Evening shift hours in Nursing-All about it

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In this article, we will see Evening shift hours in Nursing.

Nursing is a full-time service/job. Although nurses work both days and nights, their work in either of these shifts does not differ. 

Nursing is a gratifying profession with various perks and benefits. In addition, it is one of the most respected professions in the world. 

We know how hardworking these nurses are. They work as a frontline worker in healthcare industries like hospitals, Pharmacies, offices, schools, and clinics.

Let us view a few of the duties and responsibilities that nurses are involved in:

  • Take care of the patients
  • Monitor the progress and the treatment of their patients
  • They communicate with the patient’s family as well as doctors regarding the health of the patient
  • Nurses follow up with the documentation and keep a check on medicines 
  • Nurses also provide necessary information and counseling to the patient
  • They perform testing of blood samples and other associated activities
  • Nurses are responsible for coordinating with the healthcare department

Perhaps, with these roles and responsibilities, a nurse plays a vital role in the healthcare industry. 

Medical emergencies can arise at any time of the day or any time at night. There is no guarantee of accidents and other medical emergencies taking place during the daytime. It can happen anytime and anywhere. 

It means that the working hours of healthcare workers/professionals increases to what it is on regular days. Every job has its shifts concerning the kind of job profile it deals with. 

Whereas, when talking about nurses, they work in day and night shifts to perform the following tasks:

  • Taking care of the admitted patients in the hospital or clinics
  • The nurses attend medical emergency cases and coordinate with the doctors regarding the situation in the hospital
  • Provide necessary medicine, treatment, and care to the patients 

So let us learn more about the working hours of the nurses when they are working evening shifts.

How many hours do nurses work in evening shifts?

Well, fewer people are working in hospitals and clinics during their evening shifts or night shifts. Nurses who work in evening shifts need not come to work in their morning shifts. Instead, they attend to their patients, look after their necessities, and help other fellow nurses in their duties.

There are two shifts usually:

Day/Morning shift: 

The working hours of nurses during the morning shift are mostly around 8 to 9 hours a day. 

For some nurses, their working hours start from 7 am, whereas, in some cases, nurses begin to work from 5 am itself.

They work accordingly for 9 hours or more till the evening.

Evening shift

The nurses working in evening shifts also work for 8 to 9 hours, depending on the type of work. 

The evening shift starts from 6 pm or 7 pm, and they continue to work till midnight or more, depending on their type of work and responsibilities. 

Night/Graveyard shift:

Graveyard shift – sounds a bit creepy. But, this shift is often termed a graveyard shift because nurses who work in this shift start from midnight and end their shift in the morning around 7 am or 8 am. 

  • At hospitals, nurses working in intensive care units (ICU) probably work for more than 9 hours. Sometimes they work for 12 hours a day in their respective shifts. As the workload and responsibilities differ during these shifts, the working hours of these nurses also vary.
  • Although, nurses working in the day or morning shift tend to work more as the responsibilities during the daytime are considered more than the evening shift. 
  • As health care facility workers, doctors, and management function during the day, the duties and responsibilities of nurses increase at this time. Nurses coordinate with the doctor and indulge in treatments and other procedures; therefore, their workload is more than those who work during the evening hours. 

What do the evening shift nurses do?

  • There are a lot of patients admitted into clinics and hospitals. These patients are not acquainted with the surroundings and the hospital area. They need emotional as well as physical support. 
  • The nurses working in evening hours give medicines to the patients and provide them with support and essential care. They monitor their health, keep a constant check on their vitals.
  • There are various departments in the hospital. These nurses perform specific duties according to their job roles. Therefore, in some departments, nurses’ workload decreases due to fewer patients, fewer visitors, and other responsibilities. 

Cons of working in evening shifts

Being a nurse is a full-time job regardless of the shift they work. There is less workload involved during evening shifts, but this is not the case every day. 

Some other days, they even might have to work for more than 10 hours straight due to any medical emergency. 

So, let us go through some of the cons of working during evening shifts.

  • Our body (human body) is designed specifically for every role. If it needs to function, it also needs to rest accordingly. Hence, many of us generally work from 9 am to 8 pm. 
  • We finish off our work by the evening and rest. Whereas nurses working in the evening work around fewer people. These situations keep them away from being socially interactive and involved. Hence, so is the case with the nurses working during the night shifts.
  • Nurses working in this hour often feel tired and emotional. Although, they are best known for their behavior and nature. 

The evening shift ends at midnight or sometimes even may get extended due to several types of work. It usually disrupts their sleep cycle. 

  • They also experience health issues at a certain age. Working in late shifts affects their physical health and mental health. These health issues could include affecting the liver, heart, pancreas, sometimes even their mental state. They often become cranky and irritated due to lack of sleep and good health care.
  • These nurses do not always work evening and night shifts. They often change shifts according to the need and duties in the hospital or clinics. Therefore, this makes it difficult for them to adjust and adopt flexibility in their work and lifestyle. 

So, we have learned about the working hours of nursing professionals. They have a broad scope in their career and tremendous opportunities worldwide. It is a very respectful as well as a challenging job. 

Evening shift hours in Nursing-All about it

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