Racetrac Shift Hours – Know More

Shift hours are a useful cyclical indicator in their own right and does prove to be of great essence in analysing the rate of productivity of a company, which in the case of Racetrac has been quite high owing to its management of employee working hours and if you intend to be a part of Racetrac.

Racetrac Shift Hours

Its shift hours vary from store to store.  Employees are allowed to work overtime, thus being bestowed upon an incentive of earning $2000-$5000 more on an annual basis which is somewhat high in comparison to some other companies in this field. On a typical basis, they are obliged to work 35-40 hours a week. Racetrac provides different opportunities to its employees regarding the nature of job. The management of employee affairs tends to be quite flexible in its essence.

In order to fully grasp the whole proceedings regarding shift hours at Racetrac, you also have to get hold of the following details, which do hold much currency in allowing you to make up your mind regarding Racetrac as your ultimate choice.

Shift Hours Timings

The following table gives you a general overview of shift hours for regular employees at Racetrac:

  • Morning- 6am – 1pm
  • Mid/ Afternoon- 12pm-7pm
  • Night- 7pm-11pm
  • Overnight-11pm-7am

Officials  holding positions other than regular employees such as Shifts Hours Manager, Sales Manager, Co-Manager, General Manager, etc. and holders of other corporate jobs at Racetrac are obliged to pay their services in shift hours which have a different schedule than the one aforementioned. For Example, Managers have their shift hours as follows:

  • 5:30 AM-2:30 PM
  • 1:30- 10:30 PM
  • 9:30 PM- 6:30 AM

How much money does Racetrac shift hours offer?

Employees at Racetrac have pays that vary according to their position at Racetrac.

  • Store Associates earn around $12-$20 per hour. As per this calculation and figure, they are to earn $510 a week and $26,520 on an annual basis. 
Marathon OilLukoilCitgo

Considering this comparison, it would be safe to proclaim that Racetrac pays more to its store associates than some names in the market.

  • Individuals assigned the post of Co-Manager at Racetrac earn around $13.50-$22.50 on an hourly basis. This figure calculates to $18.05 on average ultimately resulting in weekly earnings of $722 and annual earnings of $37,560.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to proclaim that Racetrac pays its Co-Manager more than corporations like Citgo, Maverik, Lukoil, etc. which are no less than giants in this industry.

  • Racetrac General Manager gets somewhere around $58,700 on an annual basis after doing some rough calculations. Sometimes, he is bestowed with a bonus too that lies in the range of $10,000 (10 grand). Including this bonus, his yearly income calculates to $68,000-$69,000 a year.
AmocoRoyal FarmsLove’s

The above comparison allows us to proclaim that Racetrac excels some top-notch gasoline service stations regarding its pay for General Manager.

  • In the maintenance domain, Salaries at Racetrac tend to vary to a large degree. On average, a facilities technician earns about $13-$15.50 an hour. A service technician on the other hand earns about $18-$22 an hour.
Love’s Service Technician PayHoliday’s Gulf Shores

How are shift hours spent at Racetrac?

Shift Hours are Racetrac tend to be flexible in their essence mostly. But at times, depending on the external circumstances, situations and the workload, employees are obliged to work more than what is assigned to them. A strong sense of work ethic maintained during those shift hours. 

Shift Hours at Racetrac are spent quite flexibly considering the attitude of the management, staff and administrative officials. Employees are given a number of growth opportunities during the course of the shift hours. Racetrac abides by its core values by providing a work friendly environment to its employees. 

Almost every department of RaceTrac Petroleum (products, marketing, sales, operations, etc.) are filled with employees who feel no burden of obligation during their shifts. Employees are bestowed with countless opportunities to increase their ability of achieving their personal goals during the shift hours at RaceTrac. Moreover, it can be said that the pace of operations at RaceTrac Petroleum seems to be quite fast and rapid in comparison with other corporations in this industry. Micromanaging the affairs has also been seen by the employees. Sometimes, shift hours seem to be hard on the feet but the overall workplace environment at RaceTrac is quite welcoming.


Bearing in mind all the aforementioned prospects of shift hours at RaceTrac Petroleum, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to proclaim that the information that you have availed in the past couple of minutes while going through this reading might suffice for you in making up a clear thought having no abstractions and vagueness regarding RaceTrac’s shift hours. 

Racetrac Shift Hours – Know More

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