What is the Average Salary of an OB-GYN Nurse Practitioner?

Obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) nurse practitioners provide essential medical care to women of all ages. Their role is vital to ensuring women receive the best care possible in areas such as pre-and postnatal care, gynecological care, and health screenings. With the demand for skilled OB/GYN nurse practitioners on the rise, it’s important to understand their salary and compensation for the services they provide. This article dives into the salary of OB/GYN nurse practitioners and the factors that influence their income. Let us know the ‘Average Salary of an OB-GYN Nurse Practitioner’.

What is the Average Salary of an OB-GYN Nurse Practitioner?

Average Salary of an OB-GYN Nurse Practitioner

The average salary of an ob-gyn nurse practitioner earns about $120,000 each year. The lowest salary mark is $30,000 per year and the top of the line rate of salary recorded yet is $480,000 per year. The big difference in the salary levels is caused by factors such as location, experience, degree, position, etc. 

Description of salary range: 

A part-time practitioner may work 4-6 hours a day and 3-4 days a week. Though the time to work as a full-time Ob gyn nurse practitioner might fluctuate, we will count the rate according to average work hours of 8 per day and 5 days a week.

If we talk about the lowest salary of $30,000 per year then we get an hourly wage rate of $15.62, a daily rate of $125, a weekly rate of $625, and a monthly salary rate of $2,500. Talking about the average salary of $120,000 per year we get an hourly wage rate of $78.12, a daily rate of $625, a weekly rate of $3,125, and a monthly salary of $12,500. Last but not least, talking about the highest salary rate of $480,000 per year, we get an hourly wage rate of $250, a daily rate of $2,000, a weekly rate of $10,000, and a monthly rate of $40,000.

The average yearly salary in some places:

  • Tulsa (Oklahoma) – $60,416.10, Memphis (Tennessee) – $89,251.10, 
  • Baltimore (Maryland) – $92,894.47, Lexington (Kentucky) – $57,987.04, Plano (Texas) – $59,100.20, Denver (Colorado) – $77,120.30, Phoenix (Arizona) – $68,001.20, 
  • Boise (Idaho) – $54,231.36, Saint Paul (Minnesota) – $89,012.25, 
  • Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) – $64,010.02.

Bonuses and benefits of an ob-gyn nurse practitioner: 

  • Competitive Salary: Ob-Gyn Nurse Practitioners (NP) typically make more money than registered nurses (RNs). According to Salary.com, the median annual salary for an Ob-Gyn NP is around $98,922. 
  • Flexible Schedule: Ob-Gyn NPs often have the flexibility to choose their hours, and some even have the opportunity to work from home. Though you can change dates and shifts you have to complete the monthly minimum work-hour duty.
  • Professional Growth: Ob-Gyn NPs have ample room to grow professionally. Many of them actively seek out continuing education, mentorship, and other forms of advanced training to further their career. 
  • Patient Interaction: Ob-Gyn NPs get the unique opportunity to interact with a wide array of patients throughout their careers. This can include expectant mothers, new mothers, young children, and those going through contraception and STD testing. 
  • Autonomy: Ob-Gyn NPs often have independence in making their own decisions when it comes to patient care. This adds a layer of job satisfaction and personal satisfaction. 
  • Job Security: Due to recent changes in healthcare, the demand for Ob-Gyn NPs is expected to grow more and more in the next few years, making it a very reliable and secure career choice. Besides that, after signing a long contract if the employer tries to fire you he has to pay a big penalty so your finances are simply looked after.
  • Benefits: Benefits such as medical and dental insurance, paid vacation time, and retirement plans also factor into the total salary of an ob-gyn nurse practitioner. These insurance packages can cover from 52% to 80% of the total cost of any medical, or dental treatment of the employee, and his family member depending on the total cost and company policies. Depending on the work agreement with the company the worker can get from 10 to 20 days to get paid off work every year. This time can be taken to simply take a rest or go on vacation.
  • Retirement plan: Retirement plans like 401K and many other government-backed plans with good returns are provided. 

Factors deciding the salary of an ob-gyn nurse practitioner: 

  • Education level: Ob-gyn nurse practitioners are typically required to have a master’s degree and national certification in ob-gyn, so their educational background plays a role in determining their salary.
  • Certification and licensure: Those with additional certifications or licensure may receive higher pay. Besides more licenses and certificates the body supporting those documents is going to matter a lot too. 
  • Years of experience: Ob-gyn nurse practitioners with more years of experience are typically paid higher salaries. Each year of experience can add up to 5% to 10% of the pay rate to the rookie-rookie level inundating manners.
  • Employment setting: Ob-gyn nurse practitioners who work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities may earn higher salaries than those who work in private practices.
  • Location: The location of one’s practice is a major factor in determining the salary of an ob-gyn nurse practitioner. Ob-gyn nurse practitioners in certain metropolitan areas may make more than those who work in rural areas. 
  • Specialization: Ob-gyn nurse practitioners who have specialized knowledge and experience may earn higher salaries. Specialization puts you on an edge over other competitors raising your value by far.

Things to do to increase the salary as an ob-gyn nurse practitioner: 

  • Get more qualified: Pursue additional education and certifications. Continuing education and obtaining additional certifications in areas like advanced neonatal nursing or emphasizing a specific specialty such as reproductive endocrinology can significantly increase the salary of an ob-gyn nurse practitioner.
  • Get certificates: Obtain additional certifications. Obtaining certifications such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support can demonstrate your expertise and increase your salary. Getting a certificate from a well-known institution will be recommended.
  • Increase skills: Develop interpersonal skills. Communication and the ability to work well with people are important skills for an ob-gyn nurse practitioner to possess. Good interpersonal skills can help you to increase your salary.
  • Negotiate: Negotiate for promotions or higher pay. Negotiating for higher pay or promotions can be a great way to increase your salary. Make sure that you are prepared with research and know the worth of your position before you negotiate.
  • Level up: Take on leadership roles. Obtaining a leadership role such as a Head Nurse in the department or a position in a local or national organization can demonstrate your value and increase your salary.
  • Network: Build relationships with management and other healthcare providers. Having a good relationship with management and other healthcare providers can increase your chances of receiving a promotion or higher pay.
  • Consult: Consult others and teach young students who are aspiring to be OB-GYN NP themselves. By doing so you can earn almost double the salary you get and get recognized which will increase your value.
  • Article: Publish articles to get recognized by people, this might increase value affecting the pay rate.


In conclusion, the average salary of an OB-GYN Nurse Practitioner is $120,000 per year. The salary ranges from $30,000 per year to $480,000 per year. The salary can vary widely depending on experience, location, and the type of practice they work in. With the right qualifications and experience, an individual can expect to earn an excellent salary and enjoy a career that is both personally and professionally rewarding. For those interested in becoming an OB-GYN Nurse Practitioner, the potential rewards far outweigh the educational and financial investments involved.

What is the Average Salary of an OB-GYN Nurse Practitioner?

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