter is in the hidden word, to if the user has actually inputted a single letter, and to print the correct outcomes (letters).
  • Email Slicer: This particular project holds high industry value. As suggested by its name, the email slicer shall allow the user to obtain the username and domain of the given email address. As a high-level modification, you can also allow the user to create email addresses given a certain nomenclature as required along with the domain that needs to be used.
  • Unit converter: This is an easy beginner project. You need to write a command to convert the units of a given quantity. For instance, you can convert Celsius to Fahrenheit or meters to kilometres or nanometers or centimetres and so on.

Command line Projects:

  • Contact book: While making a contact book, you shall upskill your complete understanding of handling databases. Every person needs to save contacts, according to the name, contact info, address etc. You’ll need to construct the code line in a way that it can easily add, remove and modify the contacts saved on the user’s command.
  • Directory Tree Generator: As the day to day tasks of programmer includes going through a number of files and directories, it becomes difficult to track the link between different files and their relationship with the directories.
    The directory tree shall ensure that the user can get a map of the relationship tree of the directories. The visual so available shall help in locating and modifying any file/directory efficiently without having to waste time looking for it.
  • Bulk file rename tool: There are situations where you need to name n number of files belonging to a single directory. This task, when done manually tends to be tedious and highly time consuming. Thus, making a bulk file naming tool shall ensure that every file is named, in sequence and thus saves time for other essential tasks.
    Going a step further, remember to add on the code for editing or modifying the name of the files on user demands.
    Furthering the scope of this project, allow the user to select multiple file and rename them. This feature shall come in handy when random files need to be renamed, in a sequence and thus doing this individually shall take up a lot of time and efforts.
  • Site Connectivity Checker: Let’s take a for instance here. Assuming that you need to accessa particular site but are unable to do so, and everytime you open the URL in your browser, an error message is displayed.
    This is where a site checker shall save you time. The site checker would itself check the status of the given site using its URL. The site would either be Live or not. This tool shall itself go on after evry interval to check the status of the site without you having to interfere with the task manually, and shall display the status of the site as a message. This saves the user from doing a lot of manual work by just appointing the site checker.
    Go on a step further with this project, and add on the feature to display a sound based notification when the connectivity status of the site changes. This can be incorporated by using the previous connectivity data of the required site. 

Web Project Projects:

  • Content Aggregator: Content is literally everywhere. To keep up with the new posts and articles that interest you, you’ll need to hoer all around the internet and find for yourself, manually, the new updates. While doing this, there is a huge risk of leaving the important information behind.
    This is where the content aggregator comes into play. This particular tool shall incorporate all the posts from all over the websites and display them according to the user’s will. This eliminates the tasks involving manual labor and will let the user consume all content related to their niche on a single website.
    To go a step further, and make the task challenging, allow the user to subscribe, and hence the tool shall be able to send daily, weekly, and/or monthly emails to the subscribers with top stories/posts of their selected niche from around the web.
  • Regex Query tool: You and I manage text every day. This article, which is likewise text, has a structure. This makes it simpler for you to comprehend. You need to discover certain data in content, and utilizing the normal pursuit device in word processors can be insufficient. This is the place where the Regex Query Tool comes in. A regex is a bunch of strings so that the regex inquiry instrument will check for the questions’ legitimacy. When the regex matches designs in the content, it tells the client and features the coordinated examples. Thus, your Regex Query Tool will check the legitimacy of the regex strings passed in by the client. With the Regex Query Tool, clients can rapidly check the legitimacy of their regex strings on the web. This makes it simpler for them, rather than checking the strings with a content manager.
  • URL Shortner: URLs have always been way beyond a regular person to remember. It becomes especially difficult when URLs containing a huge number of characters need to be shared or remembered. This is where a URL shortener plays an important role. A URL as long as can be shortened to abc/guih/ This makes the URL easier for the general audience to be viewed and utilized. Going a step further and make the project overwhelming, add on a feature to allow the user to manually modify the shortened URL, as required. This shall allow the user to build authenticity while sharing their URL.
  • Post-it Notes: As the human mind is constantly wandering around fetching information, looking through ideas, and making unaltered decisions; it becomes difficult to remember each of these. A huge portion of these random ideas may tend to hold a high level of importance, hence forgetting them is the most absurd thing to happen. This is where post-it comes into play. A hard version of post-it is an essential stationery item with a block of papers containing light adhesive, allowing the user to write suggestions, ideas, to-dos, etc. and stick them to the desk, desktop, files etc. The web version of this shall do the same, only that the user can now access these bits of information from anywhere since all it needs is a device connecting to the web. An upgrade of this should include a notification option to remind the user to go through their notes. Making this tool accessible offline shall be of great use as the connectivity would then be independent of the availability of the internet and shall allow the access and respective ideation without disturbance.
  • Quiz: A knowledge hub and tool to put the user at the test. This particular project shall put you through a lot of experience while it’s the creation or even during the beta testing mode. Allow the user to play by answering questions of their selected niche. Go a step further and give them points for every right answer and if required, deduct points for the wrong ones. You can also allow the user to set up a timer for the quiz or toss between the range of minimum to a maximum number of questions. 

GUI Project Projects:

  • MP3 Player: Build a tool to allow the user to play MP3 files on their mobile, desktop etc. without having to physically purchase an MP3 player.
    Since audio based files form a huge part of data available, it would not suffice if these files cannot be played. Having the ability to play the files with a simple tool shall help the user to keep track of the information they possess. As an upgrade to this project, allow the user to manage the playback speed of the audio through the player. A feature to shuffle the audio files shall be of great use when the user wants to listen to music, without having to control the order of playing.
  • Alarm Tool: Waking up to alarms or setting up alarms according to the schedule have become a daily routine for most. It hereby becomes essential to have an alarm to follow up with the everyday tasks. Going ahead, adding up the option to collaborate the alarm with the calender containing the schedule and instantly allowing the alarm to be set by default for a variety of tasks all through the day, shall save time from manual labour of doing the tedious task or the worst, forgetting an important engagement. Put up a notification option allowing the alarm to go off on time or a few minutes before the schedule as a reminder.
  • File Manager: The quantity of records on the PC of a normal PC client is quite high. On the off chance that those documents were set in a solitary registry, it is hard to explore and discover records or registries. Thus, there is a need to orchestrate the documents and oversee them appropriately. This is the place where a document director comes in. A record supervisor permits clients to oversee documents and catalogs through a UI. While records can be overseen through the order line, not all clients realize how to do that. With a record supervisor, clients can mastermind, access, and manage their documents and registries appropriately without realizing how to utilize the order line. A portion of the assignments a record supervisor permits clients to perform incorporates replicating, moving, and renaming documents or catalogs.
  • Expense Tracker: We have every day costs, from goods to attire to bills. There are such countless costs that it’s not unexpected to forget about them and continue to go through till we’re practically out of money. A tracker can help individuals watch their costs. This is the place where the cost tracker comes in. A cost tracker is a product apparatus that permits clients to monitor their costs. It can likewise investigate the costs, contingent upon how exceptional it is, yet how about we save it straightforward for the present. With the cost tracker, clients can set a financial plan and track their spending to settle on better monetary choices.
  • Countdown clock and timer: This happens to be an everyday utility tool. The tool allows the user to set a range of timers, for instance a minute, an hour, half-an-hour etc. and goes off with a sound notification when the set time is consumed. This tool can be used for gaming, quizzes, cooking or any task that involves taking into consideration the time being spent.

Data Focused Projects:

  • Analyzing Netflix data: Take a look at your own Netflix usage or that of a client who wishes to analyze their time on Netflix. The shows watched, time utilized, preferred genre, anything, and everything need to be recorded and hence visualized to understand the user behavior.
  • Analyzing the social media: If posting on social media forms a major part of the client’s day-to-day activities, then having insights is the next important thing required. Drawing conclusions based on the social media account’s can be of great use since every minor and major business or enterprise has gone online trying to extract maximum business while in a pandemic.
  • Analyze everything possible: Taking up unfiltered data off the major websites of company’s or the data sets available at the nation’s government portals, play a crucial role in honing your skills as a data analyst. Try making sense out of the unfiltered data, visualize it and draw conclusions. Presenting this to your clients serve as proof of your authenticity and skill reliance.

Tips for Working on Projects

Working on projects can be difficult. That’s one reason why motivation and interest in a project will make it a less daunting task.

If you’re interested in a project, you’ll be able to put in the time to research as well as find libraries and tools that will help you with the project.

Here are some tips:

  • Find a source of motivation
  • Break the project into subtasks
  • Do research on the subtasks
  • Build each subtasks, one step at a time
  • Reach out for help if you’re stuck
  • Put the subtasks together


This particular article has led you through the introduction and importance of a python programming language onto understanding the type of projects you need to choose.  After having gone through a number of project examples that included Web, GUI, Data Science, and Command-line platforms, we now expect you to understand the type of project beneficial for your learning clearly. That being said, as a programmer, you need to stay open to ideas full of creativity and problem-solving. In other words, this article might not contain all hundreds and thousands of projects that can be levered with the help of your understanding of the language.  The ideal way to get a project live is to just start working on it. While you walk through the journey of completing an entirely solo project, your caliber to program using any giving language shall increase by multiple folds.

Wishing you all the luck and patience for your python project.

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Fun Python Projects for Beginners to Try in 2021

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