Dick Sports Goods Mission Statement ,Vision And Value Analysis


Dick’s sporting goods is a sporting manufacturing in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. It is mainly based in America and has more than 850 stores. It was founded in 1948 in New York, Binghamton. The company was established by Richard dick stacks after which it was named. Currently dick’s sporting goods has employees more than 55,000 people and thus number is still expanding as the company starts to expand it’s business further. Let us see about Dick sports goods mission statement ,vision and value.

Dick Sports Goods Mission Statement ,Vision And Value Analysis

Dick sports goods mission statement, vision and values

Dicks Sporting has always been active on one mission and that is to create a brand that offers the best in class sports equipment and sportswear for all the athletes of the world and not just in America. They wanted to create products that would fit every person as they want or need for their choices of sports or physical activity. The company had a vision of reaching a large number of sports enthusiasts and professional athletic personalities. They even envisioned that the equipment should be so easy to use and comfortable that it should become a leading choice for every person in the sports industry.

A mission statement is vital to a company as it helps to formulate a game plan and lets it makes a practical market analysis to create a strategy for achieving the vision that the company has for its future growth. 

Dick sports goods mission statement analysis The company issued a statement “ that they aim to be the No.1 sports equipment manufacturer and reach all the athletic professionals and athleisure enthusiasts by doing the best they can and bettering their products even further.” 

The mission statement of dick’s sports mixed with its values can make it the top brand in the sports industry and as much as accessible to people as they envision it to be.

Now, this statement reveals that the company has a clear aim of satisfying their customer and that they know who its target audience is and what kind of products they are most likely to purchase. Let’s review in detail what this statement means:-

Customer satisfaction

The statement states that the company aims to be the number 1 sports retailer and aims to reach people who are largely involved in the sports industry or the people who regularly engage in physical pursuits. How do they ensure that they reach their desired goal? 

The answer to the question is quite simple, they create products with fine details and perfect their manufacturing process. They ensure that their products maintain a certain level of quality which is what essentially draws the customers to their stores and lets them purchase items that they need for their sporting activities. 

The company has stores spread across the United States which lets customers get access to their sporting equipment without any hassle. They keep all of their material in stock for the customers and from their wide range of selections, they can choose what suits best for them and brings out the potential they have without becoming resistant to their hard work. 

Along with their 850 stores, some of them offer more than what the regular stores provide. To name a few, there is golf galaxy which is a golf equipment retailer and has a wide range of golf apparel, footwear and necessary equipment for the sport to be played professionally. 

Now to breakdown the second part of the statement and that is

Better products

Dick’s Sporting has a process of ensuring the best quality of their products to the customers and taking feedback into consideration regarding their products. They run hundreds of tests and make sure that quality standards are maintained along. They pay attention to details and try to make new products with improved features and quality, this allows them to always be on their feet and achieve results that are better and in line with the needs of the customer.

This little process allows them to stay ahead of their competition and achieve the goal of being the first choice of every sports enthusiast customer. 

The vision of Dick’s sporting goods

When the company started to manufacture sporting equipment and started to expand instead of being just a bait and tackle store, it also started to nurture a vision for the company, a vision that would lead its brand name to become globally known and reach new heights of success. 

In simple terms, their vision was to “create a brand that inspires and works for the betterment of athletes and sports enthusiasts. The brand would also cultivate value for shareholders, and look for room to improve upon their business and products.”

To elaborate their vision for their company can be broken down into two parts:-

Inspire the athletes:

These factors entail that the company has a clear aim to use their resources for people involved largely in sports and help them better their performance and Excel in any field they choose without feeling any restraint.

Create value for everyone:

The company not only focuses to create valuable products for customers and sports enthusiasts but tries to create value for everyone involved with it in the corporate section or the manufacturing and planning section. Everyone should gain something for the work or time they put into achieving the company’s vision and that is the ideology behind every operation that the company performs. 

Values established in dicks sporting goods

A good company can never function without a solid base of core values to work with. These core values guide the whole system of the company towards achieving its ultimate goal, it also helps to keep order within the workforce of the company. Some of the core values of the dicks sporting goods are as follows:-


The company has a core value of working passionately for the products that are created, this value extends to the people working within the company, they should be enthusiastic about its operation and the field that it serves. This will help ensure better and quality products for the customers and stay on the path to achieving their goals.


As established in the mission statement issued by the company, it has a thorough process to make sure that the product created by the company is up to the mark and maintains a standard of premium quality. 


Since they serve to make products for their customer this value is a must to be taken into consideration, the products will take a company so far, and how the staff treats the customer and make them feel heard and special instead of ignored and unimportant.


This value ensures that the company has a transparent nature and that it does everything with the utmost truth and stays true to its promises made to the people. 


Dick’s Sportings has had a truly unique, thriving name in the sports industry for the past few years. As Dick can be noted from the above-mentioned mission statement of goods, values, and vision statement, the company has a clear goal of satisfying its customer and focusing on improving its operations for better quality and maintaining its name in the market as they have till now. 

This article serves as a detailed analysis of the company’s structure, environment, vision, and goals feel free to reference the article as and when required.

Dick Sports Goods Mission Statement ,Vision And Value Analysis

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