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Valeo, a major automotive components manufacturer, recently announced a new shift system for its employees in an effort to reduce costs and improve productivity. Under the new system, employees will work rotating shifts rather than the traditional eight-hour day. The move is part of a larger effort to reduce labor costs and increase efficiency at Valeo, which produces parts for some of the world’s leading automakers. The company expects to save up to 10,000 euros ($11,500) a year in labor costs by introducing the new shift system. The move has been met with some resistance from the company’s workers, who have raised concerns about the potential impact on their health and safety. The company has responded by introducing a range of measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its employees. These include providing more rest periods between shifts, providing additional training and support, and offering flexible working hours. 

Valeo Shift Hours

Valeo Shift Hours

Valeo, a global automotive supplier, recently announced an initiative to transition their workforce to a new shift pattern. The new shift pattern is designed to improve the company’s efficiency and provide employees with better work-life balance. On average they have introduced 8 hours a day normally which means an employee will work a total of 40 hours a week. But if there were some incidents, such as customer complaints that need to take quick action to protect and answer the customer, it can take 10-12 hours Nights 6 pm to 6 am.

 Valeo is not the first company to introduce hour shifts, and many other companies have successfully implemented similar systems. However, the move has sparked debate in the automotive industry, as some argue that it could lead to fatigue and a drop in productivity. While the shift system may lead to some short-term disruptions and discontent among workers, it could ultimately prove to be beneficial for the company and its employees. By introducing the new shift system, Valeo is hoping to reduce costs and maximize productivity, while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of its workers.

New Shift Pattern 

Under the new shift pattern, employees will work on 5-day rotational shifts, with the following hours: Monday – Friday: 8am to 4pm Saturday – Sunday: 10am to 6pm For certain departments, such as production and assembly, shifts may be extended to 10 hours (8am to 6pm) with specific hours agreed to in advance. Employees can choose their preferred work hours according to their welfare.

 The new shift pattern is expected to provide employees with more flexibility and enable them to manage their work and personal commitments more effectively. Employees will be able to take advantage of perks such as extended lunch breaks on Saturday and Sunday and the ability to swap shifts with colleagues. This will not just help the employees work freely but will also make them work like a team and hence will improve the productivity between them.

 Valeo has acknowledged that the transition to the new shift pattern may be difficult for some employees, and has implemented a support program to help them adjust to the new system. This includes providing employees with additional training and resources, and offering flexible working arrangements where possible. Valeo’s new shift pattern is part of a larger effort to become a more agile, efficient and customer-focused organization. The company hopes that this shift will help them stay competitive in a changing automotive industry.

Benefits Of Shift Hours 

Valeo shift hours offer a number of benefits that are mentioned below-

  • Increased flexibility in scheduling, allowing employees to work when they want to. This will help the employee to choose the hours they can give their best works to the company. By allowing employees more flexibility in their schedules, they are able to better manage their time and workload, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Improved work-life balance, allowing employees to make time for family, friends, and personal commitments. This will ensure that the employees are in their best frame of mind and feel connected to the company as company is taking good care of them.
  • Reduced stress levels due to the ability to plan ahead. Employees with flexible schedules may be better able to manage their personal and professional commitments, improving work-life balance and reducing stress. Thus, it is very beneficial for the company.
  • Greater autonomy, allowing employees to make their own decisions about when to work, and how to manage their time. Greater autonomy benefits are numerous, including increased motivation, improved decision-making, increased job satisfaction, enhanced creativity, improved problem solving, increased productivity, increased accountability, improved team work, and improved communication. Autonomy also allows employees to take ownership of their work, which can result in higher quality outcomes. Autonomy can also lead to greater job security, since employees are better able to advocate for themselves and their work. Finally, it can also lead to improved relationships between employers and employees, which can lead to an improved workplace culture.
  • Increased job satisfaction, as employees can choose the hours that work best for them. Employees who have the freedom to manage their own schedules may experience higher job satisfaction and morale, as they are able to better meet their individual needs.
  • Reduced fatigue, as employees can spread out their work hours to avoid burnout. This will result in increased energy levels and it will improve the ability to make decisions and think creatively. The increased motivation can be a key to pursue goals. By reducing the fatigue of the employee, the company gets increased creativity and problem-solving abilities from them.
  • Improved productivity, since employees are more likely to be alert and focused when working during their preferred times. Allowing employees to work flexible schedules may improve their loyalty to the company and reduce turnover.


To conclude the shift hours of workers play an important role in their overall job satisfaction and performance. Companies should take the time to understand their employees’ needs and preferences, and then offer various shift hour options that work best for both the employees and the business. By doing so, companies can create a workplace environment that is supportive and productive, and that ultimately leads to greater employee satisfaction and productivity. Valeo is one such company that has done that and are doing well with it.

Valeo Shift Hours – Know More

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