The Salaries For Traveling Surgical Technologists

Professionals having degrees in this career segment have to travel and keep on changing jobs to fill up vacancies internationally. The lowest to the maximum salary that a traveling surgical technologist can receive is $13,763 to $366,933 with the median salary being calculated as $66,252. About 57% of these professionals make an earning of about $66,252 to $166, 364. About 86% make hefty salaries per annum to about $ 366, 933. let us know about that the The Salaries For Traveling Surgical Technologists.

The Salaries For Traveling Surgical Technologists

Answer Section 

The traveling surgical technologists earn extravagantly with a majority of them earning $366,933 in a year.

The Taxation on the Salaries of Traveling Surgical Technologists

As estimated in 2018, the taxation levied by the government on these professionals is about 22%. After the tax is levied traveling surgical technologists have a remaining salary of about $59,761 per year which can be calculated to be $4980 per month. 

Available House Rental for the Traveling Surgical Technologists

If the salary of these professionals happens to be more or less $4980, the house rent that is available for them is about 50.32%. This seems to be an indication that the quality of life of these professionals is quite satisfactory.

How do various companies Pay them?

The various prospective salaries as offered by the various companies are as follows:

  1. Favourite Healthcare Staffing – $4,000
  2. Liquid Agents Healthcare – $55,000 – $59,000 
  3. Protouch Staffing – $38 – $41 per hour
  4. Trusted Nurse Staffing – $38 – $41 per hour
  5. Sharp Medical Staffing – $36 – $39 per hour
  6. Trustaff – $40 – $43 per hour 
  7. Rn network – $76,000 – $83,000

Cities where the Traveling Surgical Technologists get paid the Most 

There is a list of ten cities where the traveling surgical technologists get paid more than the rest of the cities. In San Mateo, the salary seems to be the highest, followed by Santa Monica, and Daly City. In Daly City, the salary for these professionals is 16.6% more than the other cities whereas in San Mateo it is 18.8%. The economy in these cities is better because of which the traveling surgical technologists earn hefty amounts here.  The differences in salary in these ten cities can be more or less 7%. Ideally, the traveling surgical technologists must select those cities where the living cost is less, when it is intended to travel internationally. The following are the cities and their salaries:

  1. San Mateo – $91,456 per annum
  2. Santa Monica – $89,832 per annum
  3. Daly City – $89,763 per annum
  4. Berkeley – $89,701 per annum
  5. Lowell – $88,747 per annum
  6. Green River – $87,737 per annum
  7. Irvine – $87,156 per annum
  8. Newark – $86,680 per annum
  9. Richmond – $85,625 per annum

   10 – Merced – $84,662 per annum 

Best Posts for the Traveling Surgical Technologists 

There are five job posts that offer better salaries as compared to the other international posts. Best examples are Chief Medical Technologist, Surgical Solutions, and Surgical Core Tech.  

These jobs have salary ranges of about 37.3% to 73.3% more as compared to the ones offered internationally in other jobs. Having a better qualification as offered internationally can help one end up in higher posts that offer very good salary packages. 

The benefits of being a Traveling Surgical Technologist 

The first and foremost benefit of being a traveling surgical technologist is that it involves a lot of traveling. This is an opportunity to find new places and locations along with the work that one carries out so that the profession is not only interesting but also fun based. People who become traveling surgical technologists must have a love for traveling and visiting places.

The increase in the employment rate in this field in the years as researched in 2016 – 2026 happens to be 12%. This suggests that people employed in this career segment have an opportunity to apply in well-paying jobs throughout the US and other countries. 

The traveling surgical technologists earn hefty amounts since employers are in need of these people when there are vacancies for highly qualified professionals. The positions that require no traveling are not that well paying as compared to the ones that involve traveling since vacancies are everywhere for this post.

Organizations such as the LRS Healthcare provide the option between free house facility as well as the rent being offered in money form. This is an added feature in this job since this perk can be very fruitful for the traveling surgical technologist. The quality of life of these professionals is quite better and people who have such qualifications remain better off in the long run. 

Disadvantages of this Profession 

This profession requires shifting the job as one travels which could be hectic and stress based. One has to travel for work as opposed to traveling for fun. This can mean that some people may find this job very demanding despite the high salary that if offers.

Every country, where the traveling surgical technologist might be residing, has varying documentation and paperwork involved related to the laws and legislations. This can mean that a lot of time and finance is required to first do the paperwork and then start the job.


Traveling surgical technologists have to travel and keep on changing their jobs. This can sound hectic sometimes but the fact that traveling is involved along with work suggests that this career segment can be very interesting and exploration based. There is however a lot of documentation and paperwork involved but traveling surgical technologists earn hefty amounts amounting to almost $366,933. They might also be offered free housing and their demand in the job market is quite high.  

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What can be ascertained as the highest pay in this profession?

Ans: The highest pay can be $60,000 approx. 

  1. How much do they earn in Texas?

Ans: They earn about $1,982 per week there. 

  1. Are they mostly satisfied with life?

Ans: They have a score of 3 out of 5 stars in this domain. 

The Salaries For Traveling Surgical Technologists

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