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Hibbett Sports is an Alabama, USA-based retail company founded in 1945 that sells a variety of sporting goods. According to the data in 2021, Hibbett Sport had its name written in golden letters in the “Best Employers for Diversity” field of the world’s leading magazine recently, “Forbes Magazine.” Does Hibbett Sports, about which everyone wonders and frequently follows, pay weekly?


We can answer that with “no.” Hibbett Sports biweekly pays for workers. Biweekly paid employees receive their wages twice a month, on average every 15 days. That equates to exactly 80 hours a week if we accept the 8 hours per day for working hours and non- count for shifts. But are Hibbett Sports employees happy with the salary they earn and the biweekly salary system? Hibbett employees responded to this situation positively by 55%. Proponents of the biweekly salary system are happy to get their hands on money quicker, according to satisfied workers. They say that they behave more logically in their daily expenditures. In addition, employees stated that they easily meet their needs without waiting for monthly payments. Working at Hibbett Sports has many advantages for their workers. Hibbett Sports provides health insurance and retirement benefits to its employees. In addition, it does not provide unpaid leave during holidays like many brands. Permits are paid. An employee discount is available on products sold. It also provides professional support to workers in terms of vocational training. On the other hand, those who do not advocate biweekly wages and those who prefer to receive their wages on a monthly basis say that the money will run out in as little as 2 weeks, and this situation negatively affects their expenditures. Another reason is that all official institutions invoice, pay installments, house rent, etc. such as a monthly fee. Lastly, employees complain that they do not receive commissions.

Hibbett Sports Pay weekly

In general, a working fee of 9 or 15 dollars was determined according to the statistics for the minimum hours and minimum department. So, if we assume that a full-time worker at Hibbett Sports receives a minimum hourly wage of 9 dollars, his two-week wage will be 720 dollars for 9 x 80 hours. After 15 days, by buying 720 dollars, the person will earn 1440 dollars per month. A Hibbett Sport employee who is paid the maximum wage, biweekly at $15 per hour, gets 1,200 biweekly at 80*15 = $2,400 per month.

What Are Employees Saying About Their Earnings?

Employees stated that they were very satisfied with both the money they earned and the biweekly salary system. Because employees do not need to wait as long as a month to turn their wages into cash, The majority of employees who started working at the retail company, which is popular among those looking for a rewarding salary system and those looking to work at Hibbett Sports, stated that they are satisfied with the salary system there. Many workers also stated that they would work at Hibbett Sports for even more years.

So, Hibbett Sports, stating its vision and mission as “exceptional convenience,” continues to maintain its claim and success. Hibbett Sports, which entered the retail market under the name of “Dixie Supply Company”, continues on its way, growing more and more each year, by thinking of its workers in the best way possible, both in the past and in the future, leaving their competitors behind without giving them any trouble in terms of salary.

Why Does the Company Pay Every 2 Weeks?

One of the main reasons why the employer prefers the biweekly payment system instead of the traditional monthly payment system is to avoid or minimize the payroll error rate. That is, the payroll of the worker, which is processed in the system every two weeks, shortens the processing time in the traditional monthly system, leaving no room for error. It saves time. It also ensures that the employer regularly reviews the salaries and that if the workers are short of salaries, the salaries to be invested are balanced. Another reason is that employees know exactly when they will receive their salary. At Hibbett Sports, paydays are once a week on a Friday or Thursday. On the other hand, in the traditional monthly payment system, the error rate increases as the salaries of the workers are entered into the system on a monthly basis. This extends the processing time. The employer, on the other hand, does not get the opportunity to regularly review workers’ salaries.

Lastly, Hibbett Sports, which was founded in 1945 by Rufus Hibbett and continues to succeed every year and never compromises on quality, is the favorite store of both employees and shoppers. The privileged benefits it provides to its employees and the biweekly salary system provided 55% of the employee satisfaction. 

Does Hibbett Sports Pay Weekly? – Know More

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