Volkswagen Shift Hours- Employees Benefits

Volkswagen Shift Hours

Volkswagen, a German-based automobile company, is one of the leading automobile manufacturers and largest carmakers in Europe. In the fiscal year of 2020 alone, the company delivered around 9.3 million vehicles to its customers across the globe. The company comprises twelve brands: Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Skoda, Bugatti, Audi, Lamborghini, Seat, Porsche, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Ducati, Scania, and MAN. Here, let’s know about Volkswagen Shift Hours.

Each brand operates as an independent entity in the market, offering a wide variety of products ranging from motorcycles to budget-friendly cars and luxury vehicles. 

Volkswagen Shift Hours

The company’s production network comprises 50 manufacturing units worldwide, with over 90,000 employees in each facility, producing more than 6 million vehicles every year in 14 different countries.

Volkswagen follows a rotating work shift that constantly changes every week. The assembly line workers at the Chattanooga plant, USA, are required to work ten-hour shifts four days a week. The morning shift starts at 6 AM and ends at 4:45 PM, while the evening shift begins at 6 PM and ends at 4:45 AM, with the day and night schedule rotating every week. 

How Much Money Do Volkswagen Employees Make?

The salaries of employees depend on the position they are holding. On average, a Volkswagen employee earns somewhere around $126,316 annually, including the base and bonuses. The estimated median salary of an employee is approximately $134,068. 

The highest-paid post at the company is that of a Director of Sales, who earns around $303,944 annually. The lowest-paid post is that of a Customer Service Representative, who earns about $41,000 annually. Here’s a list of the average salaries of each department in the company.

  • Department of Business Development- $127,560
  • Sales Department- $226,700
  • Operations Department- $140,920
  • Marketing Department- $115,380

Nearly half of the employees’ salaries are above $134,060.

What Benefits Are The Workers at Volkswagen Entitled to?

Apart from the annual salaries, the employees working at the company are entitled to certain benefits. The benefits they receive are based on the type of employment and the position they are holding. The Workers at Volkswagen receive the following benefits:

  • Health Benefits- The Company funds group health insurance for the full-time employees working with them. The health insurance includes regular onsite medical checkups and covers dental and vision checkups. 
  • Insurance Benefits- The full-time workers at the company receive certain insurance premiums, the costs of which are deductible for the employers. These premiums include long-term disability coverage, death in service insurance, and temporary disability insurance. 
  • Financial Benefits- The employees receive their monthly remuneration for the duties executed by them. Apart from the monthly income, they are entitled to receive bonuses or financial rewards for their individual performances.  
  • Parental Leave and childcare- The Company acts more like a family friend and aims at providing a balance between work-life and family life. Both men and women are entitled to parental leaves and offered childcare benefits.
  • Food- Workers receive free meals if they work during the weekends. Apart from this, there are monthly BBQs and fine dining at restaurants offered by the company once every month. 
  • Vacation and Paid Leave- The company grants 12 days of paid holiday, along with two floating holidays. In addition to this, the employees receive unlimited Sick Leave. However, the vacations employees receive differs from team to team, and the period they are associated with the company.   
  • Education- The workers receive constant support for their continuous development in the field. The performance reviews and the comprehensive learning environment push the workers to further their skills. Additionally, the company supports employees who wish to pursue further education. 
  • Retirement- The Company follows a defined retirement benefit plan. The plan offers employees monthly retirement benefits after they reach their retirement age or are adjusted for early retirement. The benefits accumulated under this plan are referred to as accrued benefits. 

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, the employees receive some non-cash benefits under the Employee Car Ownership Scheme. 


Volkswagen aims at providing work-life balance for the employees working with them. To ensure this, they adopted rotating working shifts with a 40-hour workweek that flexibility in working hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the working hours at Volkswagen?

The employees at Volkswagen are expected to work for 40 hours per week, with some flexibility in working hours. The company doesn’t approve of working overtime. 

How is the work environment at Volkswagen?

The work environment at Volkswagen varies from department to department. You can’t expect to have a good day every day. The work environment can get stressful and tense at times, especially for the sales department, which is expected to work within a given deadline. 

Does Volkswagen have flexible working hours?

With the rotating work shifts in place, workers can rarely expect flexible working hours. However, workers always have an option to work longer on particular days and compensate for the days where they have worked for lesser durations. 

The typical work week is from Monday to Friday, with 40 working hours per week, with little or no scope for overtime work. 

What is the Vacation Policy at Volkswagen?

Employees are entitled to their vacation days based on their employment period with the company. The company mostly doesn’t observe any federal holidays. 

The vacations the employees receive depend on how long they have been associated with the company. If an employee is working for over a year, they will be entitled to one week of vacation. Apart from this, the employees receive nine paid public holidays.  

Volkswagen Shift Hours- Employees Benefits

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