Zaxby Shift Hours- Job Positions with Descriptions

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Before working anywhere, the shift hours are one of the elements always present in the checklist of the applying employees. While 9 to 5 shift hours are natural, some companies require high shift hours to cope with their job, while some companies have a preferably lighter schedule. Let us look at the Zaxby Shift Hours if you prefer to work and it’s few other aspects.

About the Company:

Zaxby is a casual American restaurant specializing in serving chicken-related items like chicken wings, chicken fingers, chicken sandwiches, and salad. Two childhood friends Zach Mcleroy and Tony Townley, founded the company in Statesboro, Georgia, in March 1990. They mainly operate in the Southern part of the USA and currently have stores in more than 600 locations.

Job Positions:

A wide array of job positions welcome you at Zaxby. Here we browse through the most desired jobs at Zaxby:

  • Zaxby Restaurant: An employee in charge of the Zaxby restaurant is in order of the company’s active business. He has to be energetic and enthusiastic about his job to meet the daily objectives. His day-to-day responsibilities include:
  1. Please keep track of orders placed by customers and provide them with them in time.
  2. Prepare the payrolls and monthly revenue collection for the restaurant under his supervision.
  3. Showcase the food items creatively to attract customers.
  4. Maintain good customer service.
  • Chef: As a chef, you have to ensure that the customer receives the best version of the order they have placed. The cooks are responsible for holding the leading business in place. Good cooks make good foods that attract customers. Your day-to-day responsibilities include:
  1. Cook deliciousness for the customers.
  2. Check the food is well cooked and tasteful.
  3. Check the meat quality before preparing dishes.
  4. Work fast and take as many orders as possible.
  • Transportation: An employee in charge of the transportation department is responsible for collecting and delivering packages from one specific location to the other. Be a fast-food delivery boy or fresh produce delivery boy, he has to be quick in action and have excellent driving skills to avoid the busty roads. His day-to-day responsibilities include:
  1. To Load and unload fresh meat from the delivery van.
  2. To Prepare a checklist of product recipients.
  3. Ensure the safe delivery of products to the customers.
  4. Collect payments after each delivery.
  • Technology & Innovation: An employee in charge of the technology and innovation department is responsible for arranging and equipping the restaurant according to the changing trends of society. They have to possess a good knowledge of technology and must be experienced with the practical application of the same. His day-to-day responsibilities include:
  1. To Update and create a backup of the company database when changes are made.
  2. Organize and store the company data and documents securely.
  3. Help the company reach a broader audience.
  4. Work with new systems that are trending in the market.
  • Fresh Food Operations Team Member: As an employee of this department, you are responsible for looking after the freshness and validity of the food served at the restaurant. You have to be aware and accountable as the reputation of the company is on your shoulder. Your day-to-day responsibilities include:
  1. Note the date the meat is purchased.
  2. Packaging and supervising orders served in restaurants.
  3. Ensure only fresh food items reach the restaurants and customers.
  4. Store excess meat properly so that it doesn’t get wasted.

Shift Hours:

Since the stores are open 16 hours every day from 7 AM to 11 PM, a two-time shift is prevalent at Zaxby. The first shift begins from 7 AM to 3 PM, and the second shift starts from 3 PM to 11 PM. Thus, a complete cycle of transformations is completed. The shops are even open on the weekends at the same time. 

Shift hours according to the position are:

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  • Zaxby Restaurant: The store employees have specific shifts. Each employee has their change for 8 hrs. After each shift ends, new employees come and take their position and carry out their assigned duties.
  • Cook: The cooks also work in the same manner. Each cook has a shift of 8 hours. After the first shift, the positions are interchanged by the second shift cooks.
  • Transportation:  These shifts are pretty uncertain. Those who work at the store for loading and unloading cargoes and delivering meats and meals might have a fixed schedule, but the drivers associated with other transport duties might have to drive sometimes for hours and days to reach the desired drop or pick point.
  • Technology and Innovation: These shifts are also not so hectic, as necessary substitutions are made after each shift.
  • Fresh Food Operation Team Member: Same goes for this department. Necessary breaks and substitutions don’t make the job look hectic.

Each shift has its member to supervise. So, it is like any other job you do for your daily living. However, for some higher posts like those of management or supervisor division, the shift hours might extend due to the workload, on and off-season, since these posts shoulder huge responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I get holidays during the weekend?

No, there are no holidays during weekends, as this is a restaurant job. Some people even don’t opt for a job in the company for this same reason, the ‘working weekends.’

  • What are the different shift hours?

The first shift begins from 7 AM to 3 PM, and the second shift begins from 3 PM to 11 PM. Thus, a complete cycle of shifts is completed.

  • Is working at Zaxby worth it?

If you are more of a working guy, then it would be fine by you. Also, there are several benefits that the company offers to its employees. But if the weekends are important for you, then you opt for other companies.

Zaxby Shift Hours- Job Positions with Descriptions

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