Who Is The Highest Paid Female Anchor On Fox News?

The popular American multinational conservative cable news television, FNC; is well-known to hire its female anchors depending on their beauty and charms. Let us know about ‘Who Is The Highest Paid Female Anchor On Fox News?’.

Who Is The Highest Paid Female Anchor On Fox News?

Who exactly is the highest-paid female anchor on Fox News?

Maria Bartiromo is without a doubt the highest-paid female anchor for Fox News. No matter how strongly Google tries to persuade you that it’s Megyn Kelly, Sandra Smith, Courtney Friel, or Rachel Maddow, it’s not them!

Who is Maria Bartiromo?

Maria Bartiromo is the renowned anchor and Global market Editor of Fox Business Network (FBN). Being one of the most recognizable faces in the history of television news, Maria’s journey is been long and adventurous. 

Career Journey

  • Maria’s journey drifts way back to the 1990s when she produced several top business programs for CNN. 
  • Thereby in 1993, she joined CNBC and in 1995, became the first journalist who reported live from New York Stock Exchange daily. 
  • By being the face of the cable network, CNBC for a tenure of 20 magnificent years, she’s remembered as one of the building blocks of the popular network with her renowned morning show ‘Squawk Box’.
  • Maria made her laureate by joining FNC in 2014 as a Global Market Editor. She is a strong female anchor, anchoring the highest-rated morning programs on Fox cable, which include ‘Mornings with Maria’ on FBN, ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ on FNC, and ‘Maria Bartiomo’s Wall Street Week’ on FBN. 

Maria Bartiromo’s Salary and Achievements

Having a successful career of 30+ years has undoubtedly bestowed Maria with a wall full of achievements as well as a net worth that tops the list of ‘highest-paid female anchors on Fox News’.

Bartiromo’s Net Worth Growth

YearsNet Worth
2022- Fox News$ 70 million
2021- Fox News$ 64 million
2020- Fox News$ 58 million
2019- Fox News$ 52 million
2018- Fox News$ 48 million
2017- Fox News$ 44 million
2014-Fox News$ 10 million
1994-CNBC$ 5 million
1993- CNBC$ 2.5 million


Maria’s journey from CNN to Fox News has helped her to triumph in several of the achievements that serve as the pathway for women to be inspired.

  • Maria was awarded the Lincoln Statue Award which was presented by the Union League of Philadelphia in 2004.
  • Followed by a Gracie Award for an Outstanding Documentary in 2008.
  • In 2008, she received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story.
  • In 2009, she received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Business and Economic Reporting.
  • The Financial Times named Maria as one of the ’50 Faces That Shaped the Decade’ in 2009.
  • She was also the Grand Marshall of the Columbus Day Parade in 2010. 
  • Maria gained the title of a female journalist who engraved her name into the ‘Cable Hall of Fame Class of 2011’.
  • Hails the ownership over several books that include ‘The Weekend That Changed Wall Street’, and ‘The 10 Laws of Enduring Success’. 
  • Recently, in the year 2020, Maria was awarded the Tom Phillips Career Achievement Award as well. 

Controversy and Criticism 

Along with achievements, Maria has received her fair share of controversy as well as criticism! The first was the 2008 financial crisis, which prompted her to leave CNBC and join Fox News.

Her interview with Donald Trump, which is still having an impact, received the harshest criticism she has ever received.

Maria Bartiromo’s Impact on the Cable News Industry

Maria Bartiromo’s career stretches more than 30 years that has changed the status of women in the cable industry by storm. Many women are now finding inspiration from accomplished women like Maria Bartiromo on a platform where the voices of males are still overwhelmingly predominate.

Not only did she branch the foundation of CNBC in her growing years but also took off the flight of Fox News to tremendous heights. 


Female news anchors like Maria Bartiromo are glittery examples of success in the world of cable news. Her net increase over the years has made her Fox News’ highest-paid female anchor, and it’s been a long path full of both successes and setbacks. Her 30 years of hard work and dedication have made her one of the most recognizable faces in the television industry and a physical role model for all independent women out there!


1. What is Maria Bartiromo’s salary?

As of 2022, the net worth of Maria Bartiromo stands to be $ 70 million.

2. What is the current age of Maria Bartiromo?

Presently, Maria Bartiromo is 55 years old. 

3. What is the name of Maria Bartiromo’s husband?

Maria Bartiromo’s husband’s name is Jonathan Steinberg. 

4. Does Maria Bartiromo have any children?

Maria Bartiromo doesn’t have any children but she’s a proud mother of her rescued dog, Dusty. 

5. How old is Maria Bartiromo’s Fox Business Network?

Maria Bartiromo joined Fox News back in 1994 and is an active member of the team. 

Who Is The Highest Paid Female Anchor On Fox News?

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