Until Permit Horse Jockey Salary- Skills Required

Until Permit Horse Jockey Salary, Skills Required, and Steps to Become One

Horse racing

Horse racing in the United States started centuries back. It dates back to 1665, but horse racing is still a famous sport among the people in the United States. The horse racing meets first to organize in North America. The meet was under the supervision of Richard Nicolls, New York’s colonial governor. Then, it was in 1894, the American Jockey club establish. Here, we’ll know Until Permit Horse Jockey Salary.

In 1868 the American Stud Book officially came to use. The Stud Book is the form of registering a particular horse breed in the United States. Often the people booked for the horse, the thoroughbred. Thoroughbred is horse breeds which become popular among the racing field. The thoroughbred was known for its flashing racing speed and spirit. Also named the thoroughbred was the hot-blooded for its ability to win the races.

Horse jockey salary

Being a horse jockey is sort of complicated. The jockey will not have a stable annual income. Its income raises in the course of performance results—the mounting fee paid to the jockeys in the races. As a starter, they will get paid around $ 30 to $ 100 per race. If the jockey is cheered and welcomed by the public, the demand for the jockey increases over time. In that case, the jockey will get paid a bit more extra. As an overall fixed salary range for an annum, the jockey paid around $ 30,000 to $ 50,000.

The prize money. By winning the race and taking second or third place, the jockey will share the prize money. The share jockey receives from the prize money is very much limited. If they win the race, they get a percentage of six percent of the price money. For the second and third place, the claim is three to one percent of the prize money.

What are the duties of a horse jockey?

Jockey life is always at risk. Facing an accident in the race is something that expects. Therefore, the horse jockey has to be very well observed about their safety measures. A careless action might cause a lifetime of injures, and the jockey will have to wear vests and helmets no matter how small the race or the training will be.

  • The jockeys ride the racehorses. 
  • Get proper instructions from the owners and the trainers before the races. 
  • Always keep an eye on the horse’s performance. Report the horse’s actions to the owner and the trainers. 
  • The jockey often videotapes their performances and takes notes, and observes the details on how their performance is lacking. 
  • Discuss with the trainers on trying tactics for better racing performances to win the race.
  • Do workouts to maintain the required weight. Always look at what they are eating before the race.

What is the process for me to become a horse jockey?

  • Register for a jockey training program. You can put an application in the United States, the North American Racing Academy. The school for training Jockey with a two-year program.
  • You must hold a high school diploma or GED. Then, report
  • You must be sixteen years or above to apply for the training program or be a jockey.
  • Though you are applying to train, you must have a bit of experience in riding and horse training.
  • You must get a jockey apprenticeship license to become a jockey. 
  • To apply for the license, you have to meet the age criteria, which is sixteen. And the height, weight, and health requirements. The requirements may vary in different locations. Therefore, you should enquire the specific office in your area for the qualification details.

Other opportunities to become a jockey

  • Try to get a job on a horse farm. For example, you can get a job cleaning up the farm, assisting in training the horses. These jobs will instruct you on how to take care of horses. As you will be working for a few months, you will connect with the horses and understand them. 
  • Know a lot of people who are involved in horse racing and the horse owners. But knowing well the owners of the horses can get you into the races. But you have to gain the owners’ trust; you can try bonding with the horses and train and take care of them.
  • You can find a jockey agent for a track race. The agent books race for the jockey, and they also help the horse owners to find the best jockey. The agent brings the jockey, the horse, and the trainer into a team.

What are the requirements for a horse jockey?

  • The jockey is supposed to lose weight for their job. The maximum weight the horses are allowed to carry during the race is 120 pounds. The overall weight of 120 pounds is not the count of the jockey. The jockey’s dress and the saddle they put on the horses. The jockeys need to maintain a weight between 109 pounds to 116 pounds.
  • As for the height, there is no height requirement for one to become a jockey. There is no height limit for a jockey, but most jockeys are short as they precisely fit the low weight category. The jockey’s height is often measured around 147 cm to 170 cm. In feet, the height measured is 4 ft 10 to 5 ft 7.
  • Having a low weight and height does not mean anyone can become a jockey. The jockey always keeps an eye on what they eat to balance the weight and at the same time to eat healthier. In addition, the jockey must have flexibility, strength, and stamina to cope with their horses. 

Expenses and cons of being a horse jockey

If any person decides to become a horse jockey, that will be because of their passion, dedication while training hard, and love and connection with the horses. Of course, there is no expense like spending thousands of dollars in a university for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. But still, to be a successful jockey comes with a prize. The jockeys have to pay for their training classes, play for the objects they will be using, like saddles, boots, helmets, and the other necessary equipment.

The weight control can also turn into a drawback for the jockey. Balancing low weight and having to be physically strong is difficult. The diet each jockey follows is an easy task. Sometimes the training and diet have to stick to are mentally and physically demanding.

Some of the horse jockey movies that are based on a true story

If you want to become a horse jockey and lacking inspiration, I hope this will help you. Watching the life story of other talented people will motivate us to pursue our dreams. So here are few horsing movies based on true-life levels.

Champions (1984)

Champions, tell us the real story of Bob Champion. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He underwent chemotherapy, and he had to remove his diseased testicle. Despite having to go through hardships, he made his life a successful and proud one. He won the Grand National, riding Aldaniti in the year 1981.

Ruffian (2007)

Ruffian is an American film and the true-life story of the thoroughbred horse. She entered the race against the Foolish Pleasure, the Kentucky Derby winner. That match brought her down. She underwent surgery. Ruffian was ranked the top U.S, racehorse of the 20th century among top racehorses. The race was one of the heartfelt moments even before they filmed it and wrote books about it.

Secretariat (2010)

Secretariat is a Disney film. The female horse jockey steps into the field without any idea of the male-dominant world. Her horse becomes one of the first Triple Crown-winning horses.

Frequently asked questions

Can a horse jockey own a racehorse?

No, the jockey is not permitted to have a racehorse of their own.

Do jockeys starve to lose weight?

Yes, horse jockeys are required to maintain a low weight and at the same time not to lose strength. Therefore, they are very cautious about what they eat. The jockeys even starve before the race and force themselves to vomit to meet the weight criteria.

What is the average height of a horse jockey?

There is no height limit for a horse jockey. But the jockeys are mostly short as their lower height fits the weight category. The jockey’s height measured around 147 cm to 170 cm.

Can anyone become a horse jockey?

No, not everyone can become a horse jockey. The person has to be short and has a lower weight. The person must be capable of reducing weight in twenty-four hours or any time sooner before the race. They must qualify to bypass the physical test.

At what age do jockeys retire?

Horse jockeys have age criteria to get a jockey license and also retirement age. A person can apply for a license at the age of 16 and continue with the career till the age of 58.

Until Permit Horse Jockey Salary- Skills Required

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